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Elder Aeon Bestiary

Elder Aeon Bestiary* each after name is plus magic weapon needed to hit
Undead draw on powers of negative energy connected to the void, nightmare dimensions, shadow realm and other worlds

BX DnD has these monsters too

Bhut are awesome monster
Dusanu - a fungal spore carrying undead type with claws
Malfera - horned elephant demons with crab claws from the nightmare world
Mujina - faceless mimic people
Bhut - a sort of demon were undead monster that look horrific. These guys should be a regular evil race of demons im adopting them

AC 4 HD6-12 Mov 9 Swim 6 2d6 Fly 18 d8 tentaclex2 or grapple or ray gun
Frequently use heat ray 3d6 shots 12 range 18 but other weapons exist
Vegetal-flesh lhybrids made from non-terene matter can fly through the void
Barrel shaped bodies, tentacles for grasping and smaller ones for crawling

AC 4 HD 1-20 Mov 9 Swim 9 tentacle/3HD grapple then swollow d6/5HD
Regenerate d3 per round except vs fire or avid, cold can freeze them solid but they live
Servitors of the krinoids who revolted, biological machines, mass of mobile protoplasm

Swarm Wizard*  

AC +3 HD4 Mov 12 Fly 15 2HP/round over 6m as swarm or as 4th level wizard, made of worms (no flight) or swarming insects, wears a robe, chattering voice
Often leads a cult in secret or protects some ruins and sites of occult evil or gates

Formless Spawn 

AC +6 HD 6 Mov 12 2d6 Acid, black animated viscous fluid servers certain elder gods. Guard holy places and may deal with cultists. Liquid form is handy

Elder Stones*
AC +12 HD 6-12 Mov 3 2d8 2d8 Crush or vampire touch victim saves or they are stuck to the rock and lose 2d6 HP a round blood until drained dead. Only one person can be held at a time. Void entities long ago were bound into monoliths to be worshipped with blood and souls. The stones sleep for millennia and require a feeding ceremony from a cult to awake them but possibly a accidental spill might. Once awake by night they move swimming through the soil leaving no trace slowly and silently seeking prey. They can sense living beings within range 36. Usually after a feed they grind the desiccated corpse into dust and return to their ancient location. Some report seeing stones in the wrong places. These are why. Some cult leaders manage to communicate with them with magic and may direct them. Most are solitary but whole circles of them exist.

Mutant Spawn 
AC +3 HD2 Mov 9 d6 Weapon or weapon limb, hideous slimy flesh, become increasingly alien with claws, tentacles, eyes, mouths, bristly exoskeleton, feelers & antenna

Slime Walkers
AC +3 HD2 Mov 6 2d6 Acid spit Liquefy victims then drink remains
Walk slowly but relentless, can smell humanoids to eat within a mile, when killed leave chrystaline drug crystals that maky user see other planes, too much makes you a slime walker. Left as guards in places. Communicate by low frequency whistles that blend into wind but change as they approach others and fight

Grey Invaders
Aliens from the void who travel through the void and even enter dreamlands or land on Psychon. Often carry energy weapons and has psionic powers and other devices
-Feral AC +3 HD 3 Move 15 d4 Clawx2 and beserkers +2 hit and damage fight till -10 HP
-spy AC +3 HD3 Mov 12 By weapon or psionics 2d6 Las pistol 12 shots 16 range
-worker AC +0 HD1 Mov 9 d3 punch or d6 club Mov 12
-guardians AC +5 HD 2 Nov 12 By weapon 3d6 Las gun 15 shots 36 range
-master AC +0 HD2 Mov 6 Fly 12 by weapon or psionics 2d6 Las pistol 12 shots 16 range

Nightmare Thing 
AC +3 HD1 Mov 12 d4 Bite Mov 12 Burrow 1 d4 Bite, burrow in walls and whisper maddening utterances. 1in6 cast as a wizard Lv1 and many are familiars
Often cross over from nightmare lands with other creatures. Infestations in a house drive inhabitants mad or or make them flee. Once shunned worse can move in 

Nightmare Beast*
AC +4 HD4 Move 15 Leap 3 2d4 Bite, invisible in darkness, gaze of fear range 12 save or run for a turn, Track any being they have been in eye contact with in waking world or dreamlands. Can travel between each other by certain locations they can sense. Prefer to stalk and scare them than kill, but will kill anyone who stops being afraid 

Nightmare Daemon**
 AC +12 HD12 Mov 12 Fly 18 2d8 Weapon, conceal self with illusions, phantasmal force at will, esp, dimension door, plane shift can make house size area by night overlap between nightmare plane and waking world. Many are Psionic also. Torment victims and try to lure them into nightmare land and kill bodies trapping them in their reality to enslave and mutate them into nightmare beings. Each has a nightmare castle with servants at home plane

Space Polyp**  
AC +12 HD9 Mov 36 4d3 Touch, alien matter bodied creatures constantly changing tentacles horrors, fly and create wind and become invisible

Vapour spawn*
AC +6 HD3 Mov 9 d6 Blood Drain ignores armour, it fears fire and light attacks
A black cloud of vapour that preys in deep places or by night

Spectral Hound**
AC +10 HD6 Mov 18 3d4 Bite victims save or over a week fade away into the void, can be saved by powerful plane anchoring magics or brought back with a gate or planeshift. Teleport once per hour. Hounds peruse targets that break certain plane or time travelling laws or are sent by spells. They reform each night and come again three times. Once they know a target they can teleport wherever they are

Ultra terrestrials****
AC +20 HD20 Mov 9 3d6 Engulf d4 attacks per round vs different close targets, being within 3 range of one causes 1HP a round if made of organic matter, often starts before appear in a summoning ritual. They spy on people from spirit form and act with powers from another plane. Can possess a person but if succeeds the body takes a d6 damage per round till it finally explodes. Powers include telepathy, esp, d4 pyrokinesis, telekinetic grasp can lift person or snatch flying creature then move them with 10 fly speed possibly crushing them for a 2d6. Each round in our world they lose 1HP, can return to void at will but if trapped on earth they die. Can carry people inside them to the void or a pocket universe inside them or to a nightmare realm. When manifesting they are coloured lights, alien eyes, mouths. They expect to be worship and demand sacrifices

AC +10 HD10 Mov 18 2d6 Pressure touch or d4 pyrokinesis, telikinetic grasp can lift person or snatch flying creature then move them with 10 fly speed possibly crushing them for a d6 per round instead. Watch invisibly from spirit world and use powers from there. Can only appear in areas summoned and often require standing monoliths to create a web they can operate in. To defend a monolith may manifest as a dinosaur AC +7 d10 Bite or Horn or claw or tail three attacks, if this is killed they are banished for a d4 years. They can speak telepathically with initiated cultists in their area and call them if it observes threats. Lliogor are a planar invader race who enjoy worship and sacrifice often work with a greater god as a intermediate or guard a location

Void Fungus
AC +3 HD4 Mov 6 Fly18 d6 Clawsx2 or by ranged weapon usually a 2d6 spark gun but some heavier weapons too. Fog projectors make a expanding cloud grows 3 diameter a round for 100 charges. If not windy fog last d4 hours. Come here to mine rare minerals and harvest brains they use for computers. They like to experiment on life inflicting surgical mutations, abhumans and making surgical construct monsters. They often have a secret local base in a mountain or cave and they often have a local cult to serve them of local life. They fly into the night sky they can travel to the void and other worlds

Vapour Spawn* 
AC +6 HD8 Mov 18 3d4 Touch as they enter body ignoring armour, victim saves after fight if hurt if fails after a week of fevers and nightmares they die screaming as their bodily fluids boil out and become a new vapour spawn. They are brought to world by summoners or sent by outer gods, they lurk in dark and haunted places

Void Spore* 
AC +3 HD1 Mov 1 Float 9 d4 Spine save or paralysed for a hour in pain, resemble microscopic plankton or pollen floats slightly out of phase with reality allowing it to float. Semi translucent and some are luminescent or colour changing. If it is cut off from its plane it crawls slowly and its spines are more like slinky floppy tentacles but still sting. 1in6 can shoot a spine

Void Spawn
AC +3 HD8 Mov 6 2d6 Life d
rain touch a d4 attacks per round as tentacles grow and are absorbs, cannot grapple as not fully solid, can move through solid matter and feels no movement mods for terrain or walls. Several may herd victims together to a kill zone or spawn used like dogs by some greater void horror

Void Plankton
AC +3 HD3 Mov 6 Float 9 2d6 stinging tentacle save or -2 all actions from pain for hour, tentacle once hits someone leaves stingers keep causing 1HP pain for d4 rounds after. These look like microscopic crustacean that float about in the aether, when called into world their alien matter lets them float as near weightless yet ignore wind. They float invisibly in their dimension parallel to ours constantly. Once they can be seen see you and are ravenous, once one attacks others will come to feed 1in6 chance per round a d3 more appear

Void Worm*
AC +3 HD1 Mov 9 Float 3 2d4 once hit suck a d3 HP per round automatically and tail grapples, long white fleshy worm with a mouth orifice with a single fang. Can change how in phase thy are, when partially phased into world they float and require magic weapons to hit. If they bite in this state they become fully solid. When solid they crawl and are vulnerable and can grab victims to feed. If killed they fade away

Void Swarm* 
AC +5 HD2 Mov 6 d4 all in 6m area ignore armour. Dwell in overspace mostly are food for other horrors but can be summoned and trapped and they are keen to kill or be killed. They resemble a mass of semi translucent glowing insects not entirely solid

Void Walkers* 
AC +6 HD4 Mov 6 2d4 Clawx2 if both hit get a bonus grapple attack, if grapple they phase to their home dimension to feed. Walk through walls and can plane shift. Often called to hunt enemies by cult wizards

Void Elemental** 
AC +7 HD8 Mov 6 2d6 Touch d3 CON drain lasts d3 days at zero HP or CON at zero and arise as a shadow. Powerful wizards summon them but they are hungry things and their black void hurts to look at

Void Shark*
AC +10 HD9-14 Mov 36 4d6 Bite, anything they kill has soul devoured and heals the shark a d6 HP, mostly they swim through other planes and if partially manifest in real world they swim though the air to attack. Some fully manifest do not require magic to harm but live in water and only move at 12 Swim speed. Hungry and malevolent spirits that have thrived from devouring others and now only exist to eat

Void Knight**
AC +10 HD5 Mov 9 2d6 Sword plus each hit drains 1 INT lasts for a day, Invisible in darkness and hidden in shadows (require spot check). Fear aura anything 4HD or less save or flee in fear for a turn. Curse gaze cause one foe a round to save vs curse (d4 1=-4 saves 2=-4hit 3=magic healing wont work 4=half move) requiring a remove curse. The same target might get hit with more than one curse. Can create a circle of darkness 3 radius. They can see souls in magical darkness. These champion antipaladins of the void were rewarded. Clerics can turn them

Void Squid* 
AC +4 HD12 Mov 18 d6 Tentacles x10 d8 Beak or tentacles can grapple, when enough victims grappled will snatch you into another dimension to finish and eat. Moves by levitation Telepathy, esp and plane shift at will. Hungry beings that somehow get cults who call squid to feed them. They dont spend long in our world as they take a HP damage per round

Void Spirit**

AC +7 HD6 Mov 18 d6 Touch is a point of extreme pressure ignores armour. May possess a person but both take 1HP damage a round. If the victim dies first the spirit takes their soul and flees dimension. The spirit wont stay in a body unless some how trapped and will flee plane before risking self. They haunt certain stones and depressions in the earth and haunted hills where people once worshipped them

Void Vampire** 
AC +9 HD6 Mov 15 Fly 3 2d6 Drain plus 1 WIS point, recovers over d4 days, spirits from beyond observe a desirable victim from afar and begin to taunt them especially in dreams. Eventually they will possess a body and begin to kill and feed. Victims drained become jujuzombie servants of the vampire and follow its telepathic instructions. When it has a body and servants and possibly a cult then it will approach it's true love and offers them chance to join them in the void for eternity. If rejected it sends its minions to kill and torment to former love object and devotes itself to ruining their life. If host is killed spirit returns to the void to try again

Void Daemon** 
AC +14 HD12 Mov 12 Fly 18 3d6 Weapon and 2d6+entangle whip, the arms burn with black flame. A entangled foe has a level drained per round until they break free or cut the whip. The sword on a roll of 20 requires a save roll or die from death magic and arises as a wight instantly. Can summon 2d4  shadows once per day. The demon is summoned from the void and when set free will go on a killing spree till sated and returns to its world. They are not very interested in this reality but still get worshipped.

Void kraken*** 
AC +10 HD15 Mov 15 Swim 12 Fly 9 2d6 Tentacle x 20 and 2d8 Beaks, are evil outsider lesser gods hidden under sea since creation. Plane shift and teleport at will, telepathy, esp and true sight powers. Immune to spells of 6th level or less. Often a high level wizard of some kind or psionics user. Will try to establish a cult to call it too this world for feed and influence. Will aid worshippers and mutate some chosen to create monster vassals. Expect to be treated as a god and can call all kinds of creatures to serve them.

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