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Decor in Weird Manor

d10 Decor Types
01 Furniture
02 Ornament
03 Floor covering
04 Paintings
05 Statues
06 Lighting features
07 Water features
08 Wall decoration
09 Mirrors
10 Bookshelves

d100 Decor objects in the Weird Manor
01 Footstool carved with occult sigil, contains a imprisoned lesser demon
02 Chair with ornate carvings of snakes, enfolds and traps anyone sits for one round
03 Ivory throne anyone sits in it save or possessed by a angry ancient ribal chief
04 Ornamental table if surface touched contents of a secret compartment opens onto centre or table. Snakes are a popular choice or scorpions
05 Ornate gilded chair gives seated telepathy and ESP once each per day
06 Sofa can fly for one turn a day seat 2-3
07 Table of feasting summons a large luxury meal for 12 once per week
08 Bed is heated and plays music and chamber puts in cupboards are magically emtied
09 Dressing table of dark elves with erotic carvings, mirror makes looker +3 CHA to reflection
10 Chair of dreams sitter after one turn has fantastic visions of adventures in dreamland that seem to last days but only last hours
11 Idol of the Frog, golden frog figurine that at night makes sound of chirping frogs
12 Vase with animated scenes of a hero battling dragons wrapped around vessel
13 Clock which if dial manipulated slows time inside so a round seems like ten minutes
14 Music box with animated figurines misx of harp and flute and chimes plays on command
15 Table with two chairs and a chess set that can play against one player
16 Cabinet with gate inside to a secret door in a kobold dungeon maze
17 Cabinet of shrunken heads, if held you can commune with heads spirit, save vs possession
18 Writing desk that can take dictation and write letters, produces sheet of paper every 2 hours
19 Huge urn with stopper, if oppened a ogre magi or rakasha comes out and is displeased
20 Plinth if anything is placed on ot then removed the plinth rings a alarm for ten minutes
21 Hypnosis rug, save or stare at it until vision blocked or dragged away
22 Kidnappers carpet, if anyone stands on for a round save or rolled up tight a prisoner
23 Wolf skin rug if walked over turns into a living were wolf, when killed it returns to wolf skin form and can be returned to guard. Lion, zebra and tiger ones exist too
24 Carpet with magical binding symbol, anyone crossing symbol releases a demon or elemental
25 Carpet covered in eyes follow intruders and send a vision to the carpet owner (if any alive)
26 Reed spirit mat from a far off land undead cannot cross it, often at a door
27 Magical straw stays fresh and any vomit or faeces or dropped food vanish overnight
28 Pile of scented huge cushions that stay clean and smell like roses
29 Carpet with scene of explorers arriving and starting a colony
30 Flayed skin of a planar unrecognisable beast, under moonlight dream or nightmare creatures enter and exit but only if someone sleeps in area
31 Portraits with staring eyes used as part of a surveillance network used by local wizard who has special stereoscopic goggles that control the view
32  Portrait of soldiers that summon 2d6 warrior spectral minions
33 Portrait of a wizard who attacks through small portal in his book in another reality, will demand bribes as he attacks, he can close gate if feels pressured
34 Portrait of a armoured knight that if looked at summons a death knight, it wont attack anyone presenting a holy symbol with sincerity and eventually goes back in, rarely leaving its room
35 Portrait of a evil warlord, if anyone murdered in front of it the murderer swaps place with the warlord. The warlord is also a might wizard and seeks to conquer all
36 Painting of a huge fat cow, summons a d4 minotaurs if crossed without saying "moo!"
37 Painting of a creepy house or castle, if studied you are trapped in the painting with other prisoners and some beast that haunts it and kills some guests
38 Painting of the beast, once seen it will appear through the dreams of any who fail to save vs magic
39 Painting of the weeping widow, if crossed without muttering a prayer the gate opens revealing she is a screaming banshee
40 Painting of a dinosaur in front of a black pyramid in a jungle, can open a gate to a prehistoric lost pocket world once used by a cult to contact primordial wizards
41 Statue of a satyr with pan pipes, will come to life if passed without nodding to it. It wants to charm some humans for a orgy
42 Statue of a naked nymph with a stag, if praise not given to hunting goddess they come to life and the nymphs nudity can kill men who see her, the stag just attacks. If enemies flee return to statue form
43 Statue of a owl, can talk and direct you towards best books in area
44 Talking bust of a farmhouse explorer or artist or bard can recant facts about their life
45 Suits of armour animated and will attack intruders
46 Gargoyles in ceiling watching doors
47 Row of living statues of clan founders
48 Golem standing against wall
49 Idol is actually a imp pretending to be a savage tribal fetish
50 Creepy doll golem with real brains inside, delights in stabbing people in a cabinet
51 Large ships lantern hanging from roof, magically lights area and exposes invisible things
52 Candelabra inhabited by tiny fairies, they are mostly rude pranksters but can be befriended 
53 Magical candles burn forever and release scent of violets, rosemary or lavender 
54 Candle holder if anyone touches after dark shoots a burning hands, looks gold with gems 
55 Grinning goblin face lantern, if not addressed anyone passes it floods area with fog
56 Gloomy magic lamp which calls illusions to delay and occupy anyone entering room 
57 Painted glass lamp if lit it rotates and and projects a horse race that always ends differently 
58 Strange green glass lamp with octopus design, if lit it projects the face of elder octopoid sea demon which can telepathically communicate with you
59 A glowing chunk of red yellow or blue crystal held from roof by a chain lights area
60 Bottle of green glowing pulsing slime sealed in a bottle suspended by a chain from ceiling
61 Stone basin with a water weird inside
62 Fountain with a urinating cherub but wine instead of water
63 Fountain with leaping fish with actual fish and slime inside, eating a fish grants you knowledge of a 1st level spell to use once. 3d4 fish
64 Fountain with live goddess spraying water from her nipples, heal a d4 damage once per day per person
65 Dragon fighting a knight fountain which distils spirits while spraying water if organic matter put in hopper, water in fountain is warm and bubbly for bathing in
66 Fountain featuring death with a scythe, if you drink you get a vision of your afterlife based on your current alignment
67 Grinning gargoyle fountain with a stone trough, water cures disease if drunk from here
68 Fountain of a minotaur with a club standing in a large pool, anyone drinking here and gets in a fight in the next turn goes berserk for a turn
69 A stone pond with attractive magical frogs 2d4 living inside, pond feeds them and runs the fountain and keeps plants thriving, anyone dropping in a copper coin gets a bless spell for one hour
70 Stone pool decorated with d6 lotus flowers and a d6 lotus seeds in rotting pots in bottom  
71 Tapestries of knight galloping, one will leap from the artwork on horse ready for battle
82 Huge cave bear fur comes off the wall and turns into a angry bear but honey will placate it
73 Several dozen macrame owls with beads and wool and sticks, if called on the owls with give you personal advice
74 Bones of monks worked into a artwork hanging on wall, if prayer not given to them 2d6 skeletons jump out for battle
75 A magical food platter that lets you snack with illusionary treats
76 Basilisks head mounted, if walked under without name of the wizard who made it it comes to life, growls and gazes at them with petrifying rays
77 Rack of cursed weapons, lots of them
78 Mural scene of nobles having a feast, if you look at it you can join in for a few hours if you fail a save
79 Mosaic of some colossal beast destroying a city and words of a prophecy
80 Display cabinet of stuffed bugs or birds or other museum collectables
81 Face mirror with demon frame, once a week commune with a demon noble for 3 questions
82 Full body mirror, reflection doppelganger steps out to fight intruders
83 Wide wall mirror with phantoms on other side in the void hoping to break through, if broken 2d4 shadows come out
84 Scrying mirror shows scenes of your loved ones or kin far away a round a day per person
85 Mirror is a gateway to a mirror maze in a pocket dimension with invisible stalkers hunting visitors to guard a treasure
86 Mirror is gateway to the nightmare dimension one way if frame touched
87 Mirror conjures a undead version from another universe through whoever looks and reads text on frame "the mirror that flatters not"
88 Mirror can contact a fire giant imprisoned in underworld who will talk a bit especially if you help him get free
89 Mirror can turn into a map of the world showing the current location when frame touched
90 Mirror if gazed at shows a medusa face turning all to stone who don't save
91 Book case with general knowledge collection of history and geography, if a encyclopedia type subject is mentioned a book partly slides out
92 Book case of evil books, one is a imp offers a soul contract, several have necromancy spells others describe great artefacts and their locations
93 Book rack has each book wizard locked in place. You can read one at a time. Has a wizards spells and research and some recipes whole thing weighs a ton
94 Shelves of books illustration and describing the clan history back to implausible ancient times. Extra text appears as it happens
95 Book case with a door that gates to the infernal black school of wizards connected to hell with devil and changeling teachers
96 Book case if certain books pulled out partly opens a secret door with a stash of potions, drugs, a hookah and wine bottles
97 Book case that can read aloud any books kept in the shelf and can translate it to modern common
98 Book case with many popular books of knowledge that are illustrated with programmed illusions made by an illusionist with a good imagination who read lots
99 Collection of books about wizard crime and punishment of which clan who built house feature in lots. Lots of good tips for witch hunting and smashing cults
100 Research shelves used by a powerful wizard for research with several almost complete high level spells

Goat legged chair can carry a rider at walking pace for 8 hours

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