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Broken Hill Ruin Hazards

So encounters and loot are handy but these are made to fill in ruin crawls to make them more thrilling. So these are hazards and things to find on streets to break up encounters and offer divergent adventures.

01 Contamination
02 Booby traps
03 Accidents
04 Lifeform
05 Ambush
06 Finds
07 Ruins
08 Synthetics
09 Propaganda
10 Inhabitants

Broken Hill Ruin Hazards

01 The area has mild radiation CON save or lose one HP each turn in area
02 The area has light radiation CON save or lose d3 each turn in area
03 The area has heavy radiation CON save or lose one HP each round in area
04 Area has toxic contamination CON save each hour in the area 
05 Area diseased CON save or each day make a new save or lose a random stat point per day until resisted finally. Zero attribute equals death
06 Mutagens once per day CON save or develop a minor mutation
07 Make a CON save or infected with necrovirus. Fail save equals zombification in a hour, success will arise as zombie after being dead 24 hours even if it takes years
08 Psycho Gas, CON save or enter collective fantasy often unites all in a mob or group defence force
09 Non lethal Psychotronic Weapon, WIS or character confused and unstable possibly d4 1=attack allies out of paranoia 2=fleeing from fear 3=enter elaborate hallucinatory dream world 4=sel
10 Hostile Psychotronic Weapon, WIS save or mind influenced every turn d4 1=become invading combatant serving long dead foreign enemy 2=become passive and await orders from authoriries 3=desire to commit act of sabotage or distruction
11 Landmines buried in area d4 1=robotic self burrowing 2=proximity sensing 3=remote controlled 4=mines jump in air then explode 3d6 DEX saves for half
12 Pit trap with spikes for hunting large animals DEX save or fall in 2d6
13 Leg snare if set off dangles victim in air by leg DEX save
14 Leg trap DEX save or damaged and held, need STR save or assistance to escape 
15 Incendiary trap as a burning molotov 2d4 plus save or extra d3 for d4 rounds
16 Trip line with grenade or claymore mine 3d6 DEX saves for half
17 Trip line or pressure set of swinging scythe or spiked club DEX save or 2d6 
18 Net trap DEX save or swept up in net and suspended in the air
19 Dead fall causes toppling rubble DEX save or 3d6, pinned if damage over STR
20 Trip line sets off weapon d4 1=crossbow 2=poison dart 3=sawn off shotgun 4=disposable one shot laser DEX save to avoid, often in choke point to effect multiple targets 
21 Someone in group fires a shot or makes a loud noise or glints a blade so get a random encounter
22 Wall collapses DEX save or hit by a d4 x d6 rolls damage, if damage more than STR pinned by rubble
23 Ground collapses into sewer or subway DEX save or 2d6
24 Fire breaks out! three DEX saves to avoid a d6, INT save to avoid confusion in smoke 
25 Rock falls DEX save or d4 damage
26 Unexploded ancient bomb or missile still sensitive and ready to blow d4 1=gas shell 2=incendiary 3=AI will chat and might be convinced not to explode 4=starts ticking
27 Area covered highly flammable, possible with leaked chemicals or gas, easy to start inferno with fire arm discharge
28 Ground is boggy half movement, STR save each round you run or get stuck and fall in
29 Minor tremor, DEX save or slip over
30 Bulding collapses limiting d4 directions you can travel
31 Poppy fields release gas CON save or go to sleep and probably be devoured by animals
32 Field of explosive tiadstools DEX save or 2d4 damage per round in area
33 Snare vines try to grab DEX or held by vines
34 Gamma flowers open bloom as approach, CON Save or 3d6 rad damage and second save or gain a lesser mutation
35 Telikinetic giant eye macrobes growing in rubble hurl d6 rocks for a d4 each round in area
36 Swarm of insects controls area d4 1=huge ants CON save or d5 poison 2=stinging blow flies 3=horrible pale worms from ground 4=huge mosquitoes CON save or diseased bite
37 Masses of cobwebs in area d4 1=swarm of tiny spiders 2=single giant spider 3=2 d6 huge spiders 4=giant mutant cyborg intelligent spider
38 Area knee deep in water d4 1=swarm of horrible aquatic bugs 2=d4 giant leeches 3= swarm of biting fish or eels 4=mutant water constrictor snake
39 Large stagnant pool with reeds blocks area d4 1=d4 giant frogs 2=giant mutant dragonfly 3=giant snapping turtle 4=huge mutant fish
40 Mould releases spores if touched CON save to resist d4 1=choke to death in d4 rounds without aid or being moved out 2=hallucinations 3=save or develop symptoms of zombification rot 4=start to grow fungus on body lose INT point and 1 move a week unless treated
41 Large pack of wild dogs surround part and attack
42 Large solitary mutant predator like a sabre cat pounces at a straggler attempting to kill and drag away quickly by ambush
43 Giant bird or bad or bug swoops down from above trying to grab smallest person
44 Mutant animal abhuman tribe hunting and protecting territory strike from ambush d8 1=rat folk 2=cantoads folk 3=goanna folk 4=snake folk 5=cat folk 6=dog folk 7=rabbit folk 8=raven folk. Aim is to d4 1=drive you away 2=eat you 3=demand tribute payment or food 4=take slaves 
45 Outlaw punk gang d4 1=seek slaves 2=hold up for loot 3=starving cannibals 4=murder for fun. d4 1=missiles from cover and height 2=hidden under dirt 3=block d4 directions 4=have a large angry mutant pet 
46 Mutant gang swarm out of ruins and holes gibbering and starving
47 Cult gang in robes seek sacrifices and to keep non believers away from ritual place
48 Undead burst from ground and under rubble grasping hungrily
49 Mutant creature in a pit uses illusions of some one attractive in trouble to lure close
50 Tentacled horror drops down tentacles from above or underground 
51 Partially buried ground car in good condition 1=creature lair 2=someones home 3=has a depleted atomic fuel cell 4=has baggage and skeletons inside
52 Opening or manhole cover to underground subway or sewers
53 Dead bodies swarming with flies d4 1=have loot but flies are a dangerous swarm 2=loot but corpses are diseased CON save 3=undead in ambush 4=land mine trap goes off if body disturbed
54 Carcass of large creature d4 1=tribal hunters are butchering it 2=several dangerous animals eating it hostile to intruders 3=swarm of tiny creatures devouring it 4=its mate nearby protecting it angrily
55 Sniper with good vantage point and escape routes d4 1=crazy lone survivalist 2=faction agent 3=gang member, shot alerts them to approach 4=android with energy weapon
56 Dropped weapon d4 1=spear 2=axe 3=empty musket 4=revolver with d6 bullets
57 Dropped backpack d4 1=food 2=lots of rope 3=looted scrap and junk 4=drugs and beer 
58 Pristine stall or shack d4 1=icecream served by robot 2=magazines and newspapers now nest of creature 3=scrap dealer set up shop 4=pies or stew or beer sold by a mutant
59 Partly buried robot d4 1=valuable scrap 2=trapped but hostile 3=grateful for any aid 4=repairable condition or flat batteries
60 Huge contaminated pit strewn with junk d4 1=mutants worshipping drums of waste 2=large mutant bugs or worms 3=gang members searching rubble 4=huge creatures lair
61 Intact vending machine d4 1=operating 2=with coins and goods 3=chatty AI tries to sell you stuff or gamble 4=guarded by cultists as a sacred relic
62 Intact shop with loot and ancient goods
63 Scrap fortified building abandoned by settlers or gang in a hurry with some loot and parts
64 Crashed aircraft d4 1=pilot corpse with flight suit and survival pack 2=undead and baggage inside 3=mutant creature lair 4=skeletons and baggage inside and scrap
65 Truck with container d4 1=gang hideout 2=monster lair 3= full of crates of goods 4=remains of someones improvised home
66 Cultists chanting preparing a sacrifice with guards, pet beasts and fanatic suicide fighters
67 Recently collapsed wall reveals pristine ruin d6 1=gang exploring it 2=creature moved in 3=robot security 4=morlock's eating inhabitants 5=undead inside 6=sealed survivors separated from outside for generations
68 Huge mound of loose rubble difficult to climb without it collapsing with bits of scrap amongst trash
69 Street strewn with garbage with some useful scrap laying about
70 Upper stories of building sealed by collapsed lower ones look more intact
71 Androids d4 1=4 workers and a soldier on the move avoid trouble 2=3 soldiers on hunt  to exterminate humans 3=6 workers, 2 soldiers and a brain seeking local androids to join
72 Security or police robot wants to know why you've broken curfew?
73 Drone follows party is spying for a faction or local boss
74 Robot vehicle d4 1=damaged but AI talks 2=crazy likes to run over people 3=has d4 police bots on patrol for armed troublemakers
75 Military robots d41=infantry bots sweeping area 2=damaged tank with AI and mostly out of ammo except for energy weapons 3=sniper bot killing dirty meatbags 4=infantry guard bots block street warn civilians area is nogo 
76 One armed bandit robot d4 1=now a highwayman demanding coins 2=harasses you with offers of fun and cash 3=offers you drugs and vice 4=offers to take you to casino
77 Automated machine gun nest blocks passage in street
78 Servant robot trying to clean the street
79 Cyborgs offer you food and medicine if you come back to their bunker
80 Hologram of AI projected from a armoured turret d4 1=has a laser and is maintaining martial law 2=is lonely and offers to talk 3=will initiate trade for secret bunker dwellers 4=looking for helpers to deal with a problem
81 Are full of faction graffiti warning strangers from turf, older faction signs mostly covered or scratched out
82 Airburst from a propaganda mortar, brochures against some faction in the apocalypse war of the ancients d4 1=communists 2=gov anti propaganda warnings 3=martian independence 4=AI rights group FREE THE MACHINES NOW!
83 Idol of cult d8 1=mutant statue 2=demon idol 3=human purists 4=beast cult 5=AI space god 6=great old one 7=grey alien 8=machine cult
84 Skirmish between factions making area war zone
85 Missionaries from a faction here to convert the savable and exterminate the rest
86 Mutant animals rounding up humans, plan a kangaroo court to sentence kill and eat them
87 Holographic image in loop d4 1=news report from end times 2=warning to stay indoors 3=warning to deactivate your robots and androids 4=warning to take your anti necrovirus meds and to place dead bodies in bags for collection outside home
88 Corpses left as a sign to a factions enemies d6 1=Severed head on spikes 2=impaled bodies 3=crucified bodies 4=flailed human skin nailed to wall 5=blood and gore splatted from messy butchering 6=piles of charred human bones 7=remains of cannibals cooking a feast 8=severed hands, ear necklaces, collections of teeth or other body parts
89 Flags or banners of faction with guards protecting them and holding the road
90 Battlsuit infantry with unusual marking from a bunker watches street from a rooftop to protect secret entrance, will rain death on anyone poking near concealed secret entrance or might try to draw them away with some fire using jump jets to move away
91 Slave drivers using slaves to pick over ruins at gunpoint
92 Farming settlers tending crops, some on guard and alert for trouble
93 Gang of armed ferals having a party with music, beer and BBQ
94 Tribal camp with hunters cooking game and alert for trouble
95 Old prospectors digging in rubble, will scatter and take cover when notice strangers to protect their claim
96 Ground car and or several cycles operated by gang or faction on a murder spree patrol
97 Silver City Ranger patrol hunting a viscous gang welcome help
98 Morlocks desperately moving on surface in daylight with cattle (slave humans or eldren) and sacks of scrap, some have push carts
99 Warlord armed patrol hunting for gangs and checking [prospectors licences and claims
100 Adventurers d6 1=fresh but might try to rob wounded rival party 2=have some loot and might trade or be willing to cooperate 3=abusive rivals insist they have claims all round here 4=hostile and assume rivals are enemies

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