Sunday, 29 September 2019

Planet Psychon vs Gamma Oz

So back in sydney for work and cat sitting and having a great time. Played a great horror sf one shot with friend Conan and people accused me of good roleplaying as duplicitous dr who turned out to be a cultist who was saboteur and a cultist. Good thing I chose the right character. Conan sets up very good player vs player games that work well. Players chatted for hour and a half after about session which was interesting. I might interview him about it.

Anyway so ran my Gamma Oz: Broken Hill setting as a large region of Planet Psychon. Started in Manna Hill a town of 60 populated by lots of animal abhumans kinda inspired by Norman Lindsay's "the Magic Pudding" and another Australian Classic Blinky Bill). Started with Two players. One was a scarlet mutant with transperant flesh on his skull and long droopy rabbit ears and one arm was a huge spiked fist. Hishear glowed through his chest. He was a good armourer so he could modify as mutations set in.

The other was a feminine looking turquoise skinned wizard with a child that was actually a budded clone that was possessed by a familiar spirit and a pet flightless riding bat. She also had several flintlocks and a talking AI pistol that could fire any cased ammo. She was studying wizardry from old books left by her real family. She made her own gunpowder and had a loyd heartbeat when she was stressed. They grown up as orphans in town and lived in Mrs Magpies shed. She was a moralistic grump but fed the kids who were appreciative. She was school teacher and they lived in school shed.

As they grew ambitious they asked an old timer where to adventure and they heard of a small fallout shelter under a abandoned homestead. Met some merchants selling jerky which was handy as the ever hungry mutant at all his rations on the first day. Later found stray sheep and drove them homeward with firecrackers as Mrs Magpie said local farmers were creeps.

Found the ruins with a windsock and a tower and strange roads that went nowhere in some arcane pattern. Was before it was a farm was a country airport for post and Royal Flying Doctor Service. Searched area and wrecked small 2 seat plane wrecks. Found a AI brain for a house, some kind of flight pack and few other trinket Including a black lab medical ID. Also found note left by a poisoned adventurer commenting on hatch buried under junk. Spent hours clearing building of junk and found duralloy hatch had lock cut out years ago and tons of rubbish were used instead. Climbed down the shaft and found was water logged ans mould and battled several disgusting mutants. The mutant hero crushed them with his fist and the wizard summoned dwarf cassowaries in a flash of light from the space gods to help. Found some strength boosting drugs, interesting trash and found a crionic sleep pod. Apparently ten years ago the mutants had put the person on stasis for food then grown so degenerate the couldn't remember. The revived person was a rogue with perlescant skin and scarlet hair. Like all Psychonians they tasted each other and deemed the icecream flavoured stranger was ok. The mutant hero was honey flavoured and the wizard was candy. The new friends headed home and on the way battled four mutant gang members. Captured three and the mutant killed and ate the two headed one.

Arrived back with prisoners and locals declared the adults and welcomed their new friend. Turns out the friend was created by a space god of treachery to travel to Earth to activate a industrial teleporter to call his god to earth. He had horns, bat ears a mission from god. The kids decided to go to broken hill were they heard radio broadcasts from and rumours of treasure filled ruins and opportunity.

They arived in Olowry after a long hike past the giant concrete dice of the ancients (real place). Visited local diner and kindly old couple fed the gang best meal they ever had and filled them in with local troubles. So they went after dark to pub for their first beers and rogue shouted everyone enough to get town drunk. After town jolly, convinced some to join to help them evict gang from the post office. Also some beast lived in the shed. Rogue sneaked on roof and opened a board to close up a hole and dropped in a wizards cast iron grenade with a lit fuse. As they were staggered by the blast the mutant on a cocktail of two strength drugs kicked in the door (23 STR) and the door crushed a wounded gang member. Rogue jumped in stabbing and the wizard with flintlocks shot more while pub drunks with clubs charged in and the surviving gangers surrended. To follow up decided to get the beast in the dhed that stalked the town at night. Rogue crept in to find a giant bearded dragon lizard in a wrecked post van sleeping. The gang and their small mob attacked and managed to kill it but one mook was swallowed whole and the wizard summoned dingoes to help. 

The town celebrated and next morning a huge lizard BBQ took place. Various passing through to Broken Hill mercs joined them and they planned to break in and raid a pristine police station with unbreakable duralloy shutter and rumours of moving lights inside. The rogue visited tho local kids as he had heard the kids gang had tried random numbers for a hundred years and recorded them. As his god had given him decryption skills he used thousands of numbers on gang walls to calculate the door code.

Four new party members joined. A green furry gnome sorcerer, with tentacles and smelled of skunk, a metalic skinned priest of the same cult and the rogue sent to aid him (also icecreamed flavoured). He had betrayed the god of betrayal and was returned to life as a priest. A warrior with plate and a halberd and a extra face in his chest. Then finally a moronic priest in a fabulous dress, huge muscles and a wig concealing his exposed brain who was raised by octopi under the sea. The motley band got to the door of the station and cracked the door. Battled a number of robots and found lots of interesting drugs, police evidence, a vending machine of marijuana cigarettes in 10 flavours and strange rayguns. The rayguns turned out to be stunners but some had defective batteries that melted when the cells depleted. Wasted a huge amount of ammo testing on walls and skeletons with no effect. The gnome summoned kangaroos as target practice but the party were so inept wasted more ammo. Wasted lots of drugs also but that's pretty common on Psychon.

Next the party head to Broken Hill looking for riches.
More strangeness in a week.

My efforts to streamline with the Psychon random generators online and default character builds helped get late new players working faster. Initiative worked well and impressed with 7 players remained domiciled and focused and all worked well.

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