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There are versions depicted as just a cow with yellow spots so im going with this more fabulous one but the boring one might sneak into a herd and lead cows away from farmers or cause other trouble. Sadly this heraldry project is fill in till my life less busy and my commercial game design stuff done.... Sadly game writing my only income the last 8 weeks. Previous post I will update as didn't do variations and adventures as rest in my series.

Supernatural animal N Morale 9
AC +5
HD 8
Mov 15 ground
Trample 3d6 (trample multiple targets in line with 30 foot charge)
or Buttx2 d8 (on a 20 to hit, target save or knockback 2d4 yards)
or Bite 3d4 (on a 18+ to hit, does double damage)
or 90 degree cone of fire 10 foot range d3+8 from mouth and ears as burning hands

A caretyne has a bull like body, with a snout, fangs, and horns. It has yellow spots and breathes fire. The beast is a wild animal often living alone or in a pair (1in4 with a d3 calves). The beasts are protective of their young and cattle and can be aggressive. Their habit of adopting herds of cows sometimes causes trouble with farmers who don't want a overprotective monster guarding their herds.  Some farmers manage to convince the beast they are friends of the herd and then the farmer has a protector but this can be hard to manage when taking away calves and milk cows cry for their missing young. In the wild these beasts can be very protective of their territory and viciously hunt and destroy threats or predators. Other herdbeast taking their food they dislike but they are satisfied with driving them off. Some druids and cults make use of them. Sometimes they breed with normal cattle producing a large healthy calf with yellow spots.

1in6 180 degree fire breath
1in6 has fire breath 20 foot range
1in6 4d4 fire breath save for half
1in6 has tougher armour
1in6 can do a extra kick two d8 attacks in addition to any other non charge attack
1in6 can cast charm cow once per round
1in6 are able to go beserk
1in6 are highly magic resistant and always succeed in saving throws vs magic
1in6 are immune to all fire
1in6 cannot be surprised
1in6 wear a holy symbol of a religion usually a earth or solar or sky cult
1in12 can bellow calling all cows within a mile to gather
1in12 are intelligent as a human and 1in6 of those can talk
1in12 breath icy cold instead of fire and have shaggy coats
1in12 are huge with a 12HD 4d6 trample d12 butt attacks
1in12 part bonacon and can fire a extra 90 degree cone fire from their butts

Caretyne Adventures
1 A farmer is upset that a caratyne has stolen his herd and taken them into a mountain valley. He wants them back and cares not for the beast but he offers a cow and the next 4 bull calves born as a reward
2 A mountain pass has been taken over by a Caretyne that is stopping trade and travel, local noble wants it gone
3 A druid riding a caretyne has been menacing cattle farmers and acusing the farmers of overgrazing, land clearing and driving away natural her beast. He has been using the caretyne to help him steal the cows so he can revert them to wild ones in a few generations
4 A priestess caring for her temples caretyne is upset as the beast has run away and has been mating with cows and fighting bulls. She needs it returned for the next festival for a ritual
5 A caretyne has come to the village and everyone has hidden indoors to keep away from it but it wont leave
6 A island with a caretyne has been avoided for generations but some say the beast guards a prehistoric ruin
7 A blasphemous farmer ignored and mocked all the rituals to the local cow spirit revered for centuries and a Caretyne came and killed him. Other farmers have made extra offerings and local wise woman invites heroes to slay the beast
8 A hairy wildman from the woods driving a chariot drawn by a caretyne has been menacing the roads. Some say he must be killed, others insist someone should speak to him to ask what has offended him enough to cause this trouble
9 Local cows have all wandered off by night and farmers are afraid of what could have taken the cows and burned all the fences
10 Local prize bulls have been killed by some beast and the local calves have been born with yellow spots and behave aggressively, what could the culprit be?
11 Something has been breaking into the granaries and food stores. A volunteer watchman was found trampled to death and now all live in fear of the mystery culprit and for their food supply
12 A odd yellow spotted calf was bought at a auction and it has caused nothing but trouble.  As it grew the owner tried to sell it but nobody wanted the uppity beast. It wont even leave and the other cattle seem to love it and follow it into other farmers crops. He wants the beast gone by any means. Possibly might try and sell it cheap to someone gullible  

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  1. I really enjoy these Heraldic Beasts and can't wait for more.


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