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Rethinking Weapons

Probably as big a topic as spells but lots of special info on this will end up under skills
I considered i might make roll low to hit to be a jerk

Melee Weapon Damage
Great Weapon d10 ENC 3 Most 2H Pole Arm, Great Sword, Pike, Maul
Hand Weapon d8 ENC 2 Most 1+H Mace, Spear, Sword, Battle Axe,
Short Weapon d6
 ENC 1 Most 1H Club, Small Sword, Hand Axe, javelin
Small Weapon d4
 ENC 2/1 Most 1H Dagger, Stick
Tiny Weapon d3
 ENC 4/1 Most 1H Knife, Cestus, Rock, Whip

 Weapon Damage
Arbelast, Arquebus d10 ENC 3
Heavy Crossbow, Musket, Handgun, Spear, Long, Composite Bow d8 ENC 2 
Light Crossbow, Javelin, Hand Axe, Hammer, Chain, Self Bow, Chain d6  ENC 1
Hand Crossbow, Dagger, Stick,  Small Bow, Sling, Bola d4 ENC 2/1
Knife, Dart, Shuriken, Rock d3 ENC 4/1

20 Arrows, Bolts or Ball & Powder Shot in Case or Quiver 1 ENC

Special Weapons

Net, Garrote, Whip

Fire Rate

Arquebus, Musket, Handgun 1/10 (1/9)
Arbelast 1/4 (1/3)
Heavy Crossbow 1/2 (1/1)
Light Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Spear, Javelin, Hand Axe, Hammer, Chain, Dagger, Stick, Longbow, Composite Bow, Self Bow, Small Bow, Sling 1/1 (2/1)
Knife, Dart, Shuriken, Rock 2/1 (3/1)
*Black powder skill halves time
Quickload skill increases by to amount in brackets

Other Spot Rules?
Might do lots of these and build into skill system so mostly fighters use fancy moves

Use a 1H weapon with 2H +1 minimum damage
Small bow and quiver on belt 1 ENC - d4 covers smaller bows of kobolds, kids

Longbow ENC 3 man height, self bow is waist high 2 ENC small bow is forearm size
Crossbow variants
- stonebow shoot stones or bullets bump to lower damage dice
-repeater crossbow
Skill to use edged weapons as blunt bump to lower damage dice
Flail, Chain  can get a skill to ignore shields and entangle and get a fumble chance
Small races don't use great weapons and hand weapons are 2H for them
Will be some skills that allow a extra attack once per fight/turn
Some skills to resist armour
Might change combat times to segments

Probably will under skills describe all weapons as skills plus list skills each weapon can be used with....


Buckler ENC1 d3 +1 vs melee size of dinner plate
Small Sheild 
d4 ENC 2 +1 vs melee & missile covers forearm
Large Sheild d6 ENC 3 +1 vs melee +2 vs missile can crouch behind it
Seige Sheild d6 ENC 4 +2 vs melee +4 vs missile two can stand behind it

Light Armour Suits
Cloth +1 ENC 1
Hide +2 ENC 2
Leather +3 ENC 3

Armour Suits
Ring +4 ENC 4
Chain +5 
Scale +6 ENC 6

Armour Suits
Plate +7 ENC 7
 halves sensory checks
Full Plate +8 ENC 8
 halves sensory checks

Piece Armour* 
Girdle or Hero Harness +1 ENC 1 (Max+4)Cap Helm +1 ENC 1 (Max+6)
Cloak +1 ENC 1 (Max+6)
Greaves and bracers +1 ENC 1 
Chain Shirt +2 ENC 2 (Max+7)
Full Helm +2 ENC 2 (Max+8) halves sensory checks
Brigandine Coat +2 ENC 2 (Max+8)
Chest Plate +3  ENC 3 (Max+8)
*can be targeted at weakest armour point with aimed blow

Girdle +1 Cloak +1 Greaves & Bracers +1 Cap Helm +1 = +4
Cloth suit + Cap + Chest Plate +3 = +5
Leather Suit +3
 Greaves & Bracers +1 Cap Helm +1 = +5
Chain Suit +5 Brigandine Coat +2 = +7

still messing with all this

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