Saturday, 8 December 2018

EMO PC Sheet + Alignment dialed up to 11

I did have option of no alignment in old games
now im forcing everybody into a choice
one from each column or one from one column
Law is cosmic order and societal obligation and consistency
Chaos is entropy and personal freedom and deceit and incongruity
Good is pro sharing and kindness and pro living 
Evil is selfishness and sadism and pro murder
Balance is pro harmony between cosmic forces for the best life
Neutral is "id rather not worry and focus on living and on my own business and avoid cosmic extremes like good or other alignments who seem to just get into fights"

d10 Random
1 Law
2 Chaos
3 Good 
4 Evil
5 LG
6 LE
7 CG
8 CE
9 Balance
10 Neutral

I did have a system where if you took a oath per level you could get extra spells for being an alignment fanatic. Tempted by this again

Could tick boxes at 1st lv or zero and gain in play or spend WILL bonus on alignment ranks

these levels might be independent of normal levels
you could go fanatic at 4th lv and when you reach 8th might be 4th level in alignment

possibly neutral and balance get druid spells and are reincarnated on death
good and evil get cleric become upper or lower planar beings on death?
law and chaos get wizard become elemental beings on death?
Compound alignments

Require possibly 2 sets of oaths for compound alignments?
or alternate them or one or 2 lots of benefits? 

Possibly develop both alignments separate?
To gain benefits need to keep chosen alignments higher than ones you don't want but no idea on how much yet. curses might give unwanted alignment and shut down your powers

Lv    0    1   3   4
1      1

2      2
3      3
4      4
5      4     1
6      5     1
7      6     2
8      7     2
9      8     2
10    8     2    1
11    9     3    1
12    10   3    1
13    11   3     1
14    12   4     2    1
15    13   4     2    1
16    14   4     2    1
17    15   4     2    1
18    16   5     3     2
19     20  5     3     2
20     20  5     3     2

Possibly a bonus arms or art or language skill every 4th level

Lots of people claim to be non neutral

Possibly "cult" a better term than alignment

Entities will be evoked by the character

Also items might alter alignment or require a specific alignment

Enemy alignments are murdered in name of these beings
No need for paladins now...

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