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Arms Skill List Part 1

This is more specific but based on previous post
This is basically the first half of the arms skill descriptions for specific weapons
The second half are more like exotic fighting feats mostly for fighters
Im willing to consider corrections and additions in comments
Part 2 will be like similar lists ive done in past but more streamlined and better named and less overall skills. Also designed to be less minmaxable vs my old lists.

Weapon Codes
A=Armour Piercing
 if skilled
B=Black Powder misfire on natural roll of 1 or more if wet or raining
C=Close Reach
 if skilled, win initiative vs longer weapons if close
E=Entangle on natural 20
 if skilled
F=Fumbles on natural roll of 1 hits self or ally

H=Hack damage Shields or chop hafts if skilled
I=Ignores Shield
 if skilled due to articulation
L=Long Reach
 if skilled, hit targets in second rank, win closing initiative
, double damage if charged by skilled user
S=Slow, always comes after other non slow weapons
T=Set vs charge if skilled

1H one handed
1H+ one handed but can be used 2H for +1 on minimum damage
2H requires two hands

Mov & Range scores = 3m per point indoors and 10m per point outside

Weapons and skills

d10 2H 1/4R Range 3/12/24 BR ENC4
Large heavy cranked crossbow, assistant can speed by one round

d10 2H 1/T Range 3/10/20  ENC4 ABR
Large long arm gun with stand required to operate

Axe , Battle
d8 1H+ ENC2 H
Large bladed axe

Axe, Hand
d6 1H 1/T Range1/2/3 ENC1 CH
Small axe can be thrown or used hand to hand

Axe, Poled10 2H ENC3 HLS

d3 2H 1/R R2/4/6 ENC2

Usualy poisoned

Blowpipe, Small
- 2H 1/R R1/2/3 ENC0 
Usualy poisoned

2d4/d4/1 2H 1/T Range 1/2/5 B
No range effects is a scatter gun, M or L range can hit d3 targets in a 1 area circle

d4 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 CEFI
Stones linked by cord thrown but usable as a close melee weapon

Bow Compasite

d8 2H 1/R Range 6/12/24 ENC1
Bow waist high, bone and sinew bow

Bow Long
d8 2H 1/R Range 8/16/32 Range ENC3
Bow head high, bulky long range bow

Bow Self
d6 2H 1/R Range 5/10/20 ENC1
Bow waist high, standard common bow

Bow Small
d4 2H 1/R Range ENC1
Small bow as long as fore arm, bow and quiver weigh ENC1

Brass Knuckles

d3 1H ENC0 C

Variable 1H ENC0 C
Monks d4 Fighters Dwarves Abhumans Giants
d3 Halflings Rogue Cleric 1pt Wizard Sorcerer Tako Gnome

d4 1H ENC1 C
Armoured spiked gauntlet


d6 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2 CEFIL
Length of chain 2-3m with weiighed balls on ends

d6 1/R Range 2/4/6 ENC2/1
Circular metal edged disc 30cm

d6 1H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 C
Thick heavy wooden carved weapon or iron bar

Crossbow, Hand
d4 2H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 
Pistol configuration crossbow, often poisoned
Can be fired one handed once loaded

Crossbow, Heavy
d8 2H Range 3/10/20 ENC3

Crossbow, Light
d6 2H 1/R Range 4/8/16 ENC2
Can be fired one handed once loaded
Available in repeating variety with 10 shot hopper 2/R ENC3 needs both hands to fire


d4 1H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC 2/1 C
30cm to fore arm length blade

d3 1H 2/R Range 2/4/6 ENC 4/1
Small throwing darts 30cm to a foot long,
often carry handful in off hand or in quiver

Flail, Agricultural 

d10 2H ENC3 IL
Long pole with single link articulated head

Flail, Light
d6 1H+ ENC1 EFIC
Wooden billet with chain or rope link with second stick

Flail, Military
d8 1H+ EFI
Spiked metal ball on chain with handle

d6 2H ENC0 C
attack from behind by surprise or a brawling attack,
victim then inflict a d6 per round after initial hit

2d4 1/2R Range 
1/2/3 1H+ ENC1 B
Cast Iron ball with fuse, light one round requiring 2H then throw with one
Explodes over 1 area circle, save by diving flat for half damage before blast

d6 1H 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 AC
30cm long hammer with spike and blunt head

Hammer, Great d10 2H ENC3 AS
1+M long heavy hammer with long spike or blunt head

Hammer, Ward8 1H+ ENC2 AC
60cm-1m long hammer with spike and blunt head

d8 1H+ 1/T Range 2/4/6 ENC1 AB
Basic matchlock pistol
Smaller d6 version Range 1/2/3 ENC2/1 or d4 version Range 1/2/3 ENC4/1
Multiple barrels available each doubles cost

2d4 1/2R Range 
1/2/3 1H+ ENC1 B
Ceramic or glass bottle with flamable oil with fuse
Light one round requiring 2H then throw with one
Explodes over 1 area circle, save by diving flat before blast

If fail burn for 1hp a round until make a saving throw
Some formulas burn even if wet

d6 1H 1/R Range 3/6/9 ENC2/1
Light throwing spear

d3 1H 2/R Range 1/2/3 ENC4/1 C
Small under 30cm blade

d10 1H+ ENC3 ALMST
2H on foot or 1H if mounted or in chariot

nil 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC1 ELS
Mostly used to entangle a foe which it does instead of damage snaring limb or head
If tied to running horse may pull victim over and inflicts a d6 per round

d8 1H+ ENC3 AC
Heavy spiked morningstar or flanged headed

d10 2H  ENC3 ALS
Heavy weighted spiked club

d8 2H 1/T Range 3/5/10 ENC2 AB
Standard portable long barreled gun
Can affix dagger to barrel for d6 hand to hand
smaller d6 version ENC1
Multiple barrels available each doubles cost again

nil 1H+ Range 1/2/3 ENC1 EIL
Common fisherman or gladiator net
Hooked version does d3 but weighs ENC2


d10 2H ENC3 LST

d3 1H+ Rate 2/1 Range 1/2.3 ENC4/1 C
Common rock thrown or used to bash

Scythe, War

d8 2H ENC3 LS
Fighting version of common farm tool, less crooked

Sheild. Buckler
d3 1H ENC1 C
Size of dinner plate +1AC vs melee

Sheild. Small
d4 1H ENC2 C+1 vs melee & missile covers forearm

Sheild. Large
d6 1H ENC3 C+1 vs melee +2 vs missile can crouch behind it

Sheild. Seige
d6 1H ENC4 CS +2 vs melee +4 vs missile two can stand behind it

d8 1H+ ENC2 A
Standard sword over a meter long

Sword, Great

d10 2H ENC3 HLS
Large sword mans height long

d6 1H ENC1 C
Standard small sword usually 60cm


d3 1H 2/R Range 1/2/3 ENC10/1 
Small throwing darts 30cm to a foot long, often carry handful in off hand or in quiver

d4 1H ENC2/1 C
Curved agricultural blade for harvesting used by peasants or for rituals

d4 2H 1/R Range 2/6/12 ENC0
d3 clay or stone bullet 20/ENC
d4 lead or heated clay or silver or large stone bullet

Sling, Staff

d6 2H 1/R Range 3/6/12 ENC2 Sd8 heavier half brick missile half range rate 1/2,
or hurl incendiaries or other objects, assistant loader help with fuses
Normal ammo ENC 4/1 heavy ammo 2/1

d8 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2 LT
Common fighting spear,

d6 2H ENC2 CL
Common quarterstaff, slightly flexible wooden

Staff, War

d8 ENC3 LS
Iron shod often spiked staff

d4 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2/1 C
Small rods often used two handed or can throw into legs to trip, also common walking stick

Trident, Light
d5 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC2 L

3 points fork has 2 these offset penalties for attacking in water good for fishing
Same skill as a javelin, preferred by mariners or cults

Trident, War

d8 1H+ 1/R Range 1/2/3 ENC3 L
3 points fork has 2 these offset penalties for attacking in water good for fishing
Same skill as spear, preferred by mariners or cults

d3 1H ENC1 EL
Common bullwhip 

Weapon Groups
Fighters can spend two initial arms skill slots on a school of 4 weapons but specialist fighting arts like expert only apply to a single weapon still. These are based on families of weapons or cultural weapon groups. The non human ones are for those raised or trained by non humans.

Sword, Small Sword, Dagger, Knife


Dart, Javelin, Lance, Spear

Club, Mace, Maul, Stick

Battle Axe, Hand Axe, Pole Arm, Pole Axe

Composite Bow, Long Bow, Self Bow, Small Bow

Lance, Mace, Sword, War Flail

Horse Nomad

Composite Bow, Lasso, Small Sword, Spear

Man At Arms

Light Crossbow, Spear, Sword, Hand Axe

Battle Axe, Self Bow, Small Sword, Spear

Cestus, Net, Small Sword, 


Blowpipe, Dagger, Garrote, Small Sword 

Javelin, Pike, Spear, Small Sword 

Club, Javelin, Small Bow, Stick

Dagger, Great Sword, Long Bow, Staff

Dagger, Club, Handgun, Small Sword

Dagger, Grenade, Musket, Small Sword

Blunderbuss, Dagger, Small Sword, Whip

Agricultural Flail, 
Club, Sickle, Spear

Dagger, Longbow, Spear, Sword


Battle Axe, Hand Axe, Heavy Crossbow, Small Sword

Dagger, Dart, Rock, Small Sword

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