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One of the best things about the rare Melbourne 1980s RPG RUS was any player could be a were creature and it wasnt that bud but the christians didnt like it so much. It was sorta dnd meers Runequest d100 skills plus russian fairy taled and pretty awesome. Anyway it had were owls, falcons, horses, crows, badgers all kinds some wearing old fashioned pagan era armou. It also had fearure you couldnt have a pagan sorcerer and a christian priest in the same party. You either took the guy who made pacts with demons to call some goblins from hell or the guy who heals you and stops evil stuff like wizards.

Anyway big fun, So this month will do some mutations, beast wars, lycanthrope stuff and I will be In Sydney working. Rents and hostels have gone up so I have to drop a whole level of standard. Still might be last time i can afford to work for a while. Will see how Im going. Will try some of my new unamed setting then. Plus some more of my redbrick book with LOTFP.

d10 Magical Animal Folk
1 Talking Animal (1in6) can cast spells or a character class
2 Beast Men Abhumans related to a animal species
3 Beastlings  small race of beastmen more like
4 Dire animals prehistoric larger survivors of the past
5 Giant Animals are magically enlarged animals, many also smarter
6 Ogre Beasts are ogre animal hybrids who eat people with animal features
7 Beast Lords are magical ancestral beast spirits who may form bodies
8 Were beast shape shifters spread by an evil disease
9 Spirit Folk animal spirit changeling folk
10 Beast Gargantua 30-50 HD monsters

Lotsa good monsters and Lycanthropes here

Werebeast Basic powers
Most turn under a full moon into animal form
Some can become a hybrid for or change at will if experienced
If you lose half HP from werebeast you have caught lycanthropy
All these require silver, fire or magic weapon +1 or better to harm
Summon a d3 animals for a d4 rounds

Att d6 Hoof x2 + d6 Bite or trample 3d6

Mov 24" or 2" Leap
Throw a rider for 2d6 damage then trample them as a surprise or might torment them

Werehorses like to trick people into riding them so they can throw and trample them. Some steal normal horses and might be horse thieves in human form. They are cunning sadists and like long plans even being someones horse for days before going on a murder spree. Many live as tame horses for months for food and travel then murder their masters.


Att d6 Claws x2 + 2d4 Bite

Mov 12" or 16"fly
Ambush 1-4 if gliding attack
 from above in the dark
Lift Prey, If both claws hit can lift a person for a round of movement and drop them
Blood drain,Can suck 2d4 blood each round after initial bite attack

Owl witches are often spell casters and live in communities plotting the overthrow of common order. They like to eat babies and will haunt an area as a witch coven. Kill by night and harass travellers.

Att d6 Claw x2 + d6 Bite hangs on each round

Mov 16"Beserk, during rage can fight up to -10HP  but loses a HP a round while negative
+2 Hit and damage, no fear or moral checks during rage, always charges if possibleBlood Drain Once they get teeth in suck 2d4 HP blood per round until one is dead

Horrible gnarly scrawny sleazy hairy folk prone to working as sappers, miners, bandits, kidnappers, thieves and bloody murderers. Enjoy killing and smell of blood makes them berserk. Good on boats, tunnels, urban and other environments. Can climb and hang on ropes with their feet while fighting and biting. They track by scent and like eating small humanoids or halflings.

Att d8 Bite+poison or grapple 2d6 per round after hit 

Mov 9" Swim 12"
Poison save or die, some breeds have sleep, hallucination, madness, or charm effects
Ambush 1-4 chance for surprise if from above or hiding while very still
Made by serpent men to replace lost members of their race. Many are spell casters or have a character class. They are cool and calm but will consider eating any smaller beings. They are a bit slow and cold make them lose more movement points. They will hide and ambush victims, dropping from above and can stay still and move slowly  and can climb easily. Their cult wear robes and have spread temples across the world with their wizard priests. Many serve serpent men as minions.

Att d8 Hoof x2 + d12 Bite  or Trample 4d6

Mov 15"
Beserk, fight in negative HP up to -10HP during rage but loses a HP a round while negative
+2 Hit and damage, no fear or moral checks during rage, always charges if possible

Enemies of early man but recently returned killing man sized creatures and even giants. In ancient times men left them offerings. Early kings would battle them to prove their worth.  These monsters destroy whole villages and if a group gather they systematically wipe out any animal big enough.


Att d6 Hoof x2 + d6 Bite or 2d4 Headbutt or Trample 2d6

Mov 12" or or 2"Leap
Goat can charge at least 2" charge +1 to hit and does double headbutt damage

Horrible demon worshipers who serve cults and witches. They enjoy lusty moonlit dances, murder and chanting evil demon names in bleating goat choirs. They don't like human clergy, templars, clerics, inquisitors or any humans who don't fear them. They love demons and demons love them.

Att d8 Hoof x2 + d12 Bite  or Trample 4d6

Mov 12" or 18" swim or 3" leap
Can hold breath one hour, ambush in 1-4 if hiding in water to attack

Horrible wetland creatures common near swamps and creeks. During rainy season they croak loudly and become lascivious kidnappers and cannibalistic killers. They can be quite haunting croaking in growing groups, gathering before a pre dawn attack. Dangerous in waterways will tip up boats or attack at crossings and crawl in sewer pipes and thin gaps a human couldn't. They worship ancient amphibian gods who have seeked revenge since only darkness and water and void existed.


  1. One issue with lycanthropes is that either they need to be apex predators or they need to be cleverly inserted in the group to be a threat, doppelganger-style. It's no accident that the four lycanthropes in Monsters & Treasure -- werebear, wereboar, weretiger, werewolf -- were animals who were already threatening without being shapeshifters. Any GM worth a damn won't bother to game out encounters with normal rabbits, but when one tells the players that they encounter a rabbit, they'll immediately be suspicious.

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    1. sorry i deleted this

      RUS was interesting mine stolen 3 houses ago
      was planning on reviewing it

      also dreamed of contacting old aussie games writers to get old work like hunter planet and RUS on pdf


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