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Lycanthropy and You!

Lycanthropy and You!
Know The Facts!

The Facts!
Usually lycanthropy infects you if you lose half your HP from a werebeast

The disease takes a d12 day to run it's course, symptoms are visible half way through
It kills demihumans dead instead with fever showing half way through
Cured by a 11th+ level cleric with a cure disease and a remove curse spell in first year
Many normal animals will be wary of lycanthropes near them
At first full moon the lycanthrope changes into a into a full animal

For the first year
 -they make a saving throw to remember what they did at night in dreams
-if they die as a beast they revert to human form
From one to three years

- turn into a humanoid hybrid on the night before and after the full moon
-remember everything and change alignment permanently at all times
-they remain in form they die in but if cut open see the skin of other form inside
-can summon a d2 animal helpers for a d4 rounds of fighting
After 3 years 

-can turn into a humanoid at will by night
-they will transform if angry or passionate or wounded with a failed saving throw anytime
-summon a d4 animal helpers for 2d4 rounds of fighting and has a regular animal companion
After seven years

-they will be able to change at will into animal or humanoid form but always do by night
-the corpse will be in whatever form most dramatic of a mixture or keep changing
-can summon a 2d4 animal helpers for an hour and has two regular companions nearby

Breeding Habits

If you sleep with a werewolf you require a saving throw to avoid lycanthropy
If either parent is a lycanthrope when conceived
Giving birth to a lycanthrope baby is fatal if the mother is not a lycanthrope alreadyIf the Mother remains as animal all pregnancy she will have more children at birth

Child lives first year in form born which is same as mother when born
Children are very healthy, bite crawl early and late, talk late and mix poorly with humans

At puberty lycanthropy kicks in mostly but 1in6 something unpredictable and new happens


Each werebeast type has a specific herbal bane that effects them
Wolvesbane tea gives you a saving throw to resist within d12 day incubation period
Werewolves hate the smell of wolvesbane and prefer to not bite anyone brushed it
Werewolves in human form might sneeze or have a allergy to wolvesbane
Wolvesbane applied to a weapon or rock or club will wound a werewolf as silver one hit
Throwing a bunch at a werewolf will make it have a morale check

Werewolf Ointment

Evil cults and devils and elves offer werewolf ointment recipes
30gp of materials, and a month to brew one batch
Evil cults and books teach the formula which is much like other potions
Made from werewolf blood, wolf spittle, evil herbs and some baby fat
1st use turn into a wolf for ten minutes
2nd use turn into a wolf for one hour
3rd use infects with lycanthropy
A werewolf using it will transform immediately till the next dawn
Some cults tried to manage a werewolf hero but this proved difficult and tragic
Bad people sell it to dupes mostly but you can buy it for 100 gp otherwise

Wererwolf Pelts

Evil cults and devils and elves offer werewolf pelts mostly to make trouble or ruin lives
Made from a werewolf in process taking a month to cut off lycanthropes skin
Evil cults and books teach the formula which is much like other potions
The skin sits in cave covered in several quart of human blood every full moon
Then with a sacrifice to the evil werewolf spirits in a storm the item is blessed
When worn the wearer becomes a werewolf and is in a state of ecstasy
If they wear it beyond next dawn the skin bonds to the wearer making them a full werewolf
Bad people sell it to dupes they want to curse mostly but you can buy it for 1500 gp

Beserkers Shirt

Werebearskin coat equivalent with to +1 leather allows wearer to become berserk once a day for a ten round turn at will. It is good cold protection.

d10 Versions of shirt powers

1 Cannibalistic cravings, become chaotic, and wont take it off if fail a save
2 Worn past dawn wearer and coat bond, user becomes a normal bear permanently
3 Made by good werebears, wearer is friendly, hugs strangers and becomes chaotic good if fail save
4 Wearer becomes berserk in minus HP automatically for ten minutes
5 Power of the shirt gives three uses a day or 1in6 7 uses a day
6 On a full moon the wearer saves or turn into bear
7 The wearer can talk to all bears or bear creatures
8 The wearer can hibernate fot three months once a year if they want
9 Bears regard the wearer as a bearfriend unless the act otherwise
10 Bearer is immune to bee or swarm insect stings and can smell honey in 3"

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