Monday 2 April 2018

Overlands in the Sky Part 3: Wanderers

Future Cloud Land Sections
d100 encounters for cloud land areas
d100 magical ruins and remnants for cloudland
d100 strange magic mysteries found on cloudland
d100 magical hazards on the cloudlands

So cloudland turns out to be more fun than i thought. I get to mash up lots of giants, faerie and any planar stuff I want without the overwhelming absurdity of attacking an entire universe. I'm also liking the possibility of players colonising a cloud. As everyone you meet in the skyrealm is not a monster here are some strange folk that might help or hinder your adventures. I guess Im getting more tolerant of flying transports but not to be common in the lower lands. The gods and spirits actively hinder human flights to the upper realms with monsters, lightening or weather.

A options for this campaign might be to run it with zero level or children characters and minimize combat. Talking animals and other kinds of players or even faerie characters. Occasionally some bad boblins might need a few punches or a black hat shirtless gnome needs a beating. Perhaps reincarnate a party as treefolk or cloudland folk after a TPK.

d10 Cloud To Cloud Travel
1 Ferryman on a cloud raft
2 Sailor with a small boat will take travelers
3 Portal or teleporter pad to a preset location
4 Ropes use when islands pass for a limited time
5 Balloon or airship, dangerous but often luxurious
6 Flying mounts often for hire like griffons
7 Hitch a ride on colossus flying beast like a butterfly or bird
8 Ornithopter in shape of a winged animal with mechanical wings
9 Gliding, large kites, parachutes or other uncertain devices
10 Experimental flying machine mostly untested

d100 Wanderers of Cloudland
01 General Gleeson, lost war and a coup and now a wanderers landless but looking for somewhere he can become Napoleon like again. Some hitmen follow him
02  Brander Clune swashbuckling adventurer, wandered since a child and well connected. Has a featherfall ring and jumps onto lower cloud lands
03 Orlag Vugate former vampire servant escaped to cloudlands and looking for work without any undead overlords, older and meloncholic
04 Kleesar Fellthog town clerk escaped a dangerous cult and his communities destruction. Wants a literate good job and seeks a good master 
05 Vorsun Cleave former mercenary was recruited into a cloudland war and never gone back as the Earth is too boring. Has several pistols and some potions
06 Armelia Astarte led a expedition to a cloudland and is the last survivor. She is a aristocrat and treats others as servants. She is curious but also slightly blood thirsty wanting to dissect new creatures ank murder any who wrong her, she can be charming company if your worthy
07 Clementine Bower left her farm as a child and has adventured in the cloud lands and world tree since. She often has some kind of talking animal and or faerie folk companion and has lots of former friends who would rescue her
08 Tammy Patterson came with her father to build a alchemy lab in cloudland but everything went wrong. He and the lab were destroyed and since then she has been employed as a school teacher, a bandit, a grifter and a shopkeeper. She can still make some simple potions
09 Pettise Glazen with her giant intelligent goose companion Bill that can carry her short flights. She often helps people in trouble and travels for amusement
10 Leopold Velvet a foppish aristocrat in the finest clothes, agonizes about indignities and danger, offers money in gold jewelry to any who can rescue him since his experimental balloon accident that stranded him here
11 Fowler Gantz a ex mercenary servin hell and damned now evades them and seeks to betray his masters and help the needy
12 Lutipold Favazio a glamorous prince sent into the clouds as a curse and wants to get home and claim his throne. He always turning down marriage and fancy titles by the cloud folk for his royal demeanor and education in battle tactics and land management
13 Master Preston is a silly old wizard with his young apprentice pete. They have wandered as adventurers for years and pete wants to go home or settle down. Master Preston is fascinated and just wants another two or five years before reporting his findings to the university
14 Billy Maxwell is a freckled red haired 12 year old boy in a sweater from another universe. He hates this place but has got used to magical madcap adventures. He would like to meet up with some fighting types to teach him to be a mercenary
15 Sammy Haines is a girl from another world in a blue dress who smile always and is always hopeful Sammy Smiles some call her. She often has a elderly gentleman chaperone often a fairy or talking animal or faun. She would like to be a wizard if she is stuck here
16 Orson Cardwell is a large obese man who wanders the cloud realms looking for things new to eat and drink and because he overstays his welcome as a gorging guest. He feels it his right to expect large free meals and drinks to be his companion. He tells lots of witty stories about his escapes
17 Cordelia Cox has been living in the clouds eight years and is now a accomplished swordswoman with no interest in returning to mere mortal life. She dresses well and carries dueling swords and pistols, her manservant Benjamin is a mongrel man she adopted
18 Sparren Gouger a plucky farm lad who killed a giant and now looks for home. He is mostly lucky and quit witted and has a giant gold coin in his backpack. He has a sprite friend Licky he saved from a cat
19 Eidorf Manx a travelling doctor amazed at what he has seen on his travels. Has confusing charts of some cloudland seasonal travel charts. Kings are always trying to keep him as staff and he is always fleeing. He carries a pistol and small sword for defence
20 Vodel Kraft is a lucky thief who has robbed many cloudland nobles and lost his money as easily. He has a few exotic assasins after him. Convinced he lives a charmed life and the luck goddess loves him 
21 Kirra Yarden has been exploring for years trying to find a home or friends who can keep alive. She has been in several struggles and seen cloud kingdoms fall. She is suspicious and wary but a capable and sneaky rogue 
22 Tanya Rattenburg is a former gang member carried away to cloudland by a non human lover. She managed to end that affair and is now better off and well dressed than most of her life. She is looking for the next thing to do for a while or the next interesting lover. Her former lover does not want her to love again until he has recovered
23 Eamon Gallax former labourer was in a cart snatched away by a giant bird to cloudland. He thinks everything is a grand adventure and wants to take wealth back to his home to prove his adventures
24 Gollen Barran a bumbling drunk with a knack for being followed my angry magical creatures. Possibly his thieving abilities led to this condition. He is good at running, drinking and scheming. Occasionally he hooks up with a orphan child until they realize he is a threat
25 Captain Crozier had a ship swept into the clouds and all his crew were eaten by giants. He has made some maps and has a telescope and plans to escape by tying himself to hundreds of geese
26 Marnad Crollzegger is a cracky bitter mercenary who has escaped a giant prison after years of abuse. He will take any chance to harm a giant but also fears them. Would like a safe land to settle
27 Argranzio Cullenforth a composer gentleman whisked away by elves here. Has a violin and sheet music he has written while here, his best work. Otherwise he just has nice clothes, hat and handkerchief and a few copper coins. Would like to go home but more inspired here 
28 Galler Madon grumpy old ship hand used to serving others to survive will latch onto someone as a servant. Eats lots and vulgar but competent and loyal
29 Killian Dory a ex prate and cult leader will join any group then try and take over by any dirty tricks and sabotage he can. Tries to get new companions interested in banditry and canibalism
30 Birandi Callorn a wiley commoner who has had many poor jobs in the sky kingdoms and is always on the move to find where he could be perhaps a farmer instead of a  dirty job labourer. Has seen giants do apaling things while serving them
31 Fantogrel Glormdung is a giant in fine but soiled clothing who wants some traveling companions. He is greedy, bad mannered, superior and has a runny nose he wipes on his blue velvet coat. He is hard to get rid of and makes trouble. On the plus he is a giant and will eat enemies in battle
32 Hozor Glant is a lone devil swine driven away from the last town he ruined and now looking for friends. he will try and charm everyone until he is boss then will use to take over a village and feed him and serve him
33 Gnorden Velk a ex giant footman whose master had a terrible accident on some travels. Gnordon grabs whatever he can eat and steal and is keen to travel and find wealth to retire in some quiet town away from giants
34 Krillbar Trang a filthy old sailor lost in the skyrealms an carries a large load of ropes and supplies he hopes to get to another cloud with. Keen to find travelling companions to help him make a crossing away from here
35 Jimmy the Weasel a friendly weaselman in a coat offers rare goods and guide through creepier places
36 Loriad Ilmar a young elf boy who helps travelers. He will travel with good people for a while   
37 Borgnan Thistle a brownie who carries messages between magic kingdoms, good travel advice but in a hurry
38 Creatura Mandlebon a wizard who makes monsters especially beastmen when she can get in a lab. Will wander with adventurers and look for chances for body parts of exploratory unwanted surgery
39 Laura Branagan has wandered the lands and keeps having whirlwind romances with nobles who turn out to be terrible people or worse. She things she is cursed by a witch
40 Beatpot Bagarin is a kitchen golem with the bound soul of a chef, he mostly wants to cook magic food and give it away yet important people want him as a servant
41 Clune Muldave a lot assistant of a professor. Taken on this expedition then lost Clune has adapted but feels resentful to his old master. Quite a gifted scholar and able to change. Has pile of books and notes in a backpack
42 Fanny Bargewhistle is a adventurer through the cloudlands but also knows about a secret magic canal system on the mortal world. She has several pistols and a small sword mostly prefering to backstab  and pretending to be useless
43 Dick Trumpet is a loud lad who has a magic viking horn he calls his viking beserker chums to his aid. He is good at offending everybody in a room so he often is hunted by mobs. He cant help but  adress everybody in a given area
44 Snotglub Meek a goblin will help strangers for food and follow them. Is an expert groveller and beggar and likes to follow adventurers and glean their leftovers
45 Knickleknock the kobold hero is a brage heroic kobold, reputed to be son of the kobold war god and is as mighty as a ogre. He is a impotent brat who wants to be king. He will join adventurers and try to use them to destroy the current kobold king 
46 Hstala Goldfang a serpantwoman changeling pretending to be a friendly sorcerer to join travellers
47 Elglen Svertvoldt a gnome who quests for exotic alchemy ingredients. Will offer to help adventurers and offered to identify potions, drugs, alcohol and other substances
48 Lorax V'tan a hedge troll who smokes cigars and has a knack for finding food and water even in dungeons and caves. Good tracker and knows what things to expect
49 Klietron Thune wizard of fire, looking for spells and fire magic items and has just lost all his followers to a volcano giant
50 Greegand Gnorbad hyena man who hates most of what he has found and will serve adventurers till he can join some beastmen
51 Erok Gnushdrawl orc dire wolf rider and archer who will follow adventurers until he can join some orcs

52 Karnak Ironblood a dwarf adventurer questing for dwarf relics and keen to follow travellers
53 Professor Koleburg and his assistant Stringbean looking for kaiju or ancient machines of the titans he can meddle with for learning purposes
54 Doctor Karlos Lichenman a older traveller and master assassin needs party as dupes to help cross borders and possible mooks to blame for hits by planting evidence, seems able and helpful until reaches target
55 Gregory Rabbit a fancy dressed rabbit man. He is a bit of a thief and attracts enemies but he is charming and very useful. He can help evade encounters, knows secret paths and who local meanies are  
56 Mr Philip Mole is a moleman wizard, he sometimes has pointers because he has poor long range sight but fantastic smell and hearing. He is well meaning and a bit scared at times but is loyal to companions
57 Ivor the Bear is a large drunken party bear who will follow adventurers to earn drinking money or capture enemies booze. Knows lots of songs and jokes and can keep any party going slightly longer than it should
58 Lucian Ram is a ram man magistrate who has come to doubt his law career and now roams questioning right from wrong, solving mysteries and locating criminals. He loves travel but pretty soon company notice the constant murders and leave him behind
59 Laura Doe is a reindeer woman archer who patrols the woods killing evil and helping travellers. She might travel with some strangers to see if they are up to survival
60 Rubian Toad is a elderly toad sheriff fired for drunkenness. Now he wanders suicidal taking on criminal gangs alone (although often people help him). He is friendly enough and will join travellers but will then be aggressive to bandits swearing by his life to kill them all which seems extreme
61 Rudolph Manpants is a frog dandy who wears fancy noble clothes including pants which he is proud of. He expects respect for his clothing. He will travel with others but mocks anyone met without trousers and provoke a fight. He will share his amazing gourmet picnic basket and wine that he creates with a spell daily granted by a nature god of wine
62 Zelleg Thwait
63 Mr Augustus Badger is a kindy badgeman with a sword and a blunderbuss who will help inept and clueless strangers he meets. He offers sound survival and travel advice and is suspicious of other strangers
64 Mr Cheeky is a red squirrel man who is a very crafty beastman thief. He only hates other coloured squirrels and is otherwise reasonable and charming.
65 Ms Megan Goat, a magic goat wizard on a mission to help animals fight chaos cults
66 Corky Slushdrake is a brown dwarf duckman or Duckling some insultingly call them. He is a veteran sailor and adventurer and is crafty. He does think everyone is out to get him and mistreat his race which can make him berserk
67 Bonny Loxley is a foxwoman criminal. She is mostly on the run and not actually much into killing more into tricks and stealing and fraud. She is also a bard and manages to charm lots into releasing her. She is soft hearted for a fox and others tease her
68 Dr Cornelius Goat is a goatman scholar looking to study various savage tribes of goatmen he has heard of from books. He hopes that poor ignorant uncivilized goat folk might be helped. Will travel with others in hopes of meeting chaos goatmen
69 Juniper Sheep is a wooly sheep girl in a violet peasant dress and looks quite sweet. She is a witch but only uses her powers to ruin the lives of those who cross her or her friends. She can magic up delicious meals and tea
70 Clover Honeyclops is a lady magic horse, she can adopt human form and will cast her druidic spells he help others. She does think everyone should be friends and try to use magic to make everybody happy
71 Glimgold Golem is a mechanical dwarf made long ago who wants a soul. He is currently helping dwarf religions and recovering relics some from the hands of giants

72 Oliver Flax is a farm hand totally lost when giants took him and he escaped. He has a pig he wants to get home safley
73 Jemima Pig is a helpful pink pig woman and wizard. She is wary some want to eat her so is wary of strangers and willing to use magic. She is very jolly and upbeat
74 Isaac Turtleman is a turtleman writer of some repute who is on a sabbatical for the last score years. He likes to wait for fights to end but will fight to protect decent folk and uses a crossbow and a spiked club under his cape 
75 Boolian Glibber fishman adventurer, loves the ladies but most scream in terror. out to put on a good face for fishman kind really a cultist of a demon octopus god. Famous duelist who wears best shoes and stockings (enough to make any fish jealous)
76 Sia Oakley is a lady tree spirit shapeshifter wizard who helps strangers and helps faerie folk
77 Gnor Raargan is a caveman hunter lost from home but learned some strangers can be friendly. Speaking is difficult for him. is a good hunter and sneaky
78 Princess Sparkles is a faerie woman who can shift into human form and knows some wizardry. She finds mortals adorable and quaint and tells them how cute they are
79 Rory Gloomhole is a miserable old ratman who travels with his case to see if their is anywhere nice to live. He will follow strangers who don't eat him and is good at traps and detecting ambushes 
80 Lorren Zaar is a young star spirit in human form who has fallen from the sky. She needs some help surviving and bad people would want to exploit them
81 Gorian Hurgle is a old gnome scholar and wizard who is on a quest for some spells for his collection. He will follow and help others and loves to swap spells
82 Kimber Twinkle a young sprite child who wants to follow interesting explorers before going home. Asks lots of questions an good at rescues
83 Corrigan Thimble is a halfling tailor who likes anyone with food and is hopelessly lost from home. He will repair clothes and shoes skilfully and is kind of talented at sneaking, traps and sneaky stabbing
84 Lurg Crushflesh a ogre who has been charmed and let loose with instructions to help strangers. Eventually will wear off and he will go crazy but in the meanwhile he flutters his eyes and does best to be friendly
85 Roland Goldhiem is a viking prince stranded here by witches overtaking his homeland. Wants to get home but good natured helpful companion but a bit inexperienced
86 Skel Kleinman is a amazon warrior long lost from home turned mercenary. Will be willing to try travelling with others and feels protective of the weak
87 Rodlever Klarsh is a cultist travelling as a merchant with bag of medicine, dyes and fine knives. He also smuggles cultist letters in code
88 Glimrung Horselump is a travelling ironmonger and tinkerer who likes selling stuff to magic kingdoms but will not share his secret of interworld travel
89 Cletus Russo a redneck swamp dweller from a degenerate clan who has become lost. He accepts all this magic stuff in stride and shoots at troublemakers with muskets and considers eating them
90 Moravan Lorr is a friendly young necromancer with his robed silent servant (or zombie), happy to meet strangers and help them but interested in vivisection of enemies. Otherwise seems ok and he is charming
91 Lillian Kalloran is a elven adventuring woman who enjoys sword fights and spell casting but she will not really risk her immortal life and tends to flee if her spells run out
92 Elga Splitskull is a dwarfmaid with luxurious long hair and huge muscles. She likes to smash things with her mighty hammer and likes to fight big people. Reasonably friendly and likes to drink and sleep with her new friends
93 Victor Klougher is a spy who has been lost since a mission involving flying went terribly wrong. Is quite modern and has several pistols and some black powder for bombs. Wants to escape but tempted by things that could help his cause or escape

94 Rebus Talon is a dragonling, a type of dwarf dragonman kind of hopeless at most things but sneaky. He knows all kinds of trivium and magical kingdoms 
95 Preston Fumblefinger a gnomish traveling smith with various tools in his pack and a small 10lb anvil and tiny furnace. Happy to trade repairs for food and travel with friendly folk
96 Billy Cranston was lost exploring his family mansion and fell in a trunk. Something creepy called the king in yellow is following him and he wants to get home
97 Gloriana Veritas a girl wizard with her pet magic talking dwarf pony. They are out having a fabulous adventure together and will join others until they do something creepy or bad
98 Clarissa Rosequeen a lady flower spirit in human form is off to see the world before she returns to her home garden to stay put forever. She is painfully good and she has plant armour with spikes and a living thorn sword
99 Lord Green a treeman knight in leaf armour with a grass sword visiting the world to smite evil and learn before returning home forever. Will join others if noble and decent and are nice to plants. Will say prayers over firewood
100 Titania a faerie queen demigoddess in disguise as a common faerie or sprite or brownie. If people she meets are kind and good she will reward them but any wicked get sent do a dungeon in the faerie underland

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