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EMO Light - House Rules for Planet Psychon

Psychon book has had some editing and more coming through shortly I hope so weekend I get back will re layout psychon with fixes and some edits. Will do a companion volume with more content made for patrons and ppl who offer useful or interesting feedback on the book. Redbrick dungeon have been updating and getting ready too. Might be done by when you read this.

So this is about a rules light system i made night before game as it was a long game with 6 ppl and a one off with character gen so wanted to be streamlined. A bit of BX and a bit of LOTFP.

3d6 stat rolls in order
reroll if bonuses less than +2 in total

levels 5 10 15 20 you get a +1 on a stat

Bonus Mod Use

STR + melee dam
DEX + hit and AC
CON + extra HP
INT + extra skills or languages or weapons
WIS + luck points reroll dice per session +1
CHA + command radius for most characters, number of followers +1

Command radius is battlefield inches used to keep hirelings under control or restore broken morale

Bonus Mod Score

3 is -3
4-5 is -2
6-8 is  -1

9-12  is nil
13-15 is  +1
16-17 is +2
18-19 is +3

Bonus Spells and Mutations From Prerequisite

one first lv spell or minor mutation per +1
one 2nd level spell or major mutation per +3

Saves and Skill Rolls
Check with a d20 roll
Prerequisite stat gives that stat at full value for saves or feat rolls all others half
Skill gives full stat for skill rolls or half if deemed very hard
Unskilled 1/2 or roll under bonus to succeed if deemed very hard

STR HDd10 Any armour +1 hit/2Lv
Any Weapon
Skill: Monster Lore
CHA+Lv command radius
Double damage on natural 20 roll to hit or a second attack with a to hit roll

DEX HDd8 Light Armour and shield +1 hit/3Lv -2 if not skilled
2x thief weapons (dagger, knife, small sword, light crossbow, shortbow, whip, club)
Skills: Backstab, Climb, Listen, Lock Lore, Pick Pockets, Sneak, Spot, Trap Lore
+1 Luck point per level


WIS HDd8 Medeum Armour and shield +1 hit/3Lv -2 if not skilled
2x cleric weapons (dagger, mace, club, crossbow, sling, staff)
Skill: God Lore
Turn undead x1/Lv per day*


INT HDd4 No Armour +1 hit/4Lv -4 if not skilled
1x wizard weapon (dart, daggerm sling, staff)
Skill: Arcane Lore,
Ancient Languages


CHA HDd6 Any Armour and shield +1 hit/3Lv -2 if not skilled
2x eldren weapon (dagger, spear, sword, small sword, shortbow, longbow, compasitebow)
Skill: Arcane Lore
Night Vision


CON HDd12 Any Armour and medium shield +1 hit/3Lv -2 if not skilled
3x morlock weapon (dagger, sword, small sword, crossbow, shortbow, battle axe, hand axe)
Skill: Technician
Night Vision
+4AC vs giant humanoids ogre or larger


CON HDd8 Medium Armour and small shield +1 hit/3Lv -2 if not skilled
2x halfmen weapon (dagger, small sword, sling, crossbow, shortbow, hand axe, dart, javelin)
Skill: Sneak
Night Vision 
+4AC vs giant humanoids ogre or larger
Thrown rock does d4 and as skilled attack within 1"/Lv range
Make all saves as if prime requisite

CON HDd8 Light Armour and medium shield +1 hit/3Lv -2 if not skilled
2x mutant weapon (dagger, sword, small sword, sling, spear, shortbow, battle axe, javelin)

Skill: Survival

elect one per +1 INT bonus

Black powder, Computer Lore, First Aid (treats 1hp after fight), Poison Lore, Plague Lore, Treasure Lore, Song Lore, Acrobatics, Balance, Swim, Track, Streetwise, Pilot, Sail, Ride, Firearms, Energy Weapons

Turning Undead

d12HD/Lv if less HD than cleric Lv if roll double HD required then destroyed
IHD/Lv if HD=Lv + undead can save
Some can turn elementals or demons or lycanthropes instead

Weapon Damage (and weapons you could be skilled in)

Punch, thrown rock* 1
Knife*, dart*, shuriken* d3
Club*, dagger*, sling d4
Javelin**, hand axe*, small sword, hammer, light mace, staff, small crossbow, shortbow d6
Mace, sword, spear*, axe, flintlock d8
Musket, crossbow, composite bow, longbow d8 all use 2 hands
Pole Axe, halberd, great sword, great axe, maul, long spear, arquebus, arbelast d10 all use 2 hands

Except pistol covers any pistol rifle covers any long arm

These skills let you maintain, reload and work with ammo:
Black powder lets you operate flintlocks, muskets, cannons
Firearms is for later weapons with shells
Energy Weapons for high tech guns

Missile Range and Fire Rate

Thrown weapons* STR in feet indoors or yards outdoors except javelin** which is double
Multiple is how many can be fired a round x2 is twice per round
Range is in battlefield inches ten foot indoors ten yards outdoors per 1"
You can shoot long range up to double but has -4 to hit (-2 if a fighter)

Rock x1
Knife or dart or shuriken x3
Dagger or javelin or shortbow (9") or hand axe or club x2
Spear or small crossbow (12") or longbow (18") or composite bow (15") or sling (12") x1
Heavy crossbow (18") x1 plus one round to reload (two if non fighter)
Arbelast (24") x1 plus two rounds to reload (three if non fighter)
Flintlock (9") or musket (12") or Arquebus (15") plus ten rounds to reload (four if fighter)

Light ArmourCap +1*
Full Helm +2** but makes all spot and listen rolls half
Hero Harness +1*
Greaves and bracers +1*
Cloak +1*
Padding +2
Leather +3
*stackable up to +4 max
**stackable up to +7 max

Medium ArmourScale or ring +4
Chain +5
Reinforced Chain +6

Heavy ArmorPlate Mail +7
Full Plate +8

Buckler +1 vs one attack
Small shield +1
Medeum shiled +1 +2 vs missiles
Large shield +1 +3 vs missiles
Tower shield +1 +4 vs missiles

So if you want a skill or language you need a INT increase
So skills uncommon and a bigger deal
Halfmen or halflings saves w
Worked out well from discussion in game
Will use again and might make a zine with fantasy version

Still to come player characters from psychon game
Adventure log from psychon

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