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Cloudland 4 Magic Kingdoms

The early results are from the Blytonverse but a bit twisted.

d10 Local Problems
1 Invasion d4 1=happening 2=in secret 3=traitors 4=invaders won locals now rebellion 
2 Health problem d4 1=famine 2=plague 3=venomous creatures 4=plague of creatures
3 Disaster d4 1=out of control 2=collision with another kingdon 3=storm 4=volcano 
4 Fugitive d4 1=evil wizard 2=evil high priest 3=murderer 4=criminal
5 Monster d4 1=lycanthrope 2=demon 3=undead 4=dragon
6 Outsider d4 1=hermit 2=elfmaid 3=witch 4=wild person
7 Guest d4 1=mortal child 2=several sibling youths 3=peasant 4=village idiot
8 Invader 1=pirate 2=murder hobo 3=mercenary 4=bandit
9 Ruins 1=haunted 2=buried 3=flooded 4=cursed
10 Secret dungeon 1=temple 2=tomb 3=barracks 4=prison

d100 Cloudland Magic Kingdoms
01 Roundabout land, keeps moving, populated by rabbitling folk and a old singing man
02 Snow land has a ice fortress, a evil witch, a bear fort, snow golems and penguin warriors
03 Land of the old Scorpion man, demonic spawn of tiamat, a greater demon
04 Rocking land is prone to earthquakes and locals live in ruins and look scared
05 Take What You Want land is full of goods you might buy in a common town store
06 The Land of Hag Spank a cruel night hag school teacher with her imprisoned students
07 the land of Seagulls where seagull folk live in a quaint seaside fishing and tourist town
08 Land of Red Goblins, currently empty with remains of tiny sized civilization
09 Wizard Land where wizards live with goblin slaves led by the Mighty One
10 Land of birthdays with a eternal childrens feast and local beings grant gifts
11 Topsy Turvy Land where everyone walks on their hands and they can infect visitors
12 Land of Spells where all kinds of magicians sell and trade splls
13 Dreamland where dream beings try to seduce and trap visitors with dreams
14 Nightmareland where bad dream entities try to trap and torment visitors
15 Do as thou wilt land where devils tempt you with sinful desires with terrible prices
16 Land of Toys, a race of toy golems once owned by giants, wary of strangers
17 Land of Goodies where everything and everyone is edible but be cautious they punish those who eat certain things or people
18 Land of old Women is full of witches, hags and magical crones of all kinds
19 Land of Tempers traps anyone who acts from anger forever
20 Land of Presents where you can get a good gift for a friend
21 Giantland of which there are many usually home to a clan
22 Nursery Rhyme Land where terrible warped versions of children's stories live
23 Tea Party Land where everyone visits for tea and has a charming time
24 The Land of Secrets a mist shrouded land with hidden treasure and lore
25 The Land of Enchantment where magic items are stored under trapped and cursed monuments
26 The Land of Know It Alls where overly clever people are housed to answer questions but can't leave. Don't let locals see you are smart
27 The Land of Treats with overly delicious unhealthy treats that try to trap visitors into eating to death or other cursed side effects
28 Story Land where old people can only talk in terms of fantastic tales and ignore other modes of conversation. They do know lots of lore
29 Caveman Land full of cavemen, apes and giant mammals and lizards
30 Undead Land full of graves, tombs, haunted houses and crypts roaming with undead
31 Troll Land with many species of trolls except the usual monster kind most expect. Hedge trolls, arcane trolls, cave trolls, hill trolls and even shapeshifter trolls in human form
32 Faerieland with all kinds of faerie folk, talking animals and sylvan beings
33 Gnome Land where all kinds of gnomes live in various villages
34 Dwarf Land with various dwarf clans living in villages, dungeons and inside a mine filled models
35 Dragon Land with all kinds of draconic beings who live here in peace breeding
36 Witch Land where hundreds of witches, goblins, familiars, devils and demons live
37 Tree Land where treants, dryads, tree spirits and various plant beings
38 Arcadia Land where sylvan beings like satyrs and nymphs celebrating with demigods
39 Paradise Land where angels live preying in preparation for the end times
40 Demon Land where a demon warband and their leader a demon or human chaos champion rule them and prepare for war or abuse a subject race 
41 Sphynx Land where cunning sphinxes quiz travellers to test them for worthiness to wield magic relics or know secrets
42 Fire Land of open lava and burning gas pits where fire creatures prepare to colonise other realms
43 Storm Land with fierce weather, cloud and air creatures prepare to expand
44 Rock Land is covered in great rocks and monoliths, mineral creatures prepare to migrate
45 Sealand is a salty sea with islands, aquatic creatures prepare to occupy other aquatic regions
46 Hell Land is full of burning buildings and torture apparatus scattered over a wasteland. Devils here prepare to face a invasion from the heavens and know they have no back up
47 Monster Land is a jungle with dinosaurs, ziggurat ruins and canibal tribes
48 Coast Land has a patch of coast with villages by a sea full of ruins some connected to undersea ruins
49 Dune Land is a sandy desert with ruined temples and pyramids, angry tribes live here and hate looters
50 Giantkeep Land a giant ruined castle where lesser degenerate giants fight over
51 Cathedral Land a giant ruined haunted cathedral crawling with undead and clergy trying to recail the complex

52 Dungeon Land is a colossal brick complex into hundreds of brick tunnels throughout the kingdom. The dungeon is magical and helps the creatures inside wage war and entrap visitors
53 Swamp Land where vile cultists live in a monster filled foggy marsh
54 Chateau Land where a mad wizard family manor is tainted by chaos as are the various immortal family members. Common folk outside the house deliver food
55 Crater Land is a grey wasteland with broken ground and strange creatures from some metal wreckage found in the biggest crater
56 Wine Land where satyrs and dryads and nymphs and centaurs frolic and drink. Occasionally they go wild and have a orgy or tear strangers apart in the wild ecstasy of their god
57 Treasure Land covered in piles of loot. Occupied by a large force of dragons who ask guests why they should be allowed to live. They may trade but dont welcome visitors. In the custom of the land everyone they let klive gets a gold piece
58 Trap Land is covered in bait, traps and treasure lures 
59 Torture Land where devils torment hundreds of victims in imaginative ways for the gods
60 Barrel Land has piles of barrels left everywhere some explode some have monsters others have treasture or common items
61 Chest Land has many chests left everywhere, some are monsters, many are trapped, some have treasure
62 Ruin Land is covered in ruins and remains of a former civilization with several dungeons
63 Tomb Land filled with undead, crypts, tombs and mausoleums
64 Brick Land where kobolds make bricks which they export for dungeons around the world through gates
65 Prison Land is filled with cages, sprawling prisons and ruined grisly forts staffed by orcs who drive slaves to mine and grow food. The less lucky are used for pit fighting
66 Crystal Land is covered in gem mazes and ruined quarts buildings and mineral creatures
67 Poison Land full of venomous and diseased plants, creatures and monsters
68 Stone Land where baslisks and cocotrices and other petrifying monsters dwell with treasure and thousands of statues of ancient heroes
69 Bone Land where skeleton people live in bone houses and live in bone people lives
70 Haunted Land where commoners live in fear from phantoms and ghosts
71 Spirit Land where tribal shamen deal with the invisible spirits everywhere

72 Swine Land full of jolly pig farmers but leaders are devil swine
73 Goat Land full of magic talking goats and some of their servants. From here they plan to destroy chaos demons and teach guest animals magic
74 Haunted Forest Land is a undead filled forest with scattered ruins and graves
75 Dark Forest Land is a dark elf kingdom with various monsters and a dark elf tower or tree fort
76 Farm Land is full of fat jolly farm folk with lots of children who like to count loudly
77 Elf Land where common elf farmers live in peace
78 Ogre Land where magi ruled tribes wage war and fight over treasure
79 Beast Land where talking animals, lycanthropes, animal spirits and beastmen live
80 Worm Land is a dark kingdom of worm monsters, mud, monoliths and cultists
81 Bat Land a cave filled world ruled by goblin tribes, batmen, vampires and giant bat monsters
82 Flower Land with giant bees and beemen who make magic honey
83 Bug Land where poverty stricken insect men live in a ghetto
84 Slime Land where revolting slime lords and jelly creatures rule over a lake of intelligent evil slime and demons like to visit
85 Wish Lands where various beings sell wishes for souls or favours or quests
86 Phantom Land where illusionists dwell and ancient illusions cover a desert wasteland with magic ruins
87 Iron Land a huge factory, mine and smelting operation operated by orcs and slaves ruled by a devil noble
88 Ever Living Land where quaint villagers never age and do best to stay the same. Settlers tend to adapt rapidly for immortality. Occasionally some move to a better imortal island if population grows too fast
89 Lizard Land full of giant bugs and cacti with hundreds of sleepy lizards on geothermal spring landscape with huge crystal deposits
90 Mushroom Land where a huge forest of mushrooms with faeries and goblins and gnomes and other creatures
91 Knight Land a kingdom of goodly knights who are loyal to a king and always questing
92 Temple Land with temples to all the known gods and even unknown ones
93 Spider Land covered in haunted old ruins, spiders and evil treasure

94 Death Land where undying necromancers come to study at a university and are served by undead and necromutants
95 Snake Land kingdom of snake men wizards and demons and gods
96 Strange Land where everything is lit oddly coloured lights and populated by mutants
97 Chaos Land where bubbling lakes of chaos spawn life and demons and other beings come to collect the best for servants and pets as they are born
98 Law Land where archons dwell in tower of light dispecing cosmic justice
99 Balance Land where a glimmering citadel offers rest and respite for champions of the balance
100 Wood Between Worlds Land where trees with ponds cover the island that can be used to travel to other cloud lands or planes or worlds

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