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d100 Prison Carousing

Obviously prison isn't fun or our whole society would be a prison. Some adventurers and especially thieves might end up in prison between adventures. Some players might find being a transvestite is totally ok some might not. Life choices are personal but in prison you might not get to make choices of your pleasing. Or maybe you do. One persons humiliating punishment might be another inmates pleasure. I just write tables I'm not judging you.

Actually my mum ran every prison in the state and I got to hear lovely stories at the dinner table. I was a tour guide in a prison for 4 years and have worked in them a bit mostly with youth detention. My dad worked with victims of crime and hostage negotiations and thought state should just kill em all. Grandpa spent 18 years in a Siberian gulag. I wonder if any of this was an influence on me.

In the 2000AD comic Slaine the heroes dwarf sidekick spent his treasure share on buying a prison so he could make money on bribes. One of my favorite Adelaide Gaol stories (jail for Americans) was the governor who live above gatehouse in 1800s got so fat he could not get down with narrow stairs and they had to lower him through removed windows to get him out when he died. Stuck in your home office smaller than a modern house for years and he ran the joint. 

Basically as long as you were imprisoned is same time as it takes you outside to throw off your paranoia and urge to beat on people who look at you funny. Some dependencies, scars, diseases, mental problems, deviancy, parasites might take other means to remove but clergy will help. Sorcerers and cults might claim to help and just get you new problems. A d100 Cult carousing might be good. Will do a table of non lethal punishments soon too. A companion to this and previous post on execution methods.

d10 Types of Prison Carousing
01 Fighting
02 Fornicating
03 Dealing
04 Escaping
05 Labour
06 Punishment
07 Contacts
08 Cosmetic
09 Factions
10 Vice

d100 Prison Carousing

01 Always watching back avoiding fights and brawls
02 Got shanked and spent lots of time recovering
03 Knife fighting - can use anything improvised pointy as knife d3 
04 Bare knuckle fighting league run by inmates and guards
05 Got into inter gang fighting 
06 Killed a d6 fellow prisoners in self defence
07 Killed 2d6 fellow prisoners as a contract killer
08 Got recruited as gang enforcer
09 Got a big dangerous buddy to be your follower
10 After killing cellmate were chained in solitary darkness

11 Adopted as lover by dangerous psycho
12 Got favours from guards performing sexual tricks

13 Lived as cross dresser 
14 Worked in a pimping racket
15 Smuggled pornography
16 Promised to marry a charitable person to help get let out
17 Fell in love with stranger through letters and smuggled notes
18 Contracted horrible sexual disease
19 Somebody somehow got pregnant
20 Paraded about and groped nude at governors private parties
21 Made 3d6x10gp dealing in contraband
22 Dealt in drugs and lived above average conditions
23 Got easy life by blackmail and information brokering
24 Sold slaves to inmates to get by
25 Lived in fancy cell with own slave by hustling and bullshit
26 Owe 3d6x10gp to thieves guild for keeping you alive
27 Mob after you for crooked drug swindle you pulled
28 Brokered peace between gang and factions 
29 You sold poison, weapons and contract killers 
30 Govener threw you out because you were making too much money
31 Caught escaping with fake disguise and beaten
32 Caught escaping when tunnel collapsed, got manacled in high security
33 Your escape committee was betrayed by a squealer
34 You got out in load of laundry and are now wanted
35 You owe 3d6x10gp bribe to governor for releasing you early
36 You escaped by cross dressing disguise
37 Someone paid for your early release in secret and you wonder who
38 Played dead and escaped when thrown in a pit of lime
39 Got the plague, went into a coma and got dumped in river 
40 You got stabbed and were sold to pie maker by guards
41 You got to crack big rocks into little ones for months
42 You learned how to make and repair roads
43 Some skill you have got you a cushy job (literacy, music, art?)
44 You worked in laundry and learned how to strip a corpse into scraps of bones
45 You copied fraudulent love letters the governor sold to perverts
46 You made fake antiques in a sweatshop 
47 You worked in dye pits and your skin is still discoloured
48 You cleaned sewerage pits in the prison and were sick mostly
49 You worked with poison chemicals and your lifespan is reduced by 2d10%
50 Put to work with entertainers, singing, dancing and impersonating opposite sex
51 Beaten daily with can, birch or whips on A frame
52 Chained to walls mostly and your still recovering -1d6" move for 1d6 weeks
53 Kept in stocks or wooden cage
54 Kept in dark solitary cell
55 Kept in cell with disease victims leaving you inflicted
56 Kept locked with iron mask in solitary
57 Tortured in dungeon relentlessly
58 Locked in a cesspit full of sewerage and garbage
59 Locked in a dark hot box in the sun 
60 Starved and left underweight -d3 CHA for d3 months
61 Got to be affiliate of prison version of thieves guild
62 Made international smuggling contacts
63 Made a new best friend or potential follower who owes you a life debt
64 Know corrupt prison staff
65 Governor thought you amusing personal servant and liked you
66 Met a member of assassin guild or cult
67 Old man constantly manacled you helped turned out to be a wizard
68 Met lots of mercenary killers 
69 Met lots of colourful murder hobos who keep asking you for work
70 Met mysterious old man who told you of your strange destiny
71 Earned d6 new gang tattoos
72 Back covered in whip scars
73 Scars from failed suicide attempt
74 Burn scars from branding irons of torturer
75 Pock mark scars from disease
76 Hands calloused and swollen from labour and frostbite
77 Covered in persistent lice you have trouble getting rid of
78 Facial brand or tatoo informing everyone of your crime or vice (possibly untrue)
79 Manacle scars on wrists and ankles
80 Developed a d3 phobias from prison life (locked doors, chains, torture)
81 Corrupt guards from prison days think you are trouble and want you dead
82 Joined a religion to help early release but now they expect you to attend services
83 Joined a secret society, turns out they are planning end of the world
84 Joined a cult but after helping your release you realized they were worse than prison
85 Members of a race or nationality think you are great for your help in prison
86 Members of a race or nationality think you are a bastard and they now hate you
87 Joined a gang who turn up in your life now your free expecting petty help
88 A enemy gang hate you over beef from prison time
89 City guard and country sheriffs think you are a no good trouble maker
90 Criminal syndicate spy on you and seek opportunities they can exploit
91 You joined black lotus cult in prison and they keep tabs on you for some reason
92 Prison gang gave you tattoo of a dungeon or treasure map on your back
93 You are willing to try any drug, drink or quick high for a thrill
94 You managed to make alcoholic prison goon and now a horrible alcoholic 
95 You developed a d4 gp a day drug habit and dealers know you 
96 You developed uncommon sexual tastes that scare conservatives
97 You quite like the occasional expert flogging
98 Priest heard about what you did in prison and want to help save your soul
99 You have weird sweaty nightmares from prison and bad drugs
100 You developed taste for buttchugging alcohol and potions


  1. I want to use this as a d100 player background chart.

    This may be a good way to answer "why the heck would the PC be in the hibernation chamber in the first place?".

    Because maybe that looks like a good way out of prison, that's why.

    Sounds like fun on a bun to me, at least!

    1. a space prison would be a bit different

      i plan a campain of cryonic one direction time travel one day


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