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d100 Missions on Xor

Enjoy this work of art or is it a relief map of a Xorian continent?

Xoranian against Xorastrian as I provide missions you get given while on Xor as opposed to the last one which assumes you are a outsider.

d10 Missions types from Xor
01 Individuals
02 Clan
03 Village
04 Lord
05 Wizard
06 Priests
07 Adventurers
08 Cults
09 Chaos
10 Xor

d100 Missions on Xor
01 Lost child seeks family
02 Lost adventurer seeks friends who got lost
03 Person trapped in a pit with no way out
04 Person trapped in gelatinous horror slowly eating him
05 Person nailed to bone crucifix unconscious
06 A head sewn on a monster body screams for help
07 A old man says his clan in imprisoned in subdermal kingdom
08 A succubi in human form begs for help to save friends from demonic prison
09 A desperate youth escaped from cannibal clan who have their siblings
10 A farm youth cries that a cancer troll blocking entrance to his clan cave

11 A shaman offers magic to help the youths who all did not return from their initiation
12 A clan of nomads on riding turkey's request you search a hole for them

13 A family of tanners have had morlocks kidnap their children
14 A wisewoman requires beetle glands for a potion to save clan leader
15 A clan of witch women have had their cauldron stolen by goblins
16 A nomad clan of amazons seek their escaped concubines or new ones
17 Nomads have lost their prophet who is with kidnappers in a bone tower
18 A clan of nomad serial killers claim they need to rescue kidnap victims from cave
19 A nomad slaver clan will give you half the slaves you can free from a orc stockade
20 A clan of cyclops men have had their treasure stolen by a thief
21 Villagers need help from marauding bandits
22 Villagers need help from hungry dinosaurs
23 Villagers have had stores of dried meet stolen by naughty goblins
24 Villagers upset water caravan is missing and need water supplies
25 Villagers infiltrated by changelings or lycanthropes or undead
26 Villagers in fear of mad wizard and their flesh golem
27 Villagers prize ox missing and they think trolls took it
28 Villagers cry that head has been tainted by chaos and they fear them
29 Village under sway of devil swine who don't like outsiders or trouble makers
30 Village under sway of psionic spiders who eat juiciest child monthly
31 Lord of a bone castle has had daughter fall into a subdermal realm
32 Lord of region in flesh tower has had had all metal weapons disappear 
33 Lady of the bone tower requires champion to defend it from evil wizard suitor
34 Castle of flesh welcome travelers but ask if heroes can stop basement trolls
35 Queen on the bone ziggarut needs someone to stop beastmen hordes invading
36 Lord of a bone keep has fallen to a curse and people ask heroes to find the evil witch
37 Knight guards a bridge over huge hungry mouth and demand a fight to cross 
38 Knight on a quest for the bone throne just needs help to kill evil cult leader
39 Princess living in a giant snail shell with her slug men guards needs escort to town
40 Crying lord needs help to save daughter from a giant fleshy anemone beast
41 Wizard requires some xor hormones in tears and knows where the bold can find them
42 Sorcerer requires bathing in milk of Xor to maintain his youth and will pay in magic  
43 Magus believes there is a subdermal ruin under the hills where a lost relic might be found
44 Wizard requires some animal or beast men specimens for his menagerie for breeding
45 Wizard fusing creatures into new ones but some escaped, wants them back 
46 Wizard seeks subdermal nerve cluster under citadel they believe can commune with Xor
47 Wizard making walls of meat and bone around villages, wants to protect common folk
48 Wizard knows star metal can be found on Xor and has calculated where to find some
49 Sorcerer making love to crevice found in Xor till a baby escaped, sorcerer wants it back
50 Wizard discovered necromancer plot to kill Xor and make undead, wants plot stopped
51 A healer was kidnapped by goat men who wish to defile the holy person
52 Crusaders week to exterminated chaos but need adventurers to locate the chaos breach
53 A kindly priest has grown a temple from Xor flesh but ogres want to eat it
54 Virginal sisterhood all became pregnant in one night and the sister-abott wants answers
55 A priest was killed trying to exorcise evil from a mad flesh golem roaming in area
56 A great ribcage cathedral priesthood thinks something evil burrowing underneath
57 A order of monks contemplating the enigma of Xor have developed unusual fighting skills
58 Priest has come from outside to convert Xor worshiping villagers to his strange sky god
59 A war nun has started a chaos crusade army of unarmed farmers, children and elderly
60 A priest of Law has come to stir up anti chaos fanatics like witch hunters and flagellants
61 A adventurer party found lair full of demons and plan to flee to outside world
62 Adventurers upset something in a cave and quakes have been daily since
63 Band of murder hobos are camped near a flesh cave and villagers want  the scum gone
64 A band of adventurers have become warped by chaos and wander land murdering
65 Adventurers kidnapped some women from the town and have taken them to a bone ruin
66 A band of adventurers chased a succubi and came back undead wights monsters
67 Adventurers stole village pigs for a feast and villagers want the lowlife filth gone
68 Drunken adventurers holed up in the tavern and wont leave
69 Adventurers roaming area kidnapping women and frightening animals
70 Adventurer band somehow fused into a mad gibbering shoggoth on the rampage
71 Pilgrims from outside come to behold Xor are useless parasites and locals fed up
72 Flagellants of Xor camped nearby corrupting and seducing youths into joining them
73 Xor worshiping fanatics opposed to sentient life, damage own brains and attack locals
74 Druids of Xor have judged locals and set monsters on them for not living in way of Xor
75 Xor sex cult seeks magic to interbreed and merge with native creatures of Xor
76 Outsider cult the feasters of Xor fanatically maim and eat Xor thus attracting monsters
77 Deluded cultists trying to drill into Xor to release certain fluids which causes side effects
78 Cultists of Law come to see Chaos and stirring up long hidden demons
79 A cult claim to speak for Xor and kill all non believers 
80 A cult come to awaken Xor by injuring and irritating neural hot spots
81 Chaos cultists using lesser demon familiars to torment common folk
82 Minor demons have been raiding town for people
83 A sucubi/incubus has been draining important locals leaving them weak
84 Villagers and animals have been freakishly mutating
85 Larvae have been caught crawling about garbage in town attracting demons
86 A huge demon has been chewing gorily on Xor and locals terrified by what will happen
87 A great demon has been demanding virgins each month
88 Demons in disguise have been infiltrating town
89 Cult serving a demon prince have become active and have a black temple
90 A mid rank demon leading a horde of smaller demons has blocked a trade route
91 Xor sends you a dream showing some menace to it
92 A giant brained creature comes from Xor seeking heroes to stop necromancers invasion
93 A face forms before adventurers and gibbers something about a coming threat
94 Wind carries a voice from distance you can make out as request from Xor to kill chaos
95 Great face forms in mountain mouthing request to stop some wizard
96 Your dream lover appears in mist, it is Xor who wants a subdermal complex destroyed
97 Flesh on ground liquefies into a face gasping for you to stop elder monsters returning
98 An elderly person channels Xor who warns you of anti chaos crusaders fanaticism
99 A face appears on your body mumbling something about coming of chaos then fades 
100 Xor appears as a titanic alchemical hermaphrodite to warn that a long lost complex of relics has been awakened within Xor and defilers must be stopped

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