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Xor Mutations

Actually not meat, it is art made from silicone

I have been promising to do mutations for years and my longest unfinished posts are about mutations. One approach is to do them like a spell list with levels of power for my long unfinished mutant character class which fits well with my robot/cyborg/psionics as spell lists. Another version abandoned is tables focusing on organs with sub tables. Other is classic randon gammaworld style which im doing here for Xor or chaos typre freaks. They are physical rather than marvel type energy blasts mostly. They are not subtle. In my Gamma Aeon game inspired a bit by Mutant Epoch I had Mutant types from the ones who blend in to humans, to ones thay bred true like a humanoid species to shoggoth like insane horrors. Like Gamma World this version will include defects with a (D).

A few Xor things of interest is I recomend Tyranids from 40k for inspirations for biological horrors. I also realized mindflayers on Xor might be a good faction - their ships looking like amonites and nautilus are interesting to but Id rather have them modify a living being as a vehichle than use wood. Harry harrisons West of Eden had some good biological tech like marine dinosaurs with cavities inside for crew and living dart guns. Also had critters that ate hair - rendering everone hairless on Xox is a worthwhile happening. Shifting pallette of Giger art to meat range works well. But this game worth a look might be good to set mood of a meatscape.

You could put these on any creature or monster

The first table is mostly non functional, cosmetic and gross but you could give a +1AC or a d4 HP or a bonus to swim or something small. The second is a grotesque monstrosity with functional often dangerous abilities.

d10 basic types
1 Facial/sensory
2 Skin
3 Torso/body
4 Abdomen
5 Arms/manipulation
6 Legs/locomotion
7 Mouth
8 Cranium/skull
10 Brain

d100 Minor Cosmetic Mutations
01 Googly bulging eyes or cyclops
02 Large fleshy snout with huge damp nostrils
03 Eyes can look in different directions
04 Large fleshy shell like ears or no ears just holes
05 Freakish coloured eyes
06 Antenna or feelers
07 Short trunk
08 Compound eyes
09 Night vision eyes like a cats that reflect light in dark
10 Fleshy facial wattles like chicken or turkey
11 Hairless all over
12 Dripping wound like sores

13 Dry scaly flaking skin
14 Boils or lumpy skin texture 
15 Slimy wet skin
16 Transparent skin
17 Burnt looking scabby skin
18 Wrinkly crinkly skin
19 Bristles in patches likes on ears, chin, whiskers or nose
20 Hard thick ridged skin
21 Vertebrae swollen and exposed down spine
22 Spikes growing through skin from bones
23 Sacks of coloured fluid hang from body
24 Elongated or compressed body height
25 An additional orifice for eating or excreting
26 Facial features in torso possibly headless
27 Scrawny or with exposed complex rib cage
28 Obese or with a hump
29 Loose flaps of skin like cape from back or ribs
30 Airsacs that inflate and deflate as you breathe
31 Sexual characteristics of both genders or none
32  Enlarged or hidden sexual characteristics 
33 Highly visible intestines that squirm as nutrient passes through
34 Highly flatulent especially when eating or scared
35 Excrete and urinate when scared to put off predictors
36 Tail continues from spine
37 Bulging abdomen with huge stomach
38 Covered in bulging throbbing thick veins
39 Strange glands that secrete stinking oil for marking your scent
40 Egg like transparent spheres with tiny baby mutants that drop off occasionally 
41 Set of smaller folding arms on chest or abdomen or under arms
42 A d4 tentacles that have a mind of their own a d3 foot long
43 Long clawed fingernails that grow long, can scratch instead of punch
44 Extra or less fingers (d3)
45 Fingers are jointless and tentacle like
46 Arms longer or shorter than normal 
47 Webbed fingers for swimming
48 Suckers on fingers
49 Elongated fingers 
50 Full set of extra arms
51 Set of extra legs or a single leg
52 Move by hopping and leaping
53 Webbed feet for swimming
54 Extra or less toes (d3)
55 Long clawed fingernails that grow long, can scratch instead of kick
56 Hooves instead of feet
57 Legs longer or shorter than normal
58 Knees bent backwards 
59 Freakishly bow legged wide stance
60 Bird like feet
61 Large fangs
62 Drooling mouth with overbite
63 Rows of shark like teeth or beak
64 Second mouth which can extend six inches
65 Tentacle face
66 Foot long tongue
67 Sideways mouth
68 Insectoid mandibles
69 Jaw can dislocate like snake to eat bigger things
70 Oral papillae that squirm and stop food escaping
71 Swollen bulging deformed cranium
72 Set of horns or antlers
73 Cassowary casque for head butting
74 Transparent glass like skull
75 Tusks
76 Elongated face
77 Bony frill like triceratops
78 Blowhole like a dolphin
79 Second face
80 Horn growing from nose like unicorn
81 Altered digestion requires herbivore or carnivore diet
82 Enlarged heart in centre of chest
83 Small mutant clones grow and drop of you occasionally
84 Flexible bones break less and can squeeze through gaps
85 Can eat rotten food without harm
86 Overactive glands make oversexed
87 Luminous glands make dim light
88 Constantly drooling or flowing tears
89 Difficult to eat without throwing up from enlarged gall bladder
90 Extra functional breasts d4
91 Bulging brain deforms skull
92 Prone to occasional seizures
93 Mild narcolepsy tends to sleep if alone on guard
94 Irrational phobia from one stimulus
95 Ages faster or childlike from hormone imbalance
96 Uncontrollably utters obscenities if stressed
97 Pineal gland pops from hole in skull and wiggles when stressed or aroused
98 Nose bleeds when stressed or aroused
99 Have occasional crazy audio or visual hallucinations
100 Lack of bodily inhibitions with nudity, toilet, etc

d100 Major Mutations

01 Bulging rotating eyes can look in separate directions like chameleon
02 Extra sets of eyes d4 pairs
03 Batlike sonar abilities with large ears or melon like dolphin
04 Prehensile trunk or single face tentacle can hold a torch or item
05 Antenna that can taste and smell
06 Enhanced tracking like a blood hound
07 Detect poison by touch
08 Enhanced touch can feel printed text and find secret doors easier
10 Sense vibrations through feet handy vs invisible enemies
11 Chameleon skin
12 Armoured thick hide +2 AC

13 Turtle like plastron or insectoid carapace +3 AC
14 Porcupine like spines, d4 damage to enemies who touch and can shoot d4 per round
15 Lubricated skin +1 AC +3 AC vs grapple attacks or entangle saves
16 Thick blubber to resist temperatures and +1 AC
17 Can form screaming faces on skin at will
18 Covered in glue that traps weapons if hit and user fails a STR save
19 Requires +1 magic weapon to harm
20 Acid blood damages normal  melee weapons that hit and a d4 damage to user
21 Spikes or plates on spine like a dinosaur d6 damage to natural weapons from rear
22 Huge deformed spine column +1AC and -1 damage from kinetic attacks or falls
23 Regenerates 1 hp per round if wounded unless acid or fire damaged
24 Can reconfigure body, stretch and compress for various purposes
25 If takes 25% damage part drops off and becomes a smaller mutant monster with 1 HD
26 Can hold breath for an hour to resist poison gas
27 Shoot a biological tethered harpoon from chest once a battle d8 6" range and real in
28 Shoot bone shuriken from chest a d3 damage 3" range a d4 each round 
29 Takes 1/2 damage from edged weapons as blood hyper coagulates
30 Takes 1/2 damage from blunt weapons as has rubbery flesh
31 Scorpion tail or snake head tail with poison sting as extra attack
32 Prehensile tail for climbing and swinging
33 Prehensile tail for grappling as alternate attack
34 Spiked flail tail inflicts 2d4 damage as extra attack
35 Intestines shoot out of belly for grappling as alternate attack
36 Intestines shoot out of belly and squirt acid 2d6 damage 3" per round for a attack
37 Jaws open in stomach for extra d6 attack
38 Web spinnerets on butt can make swing lines, cocoons or traps
39 Tail is biological bone bolt gun as a heavy crossbow per round 
40 Huge liver makes resistant to poisons, always makes save
41 Scythe blade arms d8 instead of punch
42l Crab claws d6 instead of punch
43 A d4 prehensile tentacles replace arms, each pair gets +1 Attack
44 A d3 pairs of arms, each pair gets +1 Attack
45 Biological bone bolt gun as a heavy crossbow per round in a arm
46 Biological blowpipe with paralysis poison in arm
47 Huge claws inflict d6 instead of punch but can use ordinary tools 
48 Fleshy psuedopods can sprout from body anywhere and punch for a attack
49 Bombardier beetle butt shoots fire for 2d6 damage 3" per round as a rear attack
50 Sprays irritating musk from butt as troglodyte musk
51 Quadruped or biped if already
52 Sucker feet and hands can climb like a gecko
53 Glider membrane between arms and ribs
54 Wings possibly can fly or enhance leap
55 Kangaroo leap x2 normal
56 Amphibian with webbed toes, fingers and can breathe water
57 Slug like foot 1/2 speed by can climb any surface
58 A d4 tentacles replace legs
59 Snakelike from waist down
60 Centaur like from waist down with d3+1 sets of legs (insect, spider or animal)
61 Huge jaws bump dice dam up by one or +1 ATT
62 Diseased bite save or septic would kills in d4 days if untreated
63 Poison bite save or start to lose a HP/round till treated or unconscious
64 Necrotic bite save or take extra lot of bite damage
65 Prehensile tongue can be used to grapple as extra attack
66 Face splits open sideways to reveal huge mouth, bump dice dam up by one
67 Blood sucking proboscis or lamprey tongue can suck d4 blood/round once hits 
68 Breathe fire or spit acid for 2d6 damage 3" per round as a attack
69 Monofilament tongue inflicts 2d6 as extra attack
70 Can spit blinding venom once per round as extra attack, victim saves or blind d6 days
71 Horns +1 attack d8 damage
72 Sprout a d4 heads with extra bite attacks at will
73 Heavily armoured head +1 AC
74 Skull ignites when stressed +d6 fire to any head based attacks
75 Skull head necromutation can resist spells as if undead and rotting apearance
76 If killed head detaches, sprouts legs and runs away to regrow body
77 Bone spikes in armoured skull +d4 headbutt damage78 Shielded senses provide second save vs blindness and deafness attacks
79 Head can retract inside torso if in danger like turtle
80 Fire bone shuriken from skull 3" range twice per round d4 damage
81 Adrenal boost gland x2 move and +1 attack
82 Mimic voices and throw it's voice 5"
83 Explodes on death d6/HD with a 1"/HD diameter
84 Exudes a sweet delicious smell of sex or food to attract victims
85 Exudes smell of fear making victims check morale each round
86 Infect a unconscious victim with a embryo that hatches into hybrid in d6 days
87 Infect a unconscious victim with a mutation virus cyst packet once per day
88 If dies a clone bursts from corpse 24 hours later if not destroyed
89 Mutagenic organ roll a new mutation start of each new day 
90 Heart restarts after 24 hours if corpse not destroyed
91 Combat genius +d4 attacks using various body parts
92 Magic genius d4 levels of sorcery
93 Super charisma d4 charm person spells per day, victim thinks mutant a atractive mate
94 Has ESP 6" range
95 Telekinesis 50lb per HD 12" range
96 Invisibility field can become invisible as per the spell d3 uses per day
97 Detect life d12" at will including invisible beings
98 Gain fragments of memories from eating brains
99 If mind controlled a back up personality with different alignment takes over for duration
100 Dual brains never requires sleep as brains alternate


  1. Good stuff! You've got some real winners in there. Very creative, hoss.

  2. Phenomenal stuff! Moar Xor Please!


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