Thursday 7 January 2016

Classic Setting Abuse Challenge!!!

I I like overlapping something interesting genre wise with a official "boxed setting" like TSR classics or a franchise like Starwars. Basically take a classic and mash it with some other incongruous culture product. I suspect my taste and that of my peers is on gonzo side vs vanilla product adicts.

So id love to hear any readers ideas in comments box. 30 words or a paragraph or a sentence is fine.

The ones i mostly terrorize fans or comment boxes with with
Steampunk starwars (Britain=Empire Colnies=Rebels Empress is QueenVic42nd, lightsabres are mechanical quantum monoblade foils that vibrate - best ones hit in multiple quantum realities to fight old ones and time travellers, plus impossible to dodge or block with a lesser weapon

Gamma Greyhawk - greyhawk is great filler - its a medieval setting for adventurers with lots of wilderness mostly full of monsters. Spave age Ancients of blackmore could return to mystara or Greyhawk. Both have had gonzo sf but turn it up to ll. Gammaworld Pitz Burk becomes strange overlay with patch of greyhawk so mutant hordes, talking animals, plants and robots are everywhere, wizards with lazers. Actually that dark sun + gammawworld would fit great.

Elric in the Forgotten Realms - elric comes and kills gods and shatters planar bonds of universes creating upheavals. In someways he is freeing humanity from fear of gods and planar beings but there is a risk his conflict will destroy the Realms as gods and demons unite to stop elric. Players can try to stop elric or join him at the apocalypse. Actually before the first Realms box set, young kingdoms gods were part of the realms.

Disney Dragonlance? with Carl Barks Duck clan replacing humans (actually ducktails vibe would would work too well) or let Disney princess the crap out of it

Bring It on Peeps!

No demerit points for not capitalizing trademark names


  1. Disney Dragonlance would work fine with RuneQuest :)

  2. I think that a Pepper Pig world that takes on the attributes of the FallOut universe would make a fun point and click for the children. A vault is dug into the hill beneath Pepper's house. Muddy puddles are radioactive. George's Dino is a Deathclaw. Pepper fights her friends' mutated descendants. Grampy Rabbit's space rocket takes Pepper to colonize space.

  3. Back to the Future plus Conan!

    Marty misses the Doc and goes to his house to remember the good times. He finds the Doc's notes on how to build a flux-capacitor. He puts them away at first, but then, missing the Doc, he builds another time machine.

    He decides to go back to visit the Doc in the old west but something goes wrong and he ends up six thousand years in the past.

    You play Marty and his friends in the land of Shem. Stygian sorcerors are trying to get their hands on the time machine. Luckily you have made friends with a barbarian, although he may be more of a liability.

    In amongst all the happenings of the Hyborian age can you get back to your time, but not before helping the head of the family who is sheltering you, Elam McFly, who isn't respected in his job at the local ziggurat? If he doens't get an amazing sacrifice by the next solstice the high priest of the temple will fire him and his wives might leave him.


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