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d100 whats in a hobgoblins war trunk

Had requests for Paetron and PDFs of late which i will look into when i move. I always wanted do do a number of my dungeon zone books (redbrick one mostly done but i haven't touched it for a year - also most of a Gothic and goblin mine one). Editing rally my biggest bug - i had volunteers but i wasnt even happy with my draft too pass on to others. I even have some commissioned art but getting this late was a big discouragement. One piece I waited 2 years for something that didn't follow brief. Still when i can afford it I know lots of amazing out of work artists who's politics have ruined their careers. I'm happy to work with and be friends with ppl who disagree as long as they don't hate and blame women or other races for their problems. I mostly feel sorry for conspiritards especially when you can see it makes them more powerless and ruins their lives.

While I consider the monster manual versions i like the wikepedia monster descriptions too.

Hobgoblins are the bigger more aggressive and warlike big brothers of goblins. While more serious and disciplined they are still goblins, prone to mischief and tantrums. While more disciplined and brave they can be provoked by insults. At best they are hard working labourers, good at digging, tree felling and carrying loads.
 At worst they are cruel and vindictive. Less skilled at agriculture than goblins but alright gardenersYou might hire them as farm workers but mind your tongue. Elites use heavy plate armour and halberds. Alone they are more wiling to talk and be recruited. En mass they conform. While their martial order might seem lawful they are more willing to disobey orders on battlefield if angry or overconfident. While goblins enjoy subterranean life hobgoblins prefer rural living. When not fighting and working they relax with stories, jokes, saucy poems and games. While a bit rough they can be more fun and cultured than orcs. Hobgoblins ar more likley to have individual hobbies and collections than orcs.

Hobgoblins carry trunks with them and these are the kinds of things they store in them.

d100 whats in a hobgoblins war trunk

01 Dead goblin with chewed fingers and expression of dispair
02 Collection of hobnail war boots

03 Thick studded leather belts and harnesses
04 Collection of helmets from other species
05 Collection of skulls from various animals and humanoids
06 Trowel, watering can, seeds and bulbs
07 Blood stained work clothes
08 Sack of straw for animal feed, bedding or pillow
09 Bedroll and tent
10 Tin cup, plate, bowl and spoon

11 Cast iron pot with lid and wooden spoon
12 Bags of different types of beans

13 Bag of onions or garlic
14 Dried mystery meat
15 Dried mushrooms
16 Pipe with exotic dried weed and fungus
17 Ceramic pots and plates wrapped in hessian bags
18 Collection of sacks and bags
19 Collection of rope, string and twine
20 Dried and salted fish
21 Bags of nuts and berries
22 A live hornet nest in a sack
23 A pot of slippery oil for tricks and traps
24 Collection of brushes
25 Wooden dentures stolen from someone
26 Collection of left or right socks
27 Collection of gloves and gauntlets
28 Collection of stolen beards
29 Collection of doorknobs and novelty knockers
30 Sack of goose or duck feathers
31 Knitting needles, yarn and incomplete projects
32 Collection of stolen children's dolls with tea set
33 Broken cogs and winches from siege weapons
34 Wood carving tools, several incomplete projects and good wood
35 Leather working tools, several incomplete projects and hide
36 Copper bucket, hops, yeast, large spoon, roasted barley for brewing
37 Dozens of empty ceramic bottles
38 Collection of cooking pots, cutlery and 
39 Strange cult robes or costume, idol and holy symbol
40 Collection of sheep or goat horns and deer antler
41 Roasted acorns
42 Dried eels
43 Hatchet, spool of twine and bundle of firewood
44 Jar of ointment for boils
45 Sack of blood and bone for garden
46 Bundle of pulleys and rope
47 Blacksmith hammer, tongs, small anvil and iron ingots
48 Old armour saved to give to kids
49 Donkey head with surprised look
50 Dog hides
51 Manacled goblin slave 
52 Mushroom compost with sprouting shrooms
53 Nail clippers and collection of nail clippings
54 Collection of ear wax, some moulded into stinky candles
55 Set of files for wood and metal work
56 Clay bottle of potent distilled grog
57 Tarnished copper coins from far of places and long gone kingdoms
58 Maps of hobgoblin hidden camps
59 Maps of goblin villages, caves and hidey-holes
60 Map of human villages worth robbing
61 Pickled elf or dwarf head
62 Slave contracts of family goblin serfs
63 Sleeping goblin baby wrapped in cloth with nappies and bottle
64 Spinning top, leather ball, cup and ball and other toys
65 Musical instruments d4 1=drums 2=horns 3=flutes 4=cymbals
66 Obscene set of prints banned in the city
67 Strings of clay, wood and bone beads and trinkets
68 Heads off ancient statues and idols
69 A tavern or shop sign
70 Clay jars of house paint and brushes
71 Pewter or horn beer stein with lid
72 Ceramic beer steins with erotic relief art with articulated breasts
73 Jars of vinegar, peppercorns, bay leaves and pickling clay jars
74 Block of rendered lard wrapped in cloth
75 Bacon bones for stew
76 Goblin to orc phrasebook of insults
77 Sack of chicken heads
78 Taxidermy tools and stuffed squirrels and rabbits and rats
79 Tattered playing cards, bone dice, and box of clay tokens
80 Incomprehensible goblinoid board game
81 Set of 2d20 four inch carved wooden soldiers in box
82 Rolled up old rugs
83 A slightly soiled potty
84 Collection of stolen love letters 
85 Collection of saucy poems in hobgoblin with quill and ink
86 Lewd statuette of hobgoblin prostitute
87 Collection of insects pinned on cork inside box
88 Honeycomb wrapped in cloth
89 Bottle of good mead
90 Urn with parents ashes
91 Collection of hats stolen over many years
92 Pots containing tree resins with various craft uses
93 Collection of dog collars and bones
94 Box of military iron rations 
95 Box of biscuits
96 Small keg of molasses 
97 Crude portraits on wood panels and tin of art paints and brushes
98 Goat fur leggings for ceremonies or cold
99 Whips, manacles and slave branding irons 
100 Fancy outfits stolen from human dandy

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