Saturday 30 January 2016

d100 whats in a orcs satchel

Im still stumped on my magic farm animal tables so more stuff from my goblin mine sourcebook to do list.
Orcs are a young race kin to humans, elves and goblinoids but a product of gods and wizards. Mostly live to fight and plunder preferring hunting and theft for food. Gathering wild food like grubs and fungi is tolerable but they would prefer to eat a humanoid than look for low food. Most orcs travel light and carry everything with them in a warband.

100 whats in a orcs satchel
01 Severed human hands 
02 A wolf pelt with head attached
03 A war horn 
04 A small iron cooking pot or fry pan with lid
05 A bag of large white wiggling grubs
06 A bag of 2d6 live rats
07 A bag of old turnips
08 A lump of horseradish root
09 A knuckleduster
10 A bullwhip

11 A stone dagger
12 A obsidian amulet with a evil beings insignia

13 A jar of pickled eyeballs  
14 Bag of d6 dried salted fish
15 Bag of dried mushrooms
16 Sealed pot of weak beer
17 Length of rope
18 Length of chain
19 Bundle of 2d6 torches
20 Bundle of 2d6 candles
21 A brass or clay hand lantern
22 Flints for cutting and starting fires
23 Crystal or flawed gem with carved into eye
24 A boar tusk
25 Haunch of wild boar, bear or dog
26 Rivets and hammer for repairing armour
27 Skin of stale water
28 Jar of maggots for fishing or first aid
29 Unholy symbol
30 Bottle of unholy water
31 Skull of friend or kin
32 Roll of bark with evil sigils painted on
33 Pack of hide buiscuit rations, add water for horrible stew
34 Stolen groats
35 Wooden bowl and spoon
36 Gourd full of edible seeds
37 Bag of onions 
38 Elf undergarments folded neatly
39 Crude map of area with troop movements
40 Bag of dried broad beans
41 Bowl of birds eggs
42 Hammer and nails
43 Crude hatchet
44 Wooden mallet and chisel
45 Short trench spade
46 Grubby bandages from torn human clothes
47 Elf bone, usually femur or  
48 Dried squashed faerie
49 Finger with a ring stuck on
50 Large beetle in in tiny wooden cage
51 Manacles
52 Long rag used as blindfold or gag
53 Bag of poison berries (well to humans)
54 Bag of crab apples
55 Bird or fishing net
56 Bundle of reeds good for weaving into various tools
57 Skinner's cutting and scraping flint tools
58 Bag of coal
59 Bag of saltpeter
60 Bag of sulphur 
61 Cast iron black powder hand grenade with fuse
62 Black powder land mine requires smouldering coals to work
63 Demolition breaching mine for destroying doors
64 Incendiary fluid with fuse in clay pot
65 Irritant gas bomb in clay pot with fuse
66 Smoke bomb in clay pot with fuse
67 Bag of sacks
68 Brick mould for emergency building projects
69 Handful of black powder in small leather bag
70 Box of 2d6 crude hand made matches
71 Weak d4 healing potion or pill, causes diarrhea 
72 Messenger bat in small cage
73 Bag of 4d6 arrow heads in flint or iron
74 Ear ring with ear attached
75 Powdered stimulant to aid marching and guard duty
76 Body paint, various colours even glowing available
77 Brass door hinges pilfered from someone
78 Brass tap pilfered from someone
79 Live door mouse sealed in clay pot for fattening
80 Tortoise tied in string for later eating
81 Fake quack shaman medicine d4 1=hair restorer 2=healing 3=strength 4=love potion
82 Tooth pulling pliers, bloody rags and some horrible teeth
83 Carved boar tusk with lid for keeping things in
84 Tattoo needles and squid ink
85 Angry gremlin in bottle good for sabotage
86 Hair oil, bone comb and collection of nose rings
87 Piglet in a sack operated on to stop squealing 
88 Bag of bogweed and pipe, makes users irritable
89 A palm sized demon or devil idol
90 A stone with a long forgotten wizard mark 
91 A elven ring that reminds them of shameful old life before conversion
92 A collection of a d6+1 looted crude weapons
93 Quiver of 2d6 arrows with flammable pitch heads
94 Quiver of 1d6 arrows with crescent heads for cutting flags, banners or ropes
95 Quiver of 2d6 arrows with disease tainted heads
96 A string of 3d4 mystery sausages
97 Dried sheet of skin with interesting tattoos
98 Small bundle of firewood
99 Bag of dried animal dung for making smelly fires or dodgy first aid
100 A crude signal rocket provided by former masters

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