Monday 4 January 2016

Storm Beasts

Storm Beast
These prehistoric beasts are a surviving remnant of early long lost beasts that were partly spawned by elementals and prehistoric megafauna. The Dwarf variety often live in dungeons but sometimes a huge one is trapped in a dungeon. Hang out in groups of d4 young or a breeding herd of 2d4+2. They like to graze on minerals and salts that deposit on dungeon walls and any copper they can find. They drink acid and may gobble corrosive cave jellies and dungeon slime. They resemble great horned beasts of past times but have a brown or grey ceramic like horn. They are easily startled and will zap and trample anything they find a threat. They might even hunt and kill any predators in area.

Small ones are the size of a pit pony or cow. The large are bigger than elephants. They make excellent spell components or magic item ingredients.

Dwarf Storm Beast
AC +4 HD 4d8+4 Run 12"Run Ram 2d6 (Double if charge plus lightning powers)

Colossus Storm Beast
AC +7 HD 12d8+12 Run 9"Ram 4d6 (Double if charge plus lightning powers)

Ram is the standard attack plus they can perform one of these electrical attacks
-Shocking Grasp hits first who strike them or can be added to horn attack d8+HD
-Lightning Bolt as per spell 4d6 for small and 8d6 for huge
-The leader of a breeding group of over 5 develops a chain lightning horn - after hitting first target hits another with one dice damage less until no dice are left

They can sense living things or electric machines in darkness within 6" for small or 12' for big ones

Common Variants

Long Necked Storm beast have a girrafe like long neck which has flexibility of a monkey tail. They are good for guarding walls or forts and use cover naturally.

Ice Beasts shoot bolts of freezing cold instead and dont get the chain lightning effect. Fire beasts were around in ancient time and may still live on other plains.

Lodestone Beast uses magnetic beams to telekinetically mode pounds of iron or steel or copper or bronze. Dice normally for damage equal pounds of metal. They strip enemies of armour and weapons and might even animate weapons and armour to fight (only one weapon armour suit per beast).

Some legendary types could shoot whirl winds, melt and burrow through rock, phaze through solids and walk on clouds. One armoured strain could shoot explosive or acid pellets. Some beings managed to tame them and use them as battle steeds or siege equipment. Some had different shapes and numbers of horns, some even with a armoured head +2AC vs front attacks. 

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