Saturday 19 December 2015

Underworld Beasts 06 - Potion Imps

Underworld Beasts 06 - Potion Imps
These imps are made by diabolic alchemists for only a few hundred gp of materials including brimstone, mandrake, devil scales and rare minerals. Only a day is needed to brew these simple life forms. Only 6 inches tall these imps are spiteful and nasty. Without humans around these creatures like to poke around draws, chests and abandoned boots and they often nap in such places. You can carefully try to move them if they are napping but they will detonate if suddenly startled. When humanoids over 4 foot tall come on the scene they suicidally charge them and explode on contact. They can make searching old alchemist labs a hazard. Some keep them tiny cages that release them as traps. If you approach them unseen via invisibility or concealment they may mimic conversation with gibbering and whistles and will not attack. They will not attack sleeping persons either but might climb in their backpacks looking for potions or a place to nap. They get on ok with shorter goblins and kobolds living in their lairs and eating crumbs. The most annoying habit they have is they will drink any interesting looking fluids they find especially potions.

Potion Imp
AC +3 HD d4 MV15" Explode d4 SA: Explode 1" radius on impact

Imps charge victims and detonate when close by act of will. The best defence is to shoot them before they get close. A paralyzed or webbed imp will be able to detonate at will if enemies get close

Tiny cages which release Potion imps are a popular trap with creators of these imps.

Manuals instruct how to make such imps are available and often in the labs that make them. But some copies are singed.

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