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d100 Magic Umbrellas

I am missing DnD a bit and since flood of 5th ed found zero interest in older versions of game like BX about club despite people not even knowing what it means. Have had my Adelaide friends request mid level dnd so will get a few games in over xmas and will try to finish my books off or make up some compilations from my blog. Club members have doubled over year and as becomes bigger and more open have had a mini gamergate feud over a certain Conan meme which offended some of the few women in club which all got a bit ugly. Being bigger means more public scrutiny and less room for for rapey memes. Growing means including more people - it isn't really about just censorship or Conan. Yeah I hate Gor too.

Not enough magic umbrellas in gaming so here is a shitload.
Magic stockings, panties and corsets later

d10 Umbrella Skin Ideas (or pick which suit best)
1 Bat wing like membrane
2 Mammal skin leather
3 Reptile or fish skin leather
Lacquered paper 
6 Silk from silkworm or spiders
7 Thin wooden slats
8 A giant mushroom cap or mushroom leather
9 Woven grass or plant fibre
10 Insect chitin, possibly transparent like bug wings

d10 Umbrella handle Ideas (or pick which suit best)
1 Lacquered Bamboo
2 Carved Wood
3 Carved Bone
4 Horn or tooth or tusk
5 Bronze creatures arm or leg
6 Silver hand grip and horn rod
8 Ornamental gold handle and wood rod
9 Iron rod
10 Magic Metal (d4 1=Star Metal 2=Mythril 3=Adamantium 4=Orichalcum)

d10 Ornament Ideas
1 Gem
2 Beast head
3 Monster face
4 Family Crest
5 Personal Crest
6 Calligraphic text
7 Embossed scene
8 Artistic paint job
10 Brilliant glossy colour

d10 Secret Qualities
1 Secret inscription leads to adventure
2 Concealed compartment (d4 1=drugs 2=potion 3=map 4=letter)
3 Concealed one shot compact dart or black powder gun
4 Concealed detachable weapon (d4 1=knife 2=dagger 3=rapier 4=club)
5 Concealed gadget (d4 1=20 foot cable 2=tiny lamp 3=lock picks 4=stylus, ink, paper)
6 Concealed holy symbol and holy water
7 Tiny telescope or spyglass
8 Doubles as a flute or exotic wind instrument
9 Uses human body parts, a saint or a sacrifice?
10 History tells of d4+3 past users who came to fame

d10 Quick Types
1 Petty Magic
2 Elemental Earth
3 Elemental Air
4 Elemental Fire
5 Elemental Water
6 Royal Magic
7 Divine Magic
8 Necromantic Magic
9 Lower Planar Magic
10 Higher Planar Magic

d100 Magic Umbrellas
01 Plays music when opened mood based on colour scheme
02 When opened a d6 copper coins fall out once a day
03 Turns into a magic +1 sword at will
04 Protects from dazzling light or blindness or light spells
05 Dazzling appearance +3AC vs missiles when open 
06 Acts as a 2d4 +1 club in combat
07 Makes holder seem  more suave +2 CHA while open
08 Shoots up to three magic missiles a day
09 Can conjure a kobold servant once a day serves 10 minutes then does runner
10 Protects wielder if open from any natural weather

11 Detect buried metal when pointed at ground or walls through 10 foot of solid mass
12 The wielder is dirt free and never soiled, makes garments look immaculate and new 

13 This battered umbrella has a cork in handle and can issue a gallon of beer a day
14 A spider silk umbrella lets you walk up walls or ceiling as if gravity was reoriented
15 Black spider silk umbrella that casts web two times a day
16 Skin umbrella lets you deflect any thrown or falling or fired stones or magical stones 
17 Frogskin canopy lets you walk over mud, grease without sinking or slipping
18 Stops all normal missiles from striking the target (some only stip 100 arrows) 
19 Can turn user into a statue for up to a hundred years in suspended animation
20 Becomes a +1d3 2d4 Mace when waved forcefully at foe
21 Provides feather fall at will if open
22 Can levitate if drafty while concentrating once a day 3" up or 1" across
23 Can be blown like a horn, call followers inside 10 miles to come to umbrella
24 Calls a magical cloud that flies 12" Speed 90 degree turn per round, ten minutes a day
25 Can send a long distance message and reply up to 300 miles once a day by wind
26 If opened and gem depressed provides 10 minutes of invisibility as spell
27 Can block magic missiles and reduces electrical attacks by -1/die 
28 If opened may call rain, 5% per day since last success is chance to call a 10 minute shower
29 If opened a freezing mist forms 3" radius for ten minutes, covers all in frost and snow
30 Can become gaseous form once for ten minutes a day move at 3"  AC as chaimail
31 Fire resistance +2 save and take half damage from natural fire
32 Fire Immunity no damage from non magic fire and half from magic
33 Fire shuriken shoots three 2d8 magic fire stars a day 3" range
34 Fireball fires two 5d6 fire balls a day 2" radius 10" range
35 Burning Hands fires a d3+6 1" 90 degree cone of fire four times a day
36 If opened can create a fire wall that moves with user for ten rounds once a day
37 Conjures a tiny fire elemental that tries to start a fire every round for ten minutes can move 12"
38 Burning blood shoots a d4 fire damage at any melee attacker that cuts or stabs user
39 This sulfurous brolly can contact the evil lord of fire elementals for advice 3 times per week
40 This keeps the wearer comfortably warm at all times the brolly is held
41 Keeps water proof and dry even underwater or any weather
42 Allows wielder to breath water for ten minutes a day once
43 This umbrella if tapped on ground opens a spring for a gallon in a minute ten times a day
44 Creates a bubble of atmosphere that can fit a d3 other people for 10 minutes underwater
45 Creates two tonnes of salt water released from wielder when opened once a day
46 Creates a ice bubble around wielder that can fit a d3 others, six inches thick and melts of a inch every ten minutes over one hour, each inch 10HP 
47 When open umbrella once a week can make it rain d100 fish from above striking everyone but umbrella holder, frog versions exist too
48 Shoots a jet of water 1" for ten minutes that can clean surfaces and remove light debris or annoy people or animals or scare dogs and million other uses once a day
49 Turns into fishing rod with built in pipe and stash tin
50 Shoots 2 acid arrows a day inflicting 2d4 then 1d4 for 1d6 rounds 4" range
51 When opened choral processional music plays for one hour once a day
52 If opened releases a brilliant dazzling aurora making the user seem divine for ten minutes to the easily duped, but looks great
53 By swishing the umbrella you can instantly change outfit, each brolly has a d6 slots
54 Can pull a beautiful flower from brolly ten times a day some make ribbons instead worth 1silver
55 Shoots a pyrotechnic exploding firework display for ten minutes up to 10" once a day
56 Can amplify the users speech to be easily audible for 30" ten minutes three times a day
57 Can produce a d6 gold coins per day when opened good for tips to peasants
58 Provides protection +2 when held and opened
59 Unicorn horn handle detects poison within 1" at all times
60 Brolly turns into jester who puts on one ten minute show a day, if not noble jester is annoying jerk who gives victims a dishonourable nickname
61 Unicorn horn tip heals a d6 three times a day
62 Holy relic of mother saint +2 Protection vs evil while open
63 Covered in holy sigils +1lv and +1 uses per day to priest special power (turning)
64 Holy light for ten minutes once a day, radius 3" destroys magical darkness, shadow beings and undead burn for 1HP damage per round
65 Huge holy symbol of user appears on brolly +3lv on one spell cast, once per day
66 Lost scripture fragments appear in brolly once a week
67 Holy sentient brolly gives constant alignment behaviour advice 1in6 extra jerks
68 Brolly of the balance has a built in scales but really it detects planar balance between law and chaos but will speak to wielder if stange or local imbalances occur
69 Detects evil in 3" feel tip quiver faster closer to evil, works through up to 10 foot solid mass
70 Protects holder from alignment detection
71 Wicked evil eye throwing umbrella can cast curse 3 times a day 4" range
72 Skeletal brolly summons 1d6 skeletons once a day who serve for 12 hours
73 Detects intact dead bodies suitable for making into undead through 2" of ground
74 Wielder sees in the dark by light of souls of living or undead beings
75 Brolly acts as a 2d4 damage club that can harm any undead
76 Umbrella can drain 1 HP a round from from a held or bound victim by touching tip with skin. Victims report terrible pain and scars. Of course you don't need magic to do that.
77 Umbrella once a day grows into an undead spider with 4HD 3d4 poison bite and platemail
78 Casts a 3" shadow once a day for ten minutes that heals undead 1 hp a minute
79 Fires a d4+1 darkbolt +0 magical missile weapon 10" range,  ten shots a day, fires two per round requires a hit roll as if proficient
80 When opened covers user with a coat of living darkness as chainmail which covers recognisable features and clothes like a evil living shadow
81 Shields wearer from under 1 HD devils, demons or elder horrors who will not harm the user if held and open
82 Summons a Imp which follows it's new master and invisibly lives in umbrella, one imp per umbrella master
83 Umbrella causes pain like a cat-o-nine-tails if used to whip a victim also hurts any devils and demons
84 A poison spike pops from tip once a day, deadly poison activate once a day for ten rounds 
85 When opened every being  4HD or less must make fave vs fear with 4", can activate three times a day, victims flee for d10 minutes
86 Allows you to plane shift to any hell or plain of chaos or the abyss one way once a week 
87 Turns into a giant 3HD bat that can be ridden or carry user for one hour a night 24" speed 
88 Once a day a victim in 4" can have a leg iron appear halving their movement rate for a day, save to resist
89 Fires blast of 4d6 hellfire four times a day to target 6"range
90 A bubbling 6HD shoggoth is formed from the earth once a week and they are not under control and grow over time
91 When opened a hundred foot radius of natural sunlight illuminates the area and also harming some supernatural creatures, birds (or bats or cricket) chirp a tranquil tune. Artistic skills such as poetry or painting gets +2 if performed under the light 
92 Acts as a sacred sword  +2 mostly but +5 vs demons, dragons or undead
93 Opening the umbrella makes you light and controls a zephyr lesser air elemental to make wielder fly for up to a turn a day
94 Turns into a huge condor size bird can carry wielder and talks, flies at 18" for several hours a day, longer if weather helpful, actually a spirit entity linked to brolly. 
95 Angels, Devas, Arkons and other powers of upper planes have agreed to not kill wielder of sacred umbrella
96 Attached to end of handle is a small (size of coke can) demon skull in a cold iron cage. Can be asked a question once a day about demonic lore and planar politics
97 This umbrella is attuned to the center of the universe and can always point there at will. Once a week can teleport self anywhere on plane you have been safely. Can risk places on description or guess but possibly deadly
98 When open user burns with white light inflicting d4 damage to any one in touch range at end of wielders movement
99 Unicorn umbrella outrages druids, rangers, elves and unicorns but can detect poison at will and purify water once a day
100 Fires three magic missiles a day

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