Monday 28 December 2015

d100 Shanty Town Street Encounters

Murder Hobo Shanty Towns

Murder Hobo Shanty Town Mercs

Magic Shop Article covers the basic store you would find in a shanty town

So while I did include a d50 events and wanderers table in the first article I should expand both to fill d100 and expand the concept more. These are things that might happen every few hours where the d50 events is for stuff that effect whole community.

These could be used in a mining camp or slum

01 Rats get underfoot trying to get food
02 Stray try to beg or steal food even nipping backpacks 
03 Dog fight breaks out and people start betting
04 Mad dog foaming at mouth running around on biting spree
05 Organised dog fight gathers a crowd 
06 Organised bare knuckles fight gathers a crowd
07 Fight between two men people mostly ignore it
08 Men having a knife fight, winner tries to finish off loser if not stopped
09 Wrestling competition gathers a yelling mob
10 Woman vs woman fight announced a sp to enter the  fight tent

11 Stray squealing pig runs through street knocking people over
12 Crazy donkey or pony panics from cruel treatment

13 Man beating a donkey or pony
14 Mad billy boat butts any one he can when loose
15 Stray chicken chased by murder hobo
16 Homeless kid begs for food
17 Slippery mud and excrement puddle, DEX save or fall in
18 Failed begging adventurer with missing body parts  
19 Dog follows adventurers
20 Stray cat stalking mice or birds
21 SItting old man has died and no body has noticed yet
22 Kangaroo court held to punish thief
23 Man put in stocks for thieving or fighting
24 Man being hung for thieving or murder by mob
25 Person being burned or tortured for witchcraft
26 Panic about doppelganger in town eating and robbing people
27 Man collecting corpses on wagon not serving any legal official service 
28 A bard here to collect stories of heroism or vice
29 A hungry prostitute makes you a offer
30 Man offers attractive company in tent d4 1=pimp 2=slaver 3=monster 4=robber
31 A man offering treasure maps of local dungeons
32 A desperate old murder hobo looking for a rescue party for friends in dungeon
33 A man selling humanoid d4 slaves d4 1=orc 2=hobgoblin 3=goblin 4=kobold
34 A man selling his wife gathers a crowd for auction
35 A man selling monster trophies for cowards and 
36 A man selling d6 clay bottles of beer
37 A bakers boy selling bread
38 A fisherman selling cooked fish or eel stew
39 A goblin selling shroom stew and drugs on the side
40 A farm boy selling apples and blackberries
41 A farmer selling his son or daughter
42 A man selling a animal on a rope d4 1=pig 2=goat 3=big lizard 4=sheep
43 A old woman selling sack of d6 animals d4 1=chicken 2=blackbird 3 =seagull 4=duck
44 A man selling rat on a stick
45 A man selling dead rats tied by tails to his stick in a rat hide coat
46 A man with a goblin charging people to beat or stab the goblin
47 A local hunter selling scrawny hill rabbits
48 A disguised orc selling cheap poisoned stew
49 A bard busking for money or food scraps
50 A goblin child spying on people from under garbage heap
51 Invisible person pushes past you d4 1=adventurer 2=imp 3=stalker 4=humanoid spy
52 A priest preaching about vice and murder hobos
53 A tax agent spying on who makes it rich or has conspicuous wealth
54 A gentleman and guards seeing the degradation and filthy sub humans locals 
55 A old woman or man looking for their missing son
56 A game of kickball or stickball erupts upsetting many in the way
57 A gambler calls out for any interested in a game of cards 
58 Bard playing and a tattered crowd dancing a jig
59 A struck it rich adventurer provides a keg of beer for a street party
60 A evil cultist opens a keg of poison ale then departs
61 A man selling demonic trinkets that he claims protect you from harm
62 A man selling a cursed item cheap 
63 A Empire crier calls out news about cheap land on frontier 
64 A group of old women denounce vice and advocate good life
65 A priest looking for troubled souls to save
66 A cultist proscribing his secret society as the best
67 A mercenary recruiter looking for possible soldiers
68 A army sergeant in disguise looking for deserters
69 See a huge 12 inch mosquito sucking on a unconscious drunk
70 See a gremlin drop from someones backpack into garbage
71 A sickly pox covered man limping and coughing
72 A drunken hobo vomiting in the street
73 A man coughs up blood staggers and falls dead in mud
74 A tattooist offering cheap poor quality unhygenic tattoos
75 Lice, fleas and ticks swarm into your hair and clothes
76 Cockroaches or weevils get into pack spoiling food
77 Man selling cups of fresh spring water with a tin cup and barrel 1sp each
78 Man selling dirty ditch water from a bucket 1cp each BYO cup
79 Old woman selling eggs (probably bird eggs)
80 Huge farm lad selling bundles of straw for bedding and floors 
81 Local woodcutter selling bundles of firewood
82 Fancy capped self proclaimed alchemist selling d4 healing potions
83 A flash robed man selling fake miracle healing potions and tonics
84 A druid cultist offering to rid people and packs of vermin with a cantrip (0lv spell)
85 A man selling a d6 dogs of varied types
86 Dust clouds and smoke make everyone sneeze and choke
87 Lumbering smelly old man in rags actually a zombie
88 A man with whip makes goblins fight for money and bets
89 A raggedy puppet show about adventurers in dungeons
90 Flies swarming every where crawling in eyes, mouths and ears
91 A man selling strange eggs he found
92 A pimp with d4 hobgoblin sex slaves offering half price services
93 Healer looking for clients who can pay might have some spells
94 Cloaked man selling tobacco, hash, opium and novelty clay pipes
95 Boy selling a live or dead chicken
96 A man selling monster ear and finger necklaces
97 A man seling saucy banned prints from the city pay 1cp per view
98 A man crying out for paid adventurers for mission
99 Men are skinning a live goblin or orc
100 Men cooking a dog in street 1cp a chunk with gravy

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