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Planet Gann - Random NPCs, tech and stuff

Am still tossing up with BRP for the Giant Robo Game am also thinking Pendragon. The emotional psycho babble and passion enhanced actions might work well. Watching old glassic giant Robostuff that inspired Shogun Warriors Toys. Raideen, Mezzinger (especially the ufo Goldrake version), Gaiking. And Gatchaman II.

Early in the colony before the old colony alpha was destroyed by fire and flood, mechanised infantry and juggernaut armour. There were advanced mech of the star guilds guarding the gate but none were seen since the gate was cut from galactic trade. Early mech frames were just being deployed when Colony Alpha fell leaving basic technology of mech across the planet. There was a brief age when elaborate stylized mecha dueled and battled kaiju. Some style mech like these era mech from romanticism. More modern mech are more functional. More advanced ones have alternative shape modes or are space capable. Famous mecha stories come from every nation during the years after Alpha Colony sunk. These lst few models were hidden away as they could not replace parts.

At beginning of story heroes will be mechanised infantry who obtain basic mecha frames and will every adventure will improvise or find new tech.

Improvised Weapons will include things like lamp posts to built swords or fitting military weapons or configuring them into firearms mecha can carry like a human does a gun. Strap on rocket packs, and grenades. Energy weapons may be in reach of quality military labs. Thruster packs and wheels or skates might be options for enhanced mobility. Drop ships from near orbit are principle deployment mode.

Advanced mecha begin to use forcefields, more energy weapons (melee and ranges). Earlier ones skate on a forcefield but advanced ones can fly or allow with thruster packs to reach space. Juggernauts become increasingly not worth it. Mech and power infantry drop from directly orbit.

The most advanced tech can call upon power and mass from hyperspace but most are self aware and willful and the tech is mostly a legend now.

Nations are racing to improve on the backward tech autofactories they have operated since they were settled. They have finally been recovering remnants of anti gravity skimmer pods and energy beams but mostly in separate labs on a experimental basis.

Juggernauts are more vehicles of the walker class rather than suits though some have hands. Generally clumsier and fitted with inbuilt vehicle weapons. Various forms or 4m high juggernauts like two legger pods with weapon on top often referred to as flightless birds. Others are more boxy with weapon arms. The Lemurians operate the most flexible juggernaut suits which can crawl and move more like a human. I will use dreadnaut type walker minis from warhammer and battletech on average 6cm while mecha figures are about 14 cm.

Im got some 10cm space 1999 eagles and a hawk and might get some starblazers-yamato fleet packs and warships. I got offered work in sf film and good pay but it is film and will trash me and disappoint me probably. Friends on Gods of Egypt hit me with horror stories of waste and racism.

Sub colonies had Power Infantry and Dreadnaughts but most couldn't make proper mecha. Large clunky battloid robots occasionally appeared but this was a longing for the mecha like the the stargate builders left. The stargate mecha were more streamlined, horned, with flared boots and more exotic weapons. The colonies that did occasionally fit out a found mecha frame many chose the older Starguild style. Some are functional and crude others follow the new tech style by those who look to the future rather than the past.

Mecha are few currently on planet Gann but most are passed down by noble or military families. Repaired and refitted with T1 kit over T2 frames. A new face is on to find any old or lost mecha tech. Explorers are finding other lost secrets and cultures ignored for hundreds of years.

One location is a gravity babble shielding a Island untouched since the Stargate failed a millenia ago.

Dinosaur hunting was one popular use of mecha and the dinosaurs touched by the Chimera have become deadly bio-mecha weapons.

You Grew Up....Your former lifestyle before Royal Science Force

d10 Early Life
1 Family lived in poverty in cabin in woods
2 Family lived in rural farming area
3 Family lived in rural village
4 Lived in refugee camp separated from family
5 Lived feral without family d4 1=wild forest 2=street feral 3=found in ruins 4=war orphan
6 Lived in city development in gang filled ghetto
7 Lived in prestigious nice suburb of manager class
8 Lived on estate of richer family but poor
9 Lived in privileged gated community of elite
10 Secure compound where your family were always guarded away from common scum

Best Friends Forever Appear frequently to make personal comments and cause drama

d10 About Your Best Friend Forever
1 Met at school and always friends and competitors since
2 Family friends know each other like close relatives
3 Related d6 1=adopted 2=sibling 3=cousin 4=common ancestor 5=older relative 6=clone
4 Met through old friend neither of you have seen in years
5 Co-workers who met first day on the job
6 Met through a mutual interest d6 1=carousing 2=craft 3=carousing 4=collecting 5=sports 6=gaming
7 Met during disaster d8 1=Tsunami 2=Quake 3=Flood 4=War 5=Riots 6=Bomb 7=Fire 6=Kaiju
8 Mysterious secret of friend d6 1=spy 2=terrorist 3=criminal 4=cultist 5=adict 6=under cover agent
9 They are not human d6 1=pet 2=AI 3=Android 4=Robot 5=Cyborg 6=digital personality copy
10 Strange d8 1=undead 2= 3=psionic 4=mutant 5=Kaiju 6=alien 7=secret off worlder 8=secret society

d10 Best Friends Talent
1 Attracts trouble from bad luck
2 Curious busy body
3 Shifty rogue who does some questionable things
4 Attracts adventure
5 Attractive and charming
6 Lucky risk taker
7 Scholar or technical expert
8 Always fun and upbeat
9 Wise and practical
10 Brave and tough

Love Interests
Give you something to be foolish about or moon over or motivate you to take revenge.

d10 Love Life
1 You are sexually naive, shy and a bit prude from a sheltered family
2 You are waiting for that special person and haven't met them yet
3 Treated badly by last lover, now your bitter and avoid new love
4 You live a drunken party life on the circuit to hook up with strangers
5 You have several friends you date often but not decided on favorite
6 You correspond to you sweetheart but you rarely meet
8 Your lover died in a tragedy d6 1=medical 2=war 3=disaster 4=intrigue 5=kaiju 6=crime
9 You are divorced d4 1=have d4 kids 2=lost pets 3=broke 4=lost home and d4 children
10 You are happily engaged or married and in love, everything is great

d10 Rival

1 Related d6 1=adopted 2=sibling 3=cousin 4=common ancestor 5=older relative 6=clone
2 From a rival family dynasty that competes with yours, almost a dark mirror of your clan
3 Met at school d41=used to be pals 2=hate first sight 3=had fight 4=humiliation and defeat
4 Professional rivals d4 1=same job 2=was your boss 3=romance went wrong 4=rival organisation
5 Romantic rival or wishful interest blames you for their failure and torment you now
6 A foreigner you feuded with on travels comes back to torment you
7 Someone imagines you wronged them years ago and they still stalk you
8 Mentally unbalanced person obsessed with you takes rejection poorly
9 A bully who has caused you problems on and off for life, tries to make you look bad
10 A competitive gossipy peer who doesn't get why people like you more

More Tech Templates Described by Examples
Im still nutting this stuff out

T1 (Colonial Era - the first colonies)

Substandard 20th c tech often remains if the colony factories and central computer destroyed. Traveller 2300 or just 2300 - game old box sets and tech art are some of best ever suit well. High Colonies I always found fitted in well. 40 Impirial Guard and some space marine stuff  looks nice and chunky. Torg Cyberpapacy, Torg Tharkoldu and TSR Star Frontiers might make the higher end of tech. Tech for basic colonization given so colonies too remain under control central. For a higher tech version I would ad everything in cyberpunk/cyberworld/Eclipse Phase and a more energy weapons and smart tech and AI. T1 gets limited one or two use hyperdrives or remnants of ancient star corridors in hyperspace. Able to retrofit and modify found superior star drives.

T2 (Commonwealth Era - age of empires)

True anti gravity, starts with skimmers and shields and improved space habs. FTL Drives are actually understood and large empires formed. FTL express post then slow FTL radio 1hr/LY. System gates and interdiction fields, engineer new hyperspace passages. Teleporters from point to point station appear at high end. Traveller Imperial tech and 40k Tau.works pretty well for this era. Even star wars stuff fits in pretty well. This level has been attained and collapsed may times over and represents the interstellar states.

T3 (Galactic Era - edge of infinity) 
Improved instant FTL comms and travel. levitating anti grav tech. Gates commonplace in every ship. Teleport without stations. Mass and storage in hyperspace. More like high traveller or star trek or Ian Banks or Ringworld. Torg Spacegods and 40K Eldar look good. In game mostly for ancients like Sol (now a Dysons sphere in hyperspace).

T1 Mecha Add Ons
.50 Machine Guns - anti personnel and light vehicles
20mm Autocannons - anti vehicle weapon
Miniguns -  anti vehicle weapon and anti missile defense
40mm Anti Tank Gun
75mm Feild Cannon
Cluster Rocket Pod fires twelve 60mm rockets
Long Range Rocket Pack six 120mm rockets
Jump Pack to make 10 thrust assisted leaps
Marine Pack
Space Pack
Escape Pod

T1+ Mecha Add Ons
Laser Gun
Rail Gun
Plasma Gun
Smart Ammo
Vector Thrusters
Rail Gun
Drone (various missions)
Sonic Stunner
AI Pack
Flight Pack
Stealth Pack
Detachable vehicle

T2-Mecha Add Ons
Combiner mech assembly
Pulse Lasers
Anti Gravity Skimmer
Shock Gun
Heat Ray

T2 Mecha Add Ons

Transformation mode
Antigravity Flyer
Force Ray
Plasma Blade
Personal Force Shields
Nano Auto Repair

T2+ Mecha Add Ons
Teleporter Station
Tractor/Repulsor Beam
Hyperspace Pack
FTL Coms
Force Sword
Multiple form transformation
Variable Weapon

T3- Mecha Add Ons

Disintegrator Ray
Death Ray
Sub Space Stowage
Stasis Field

A character sheet and occupation coming up

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