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Year on the Domain

Here is to post 700! Thanks for reading and thanks to that special anonymous reader who inspired my header change. A row of man nipples might be needed next. I promised this a while back so this seems a good time.

d12 Random Month With Typical Activities

1 Winter: Indoor chores, feasting, repairing, planting, weaving, tool making, fixing fences and nets, hoping for showers
2 Winter: Sitting by fire, ploughing, fertilising, carting manure and marl, pruning, hoping for showers
3 Spring: Picking flowers, enjoying countryside, sewing, weeding, ploughing, spreading manure, hoping for dry and frost free weather
4 Spring: Hawking, courting, scaring birds, pruning, weeding, sewing seeds, hoping for showers and sunshine
5 Spring: Scaring birds, weeding, digging ditches, ploughing fallow fields, hoping for showers and sunshine
6 Summer: Shearing, harvesting, haymaking, hoping for dry weather
7 Summer: Ploughing, gathering, shearing, haymaking, hoping for dry weather early and showers later
8 Summer: Harvesting, winnowing, tying, gather berries, hoping for warm dry weather
9 Fall: Harvesting, winnowing, tying, milling, threshing, pruning, fruit picking, wine making, hoping for showers
10 Fall: Sewing, milling, weeding, last ploughing of year, gather firewood, gather berries, gather mushrooms, gather nuts, gather roots, hoping for no dry frost
11 Fall: Butchering, weaving, collecting acorns for pigs, gather and split firewood, flax and hemp made into rope, hoping for showers and sunshine
12 Winter: Butchering, salting, smoking, collecting, digging, hunting, trim trees, pruning, weaving, baking, hoping for showers and sunshine

I'm repeating my weather table as it fits better here

I keep this pretty simple but I'm thinking of making seasons a new enemy in my game. Also how it effects dungeon ecology. Mostly I roll daily for wilderness travel but will happily roll when uncover a crypt or kill someone important like a fight breaks out or just need to set mood on scene. Weather more interesting as mood and reflective of mood of protagonists or gods than being too scientific. All written from land perspective so I expect a sea version needed one day but did seem to work in my current aquatic travels game.

d12 Winter
1 Sky is grey and cold with light breeze
2 Chilly light breeze, occasional light snow or drizzle
3 Dark and windy everything wants to hide
4 Cold, drizzly all day long
5 Black clouds, winds occasional short cold rain bursts
6 Very cold but still and quiet, animals by noon moving about excitedly
7 Light snow a d4 inches every so often, white sky
8 Medium snow dumped, everything covered in an hour
9 Whiteout and extreme wind and snow, sleet and slush everywhere
10 Fierce cold and snow, dark
11 Cold, dark but still with auroras in the sky
12 Horrifying cold, wind and snow and darkness

d12 Spring
1 Wonderful day nature full of joy
2 Wonderful day animals in love
3 Wonderful day new baby animals
4 Pleasant warm cloudless breezy
5 Pleasant clouds
6 Pleasant and breezy, animal all running about crazy and frisky
7 Breezy sunny day
8 Breezy cloudy day
9 Fast moving grey clouds
10 Sun showers briefly from nowhere
11 Intermittent rain and strong wind
12 Dangerous electrical storm with gale winds and rain

d12 Summer
1 Glorious sunny warm cloudless
2 Searingly hot day cloudless and still
3 Unpleasantly warm cloudless, quiet and still
4 Pleasant sunny day with light breeze
5 Humid warm muggy
6 Cloudy and windy and warm
7 Balmy warm windy good for sports
8 Humid constantly drizzling and swarming with mosquitoes
9 Flash flood followed by disease and vermin
10 Dust  clouds, flies and sweltering heat
11 Smokey volcanic smoke and gas waft over land
12 Violent summer storm, dry wind starts fires

d12 Autumn
1 Grey still skies, dark and gloomy
2 Fog over area morning and evening
3 Sun seems cold and puny
4 Dark clouds and windy
5 Air still, warm and smell of decay everywhere
6 Rains frequently, sky grey
7 Light snowy fluff followed by slushy rain for hours
8 Hailstorm and hard weather
9 Dry cold and frosty, ground hard and slippery
10 Cold wind gives everyone the chills
11 Stormy with lightning and rain
12 Fierce winds and spectacular gales, things fall from sky

Seasonal Farmland Events
Seasonal events help portray village life and can be rolled seasonally, monthly or weekly depending how slow you country life is.

Winter is when underworld influence is strong and the lunar water element is strong
Spring is when nature and life is reborn also the fertility earth element is strong
Summer is time of order and plenty 
also the solar fire element is strong
Autumn is a time of chaos and decay 
also the storm air element is strong

d100 Winter
1 Pleasant showers a good planting
2 Herd animals escape and need rounding up
3 Somebody weaves a marvellous item
4 Somebody makes a quality tool
5 Plentiful fishing gains extra food
6 Someone has a dramatic fight
7 Pleasant games and singing, everyone happy
8 Excellent feasting, everyone well fed
9 Someone wounded repairing tool
10 Iron shortage affects tool making
11 Lack of rain, poor planting
12 Fierce rain causes damage
13 Someone falls through ice
14 Enemies cross frozen waterway
15 Wolves harass villagers and animals
16 Deep snow drifts need snow shoes to cross
17 Someone is lost in the snow
18 An old person freezes to death
19 Someone resorts to cannibalism
20 A ferocious snow beast menaces area
21 Desperate bandits attack and steal food
22 Werewolves are heard howling in the deep woods
23 A sobbing ghost is heard
24 A witch d4 1=stole child 2=cursed livestock 3=murdered 4=recruited
25 Houses covered by snow
26 Ice demons seen
27 Huge footprints found d4 1=troll 2=giant 3=ogre 4=cyclops
28 Ice goblins trying to steal chickens
29 A wondrous singing snow golem protects children till thaw
30 Old ceremony held to bring back the sun
31 Melancholy high troll passes through town looking for pancakes
32 A shifty hermit is spotted dwelling in area
33 Bodies awaiting burial disappear
34 Most adults stay drunk
35 Someone sees beautiful ice maidens or swanmays
36 Someone beaten by forest spirits
37 Someone seduced by forest spirits
38 Loud divorce keeps gossip flowing
39 Wolf seen walking on hind legs
40 Strange thing found in thawing ice
41 Enemies attack but fall through ice
42 Bandits and snow limit trade
43 Woolly furred ice snakes eat a few locals
44 Kids find a icicle filled ice cave
45 Herd of wild herbivores unseen in generations seen
46 Some hidden nomad tribe seen in the cold wastes
47 An ice wizard has been seen building a ice keep
48 Mysterious shrouded hunter seen
49 Spectacular ice formations found
50 Colourful auroras dance around sky at night
51 Villagers enjoy bonfire sing a longs
52 Huge wild cat raids traps
53 Crafty white fox stealing favourite villagers poultry
54 Severe frost ruins crops
55 Snow kobolds seen frolicking 
56 A wedding breaks monotony and all enjoy revelry
57 Local youths in love run away but families don't approve
58 Stranger with useful skills seeks somewhere to settle
59 Cunning hunter's traps produces large amount of furs
60 Severe coughs spread around village, several elderly die
61 Someone blames their problems on witchcraft, demands investigation
62 Something moved in under a bridge and locals wary
63 Lost travellers looked after and they reward village with new building
64 Ghouls unable to dig frozen ground harass living locals
65 Beast folk tribe move in area looking for fresh hunting
66 Rare and spectacular ice flower bloom discovered
67 Villager found cave with hibernating horror
68 Hungry ghost cries out for justice in nearby woods
69 Shapeshifter stayed with locals for a time before being discovered
70 Frozen corpse discovered in woods (frozen zombie?)
71 Someone caught murdering a neighbour, trial interests everybody 
72 Wendigo possessed cannibal on fringe of village murders several locals
73 Rumour of affair scandalised local official
74 Lord of the wood's nightmare procession passes nearby
75 Undead monks seen travelling through area by night
76 Local sculpts something wondrous in blocks of ice
77 Spectacular but temporary ice cave charms locals
78 Ice toad eats a few sheep
79 Winter wolves terrify local hunters
80 Ogre moves into local cave and scares local children
81 Man driven mad by witnessing dance of ice faeries
82 After a few murders locals suspect a werewolf among villagers
83 Passing frost giant ate a pony
84 Angry white owlbear in area looking for a nest
85 Someone pretty certain they saw a white dragon or an ice drake
86 Someone found mysterious tunnels in the snow
87 A frost salamander froze a local pond and ate all the fish
88 A travelling stranger is a good story teller but causes trouble
89 A visiting holy man has locals extra zealous this season
90 A wounded knight is found near tracks of a great beast
91 Ice goblins kidnap a local girl
92 Winter pelt displacer beast drives away local game
93 Ice trolls spitroast a farmer all horrified by remains on village green
94 Starving local bandits turn themselves in, willing to labour for keep
95 A local is convinced he can steal a swanmays cape, all call him a fool
96 Locals have bad dreams as winter hag torments them in sleep
97 Harpies spoil a handsome youth, ruining his looks with disease
98 Ice devil seen spreading ice maze around old monolith
99 Locals enjoy winter sports and games and attract rival villages
100 Great ice bird seen flying overhead covering land in snow

d100 Spring
1 True love sweeps over land making everyone mushy
2 Important marriage draws community together
3 Plough found some ancient thing in fields
4 A spectacular storm keeps everyone in and damages some property
5 Land covered in beautiful flowers sometimes swept up in wind and rains petals
6 Woodland beings seen celebrating a good omen
7 Menacing birds flocks eat seeds in fields
8 Someone falls in manure drowning or develops fatal infection
9 Local nature spirits pleased and aid farmers
10 Local nature spirits angry and torment farmers
11 Young lovers try to flee to a new life but are stopped by kin
12 A great impromptu spring feast cheers everyone
13 Visiting bard with new songs gets locals extra musical
14 Rare beautiful birds come to nest in area
15 A fussy but lovely youth attracts admirers from miles around
16 Lots of litters of puppies or kittens with same markings born
17 A bull goes wild goring farmers and ruining fences
18 Strange new berries or mushrooms discovered
19 Children dance about singing strange new rhyme
20 Farmers fight over whose ram fathered whose herd
21 Farmers fight over land division and local assembly gather to decide
22 An old woman has a huge beautiful baby amazing everybody
23 Dancing faerie folk heard, sensible people stay indoors
24 Monster mums whelp hordes of baby goblins or kobolds
25 Goats keep getting on people roofs
26 Locals gather to drag huge monolith a mile, then they feast
27 Spectacular inter-village game of kick the pigskin lasts 2d4 days
28 Lightning strikes a tree in the village
29 Rodents everywhere that nobody can stop d4 1=rabbits 2=mice 3=rats 4=giant rats
30 Insects everywhere that nobody can stop d4 1=fleas 2=mosquitoes 3=flies 4=locusts
31 Moles dig holes all over area annoying farmers
32 Flash flood washes away d4 1=bit of road 2=bridge 3=house 4=hillside
33 Beastmen riled up by mating season raid area
34 Wild hunt heard in the woods, game increases after
35 Man sees wild hunt and returns mad
36 Village has a new idiot, contest held determines which must leave
37 Archery contest held with prises and feast
38 Spectacular beast attracts hunters from miles around
39 Villagers seal and burn out a troll nest
40 Goblin caught nicking crops in the ground
41 Mushroom fairy rings found everywhere
42 Attractive visitor turns many heads and distracts many from work and safety
43 Children played with goblin kids and nothing bad happened
44 Adorable baby monster found by kids
45 Old person found was taken by faeries in youth 
46 Changeling baby found by locals
47 Local bandits trapped in a whorehouse honeytrap
48 Local woman grabbed by d4 1=satyr 2=centaur 3=elf 4=goblins
49 Local man grabbed by d4 1=dryad 2=elf 3=ogress 4=witch
50 A band of traders from below land d4 1=gnomes 2=trolls 3=dwarves 4=goblin
51 A local goblin market attracts crafty and foolish locals
52 Kobolds sucked all the poultry eggs dry for miles around
53 Dog kills a kobold and is made a local hero
54 Mutations this season in local birth(s) d4 1=human 2=pig 3=cow 4=monster 
55 Elves come with gifts d4 1=it's a trap! 2=buy babies 3=seek peace 4=genuine present
56  Randy kobolds fornicate and get drunk in public
57 Drunken kobolds try to abuse farm animals
58 Child falls down a well
59 Child's pet tadpole grew freakishly huge and escaped to nearest water body
60 Drunken giant in drunken stupor spotted
61 Dragons of different types seen fighting
62 A dragon flies over the land, hunting for newborns
63 A unicorn is spotted and holy folk overjoyed, sadly evil hunters seek it
64 A child escapes a monster d4 1=ogre 2=troll 3=hydra 4=giant owl or eagle
65 Some horned thing seen running with the wild deer
66 Hundreds of snakes seen swarming about
67 Thousands of frogs swarm  by night
68 Dogs eaten by monster d4 1=giant fish 2=giant frog 3=lizard 4=wolf pack
69 Different types of squirrels at war
70 Beastmen tortured and killed travellers leaving remains in a field
71 New to local area pests in fields d4 1=weeds 2=bugs 3=moths 4=gremlins
72 Farmer grows record breaking goods d4 1=poultry 2=vegetable 3=livestock 4=fruit 
73 Bard comes through with latest songs and news and seduces many locals
74 A monolith fell on and killed a farmer
75 A new strange creature seen on fringes of human settlement
76 A thing loose in the fog shrouded moors by night
77 A section of woodland expanded overnight
78 Graves of ancients found and looted
79 Farmers argue over an animal ownership and split locals
81 Prehistoric beast unseen since dawn age in area
82 Huge tree seen where there was none before
83 Farm boys find a long hidden cave
84 Farmers find area which is an ancient graveyard with a man made hill in middle
85 Someone has been using old stone altar near the woods
86 A ritually murdered blood covered corpse is found in field or river
87 Elves hunting with werewolves for hounds spotted after something
88 Unicorn rider seen in forest ridden by a maid d4 1=human girl 2=elf 3=dryad 4=druid lady
89 Lots of affairs and romantic liaisons in area, blame it on elves
90 Giant monster bugs and insects spotted on fringes of habitation
91 Local orcs attempting ritual to make more orcs spotted 
92 A local farmer has a tiny friendly barn troll that keeps wolves and foxes away
93 A house pixie in form of a mouse or frog or cat or rat helps local good farmers
94 A grumpy bridge troll has taken to tolling or eating travellers on rural trail
95 Fairy lights are seen at night, coins, buttons, cake and needles go missing
96 A giant reptile or amphibian (near water) has found a inconvenient home in area
97 Local child has been talking to certain animals, nobody believed them at first
98 Nanny Binx the petty goat goddess visited possibly creating local intelligent animals
99 Some thing dug a large tunnel under the fields people are sure was not their before
100 A beastlord demigod with entourage of beast folk and magical sentient beast seen

d100 Summer
1 A good harvest and plenty of hay
2 A poor harvest and poor straggly hay
3 Bumper crops of wild berries
4 Great harvest festival fills all with cheer
5  Good shearing season, shepherds have a feast
6 Wolves menace herds, wolf hunt called
7 Gatherers find a ruin or cave previously unknown
8 Someone snatched by beast
9 Disease strikes herds
10 Rains a bit too much, hay ruined and crops struggle
11 Hot dry weather dries ground and makes animals thirst
12 Good dry weather helps farmers cheer, a feast
13 A hay or grain store bursts into flame
14 A forest fire burns a strip of land and some fields
15 Local able bodied men needed from district for military duty
16 All able villagers rally for possible attack on village 
17 Drunken soldiers cause trouble
18 Someone has been stealing livestock
19 Something in woods has been stealing poultry
20 A foreign wounded man in uniform found and nursed
21 A wicked knight charges toll on a road or waterway crossing
22 Robber knights attack local travellers, possibly they occupy a local ruin
23 Bandits prey on villagers who demand something be done
24 A saucy highway robber holds up travellers and likes to kiss prisoners
25 Sheriff and bailiffs round up a mob to hunt a d4 1=fugitive 2=wolves 3=bandits 4=kobolds
26 Village idiot absent on multi-regional idiot contest, a temporary replacement needed
27 Horse contest (race or beauty) held attracting nobles, criminals and racing fans
28 Military recruiters pass through looking for youths they can conscript
29 Strange in the skies  d4 1=shooing star 2=coloured moon 3=comet 4=winking star
30 Villagers gathering berries find d4 1=hurt monster 2=hurt man 3=treasure 4=hurt hobbit
31 Youths out haymaking have a drunken brawl
32 A religious official visits and inspires local holy folk into zealousness 
33 A a famous magistrate visits and many locals come to him to decide cases
34 A famous healer visits and saves a near death local
35 A drunken fight gets serious with many injured and with legal grievances
36 A married couple feud and try and kill each other scandalously
37 Local found a old treasure cache in field with thousands of copper coins 
38 Local accused of magical crimes on locals to be burned as a witch
39 Angry mob with torches confront unpopular local to hang or burn them
40 A waggon accident injures several people
41 Local drunks organise a pugilism contest, nice people stay at home
42 Someone accidentally kidnapped village idiot d4 1=bandits 2=goblins 3=elves 4=cult
43 Public drunkenness out of control elderly demand drunks get beaten with sticks
44 Hungry thirsty monster comes from wilderness looking for stuff
45 A house of people vanishes with no explanation
46 Robed men seen up to something by night
47 Local or regional dispute over shared resource like water
48 Game is scarce, wilderness is dry and silent
49 Locals contribute to building or repairing a holy place
50 Local bandits fighting orcs, many are pleased
51 Local men fight bloody duel
52 Knight holds a point and challenges any noble mounted warrior to fight
53 An old warrior comes to area to retire and set up or buy a business or farm
54 Refugees from distant tragedy seek a place to settle 
55 A camp of gypsies move in area, locals d4 1=lynch them 2=drive away 3=trade 4=ignore
56 Locals relax as conditions idyllic, people eat outdoors and socialise long into night
57 Warm days many locals run about naked and some have a yearly bath 
58 Assembly of locals make a list of problems to present to ruler
59 Slaver passes through town offering to buy troublesome or pretty youths
60 Long lost person returns, now they are a d4 1=orc 2=werebeast 3=ghoul 4=zombie
61 Robberknights in their robber cave (Räuberhöhle) are now sacrificing captives in rituals 
62 Dangerous cult moving into area
63 Farmer claims to have seen someone important commit unlawful evil act
64 Someone installs a fancy new d4 1=sundial 2=family crypt 3=bird bath 4=statue
65 Strange remains found in old quarry
66 Fiery eyed angry angel gave lone farmer a message from heaven (possibly)
67 A devil tried to buy a locals soul but was saved by local holy leaders
68 Drunken bonfire boys burn down a house and a couple of sheds by accident
69 Captured humanoids have been put  to work as slaves for common good by sheriff 
70 Local crafter invented a new style and everyone wants there wares
71 Inquisitors come looking for heretics and illegal cults
72 Witch hunters enter area d4 1=mad zealots 2=corrupt thugs 3=cultists 4=madmen
73 Pyromaniac child captured causes big fight among farmers
74 Feral youth captured mad from grown up with wolves
75 Decadent travellers come to see how poetic backward people lives are
76 Giant reptile seen sunning self by youths on a hike
77 A fire salamander burst from a hearth killing a household (that's a BX salamander kids!)
78 Old person dies from the heat
79 A few livestock and poultry died of heat stroke 
80 Scorpions scuttle about the dry fields
81 Dying remnants of locust swarm drop from sky - huge dumb tasty locusts for everyone
82 Children lost had everyone looking
83 Royal tax collector visits to count everything and everyone
84 Wasp nest disturbed causes swarm to injure many people
85 Great fuzzy bees visiting flowers provide lots of sweet sweet honey and mead
86 Fairy changelings pretend to be holidaying noble youths, things get odd
87 Paladin and servants seek enemies of good and order - pass area
88 Some local significant person is killed by a professional assassin 
89 Holy flagellants visit, preaching by day then inviting youths to party with them at night
90 Hellfire preacher visits locals all in paranoid state looking for devils, witches and worse
91 Noble with entourage pass through region 
92 Zealous holy singers come to wail away wickedness
93 Monks visit area contemplating a new monastery site
94 Holy old shepherd finds footprints of a popular god
95 Angels come to comfort a suffering person and smite a wicked man
96 A great fireball flies over the land
97 A star falls d4 1=petty god wounded 2=flying vehicle and pilot 3=monster 4=dying star
98 Foolish duel starts a family feud
99 Heroic youth with lamp or torch signals and warns of comming attack
100 A great arkon is here to stand judgment over a demonic cultist

d100 Autumn
1 A great wine festival, everyone gets drunk
2 Bumper crop of fruit, berries and nus
3 Stored crops ruined, people resort to gathering and eating worms
4 Gatherers in the woods go missing
5 Monster menaces the fringes of the village
6 Season is dark and miserable, poor growth
7 Villagers go crazy from eating strange shrooms for a while
8 Butchering produces plenty of meat and fat, extra feast
9 Berry gatherers in woods find a mysterious door into hillside
10 Pleasant showers and sunshine make a mild fall
11 Town covered in dead leaves like snow
12 Hunting is very good, extra meat and hides
13 Great carnivorous flying thing snatches children and small livestock
14 Barbarian berserk mercs passing through start fight with local drunks
15 Huge winds and rain made travel risky for days
16 Angry dwarf snorts about looking over human crafters shops
17 Hunters battle orcs and given heroes welcome when home
18 Drunken dwarf has fight with village idiot
19 Goblins running in the undergrowth madly giggling and fearless, exited by wind
20 Herd of terrorbirds running through the woods
21 Wild dogs attack several locals
22 Dwarf decides to settle here as craftsman
23 Rabid dog menaces rural folk
24 Furious troll claims revenge over what local folks ancestors did aeons ago
25 Barbarian looking for evil wizards, sorcerers, druids, priests and witches to kill
26 Savage wild men tribe settle in area and take up banditry
27 Vikings raiders on ship or horse,  on snatch and grab missions
28 Mad drunk revelers smash up lots of house fronts and trample fields 
29 Wight from a barrow haunts area by night and menaces local elderly
30 Screaming ghoul pack in area looking for unhallowed graves to eat from
31 Flagellants foaming with madness try to thresh all sinners for own good
32 A serial killer performs ritualistic murders of local loners
33 Hobos move into area working, petty stealing and making perfect scapegoats
34 Local criminal to be punished d4 1=hung 2=beheaded 3=torn apart 4=disemboweled 
35 Hugest mushrooms found by kids
36 Elf or goblin or orcs scouts on exotic mounts or just wolves
37 Ogre demanding booze staggers about area
38 Dark elves kill a household then bring them and livestock back as zombies
39 Giant spider spotted by kids picking berries
40 A giant demands meat and paid off this time with a sheep
41 Ferocious valkyrie swoop from the sky snatching some warriors for heavenly wars
42 A angry bear chases some kids but village idiot steals bears attention
43 A bear breaks into a meat locker and eats a expensive carcass
44 Dark elves poison a water supply and make someone very sick
45 Crows hang about all repeating a single word or name
46 Rains icicles and a few people injured
47 Lightning bolt kills a cow, impromptu feast
48 Phantom vapour beings in the wind trying to communicate something
49 Building falls in storm several residents killed
50 Ground shakes scaring every living thing
51 Witches on broomsticks or other devices with familiars seen flying in sky
52 Giant during storm ore off a cottage roof and ate occupants
53 Beast men in frenzy burn a building and kill several farmers
54 Wolves kill a horse and important people demand something is done
55 Inter clan fight with several killed and many injured and community split
56 Priest has encounter with d4 1=undead 2=ghost 3=lycathrope 4=cult sorcerer
57 Someone saw many dead walking near old burial grounds
58 A great fog covered land in grey for 1d4 days
59 A local undead horror has been busy and it's name is becoming famous 
60 Local cats run around windy commons screaming and swarming for days
61 Light snow descends charmingly followed by hail and slush and a d4 days storm
62 Savage wildmen have crossed further into civilized land, some in this area
63 Swarms of flying vermin torment area d4 1=crows 2=bats 3=faeries 4=winged snakes
64 A great draconic beast drops by for a few cows terrifying locals
65 A beastman from wilderness challenges a human to fight in the ancient way
66 A diabolic wizard has made many orcs and has opened a long sealed dungeon
67 Falling animals from sky cause some injuries d4 1=squirrels 2=fish 3=livestock 4=lizards
68 Something strange falls from sky in a block of ice
69 Lightning bolt split ancient monolith freeing some entity
70 Someone local drowned some blame a water or nature spirit
71 Wild ancient cattle like aurochs or bison move into area
72 Bat riding goblins snatch a child or old person to be nanny for their children
73 Wolf rider hunting area for a evil wizard
74 Man steals buns from faeries and shares with locals at a feast, some wary
75 An ancient grave opens up, something best left dead and forgotten walks
76 A pond troll tolls farmers a melon or cucumber each time they pass
77 Some see sinister shapes moving in the clouds above
78 A local sells soul to chaos demons and now commands them to kill his enemies
79 A wounded warrior comes to recover and is keen to settle down here
80 A travelling performer marries a local and settles down
81 A crack opens in the earth and something from underworld comes out
82 Great black clouds with lightning, some see giants battling in the sky
83 Dwarves seen marching in bad weather at night
84 A great boar from the woods annoys farmers and damages property
85 A beastman from the woods tore off a farmers head then fled
86 A blood drained corpse is found by roadside
87 Local cannibal clan hiding in hills discovered
88 A tree falls blocking a major road
89 A sinkhole collapses exposing a cave complex
90 At night robed things roam about up to something strange
91 Everything slippery with ice and frost, causes some injuries and crop damage
92 Harpies torment people on fringes of wilds
93 Gang of savage sub humans throwing rocks at peoples roofs 
94 Someone seeks powers of chaos, ritual remains found
95 Cultist scrawls weird symbols on landmarks, holy places and public gathering points
96 Ancient document or text discovered causes trouble as locals debate significance
97 Respected Local goes stark raving mad may cause trouble before people realise
98 Local scrooge ruins a debtor farmer family into slavery and locals beat the lender up
99 Local horror luring people to their deaths using illusions and fake voices
100 A grim faced god slays a local man for hubris

Will do castle event tables later and more on village idiots


  1. I like what you have done here. I'm planning on using the D12 weather tables for my Honor+Intrigue game and eventually I'd like to adapt your D100 seasonal event tables to historical Early Modern Europe.


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