Saturday, 18 July 2015

Weird War 1 - No Mans Land Scenery

So I'm still getting my Weird War One setting on the move. Plan is to start early in war on historic timeline then increasingly run off  the rails. Either go into gonzo steam/deco-punk setting with pulp adventure on side or keep it gritty horror restricting weird stuff to beneath the no-mans land in a collective nightmare of sappers and trench fighters. Considering starting players as pilots.

I have 1/72 scale french, german and british tanks, infantry and a few aircraft. I would like to see some vehicle and infantry battles as scenery.

So to start here is some basic scenery for no-mans land.

d100 WW1 No-Man's Land Scenery
01 Barbed wire
02 Landmines
03 Blasted remains of trees
04 Sandbags
05 Water filled craters
06 Abandoned or collapsed trenches
07 Unexploded shell
08 Mud pit
09 Crumbling walls
10 Gas cloud
11 Wounded man
12 Freshly dead soldiers
13 Rotten corpses
14 Skeletal remains
15 Chunks of human flesh
16 Dead horse
17 Shattered waggon with broken wheels
18 Snipers or scouts hidden observation post
19 Remains of telephone line
20 Rat swarm
21 Ravens or crows picking corpses
22 Gas masks
23 Broken lamp
24 Wrecked automobile or truck or farm machinery
25 Wrecked tank or armoured car
26 Wire cutters
27 Wheel tracks in mud
28 Footprints in mud
29 Water filled pit
30 Battered helmet
31 Charred corpses
32 Ammo in crate or belt
33 Field pack
34 Entrenching tool
35 Home made trench weapon
36 Bayonet 
37 Train tracks
38 Blasted remains of pillbox bunker
39 Remains of wooden fence
40 Concealed entrance to tunnel
41 Fake tree with periscope
42 Piles of spent ammo
43 Spool of barbed wire
44 Severed human head or limb
45 Dead officer with document pouch
46 Shattered rifle
47 Broken shovel or pick
48 Wrecked aircraft
49 Old quarry
50 Ruined farmhouse
51 Creek flowing through wasteland 
52 Explosives in crate abandoned
53 Heavy manhole lid covering entry to sewers or cistern
54 Foundations of building
55 Collapsed tunnel entry
56 Caltrops
57 Spike filled hidden pit
58 Abandoned grenade
59 Grenade trap with trip wire
60 Piles of empty bottles
61 Piles of empty tins and rations
62 Shattered remains of concrete bunker
63 Partially hidden observers shack
64 Remains of observation balloon
65 Remains or tunnellers respirator
66 Smoke cloud
67 Burning wreckage or building
68 Collapsed tunnel
69 Huge crater with fragments of dead
70 Dead messenger pigeon
71 Abandoned long coat
72 Soldiers boot 1in4 has foot inside
73 Abandoned canteen of water
74 Half eaten ration pack
75 Hole into semi collapsed basement
76 Half berried train tunnel
77 Stray puppy or kitten
78 Dozens of blasted tree stumps
79 Dead dog with gasmask
80 Cowering soldier in hole shell shocked
81 Notebook of drawings and poetry
82 Graffiti covered crumbling wall
83 Dripping pit into old drain system
84 Shattered remains of train carriage
85 Crude graves
86 Crudely made sign or memorial half buried in mud
87 Empty gas shells
88 Dogtags hanging from wooden post
89 Remains of old bridge
90 Battered old pot or bucket
91 Broken of crude hand made ladder
92 Bits of old field kitchen
93 Man trapped in mud begging for help
94 Toxic chemical filled crater
95 Crater semi exposing buried bodies
96 Mounds of loose earth from explosion with battlefield debris mixed in
97 Fragments of a old road mostly buried
98 Large fragment of wooden structure usable as cover
99 Water filled pit, partly hidden, filed with rotten dead men
100 Mostly collapsed old trench line with long forgotten dead bodies half buried

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