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Roadwar 2000 Wasteland Mutant Scum

While the alien necrobion nanovirus has been ravaging the earths populance, mutation spores get less attention. Mutants might pass as human and live in human comunities but most are driven to the wastes to live with their own kind. Mutation spores a second wave of alien attack infect living things and often remain dormant or just kills the next generation at birth. Spores that remain dormant may activate in toxic, infected and radioactive environments. The spores keep host alive and help them survive in contaminated places. Mutants thrive in worst of environments which helps them grow and remain out of sight. Animals may be mutants ans some human mutants no longer look human. There are things that nobody can identify. Blobs of protoplasm with forming and dissolving mouths and eyes screaming in the waste. Zombie mutants are possible.

Mutants might be rare mostly or common in contaminated zones. These represent small groups you might meet in the waste. Being outcast they recycle and use older tech stolen or abandoned. The more extreme mutants in a gang who cant hide under a longcoat and hat are often hidden from outsiders. Some mutants with little cosmetic variation but subtle powers exist, they often live among humans and even get recruited by corp, criminal and state bodies.

People hate mutants mostly but city people see less extreme ones and think they are safe. Urban folk don't realise how many mutants there are inthe wasteland. Some registered mutants with employment and obvious mutations are allowed in urban areas. Many think mutants are contaminated or diseased (possible) so no mutants signs are common in rural towns or shops.

Many of the more extreme mutants can produce viable offspring with other mutants of different species. 

You might want to roll lower than d10 dice on these tables closer to civilization.

d10 Quick Mutants
Basic types but you could ignore this - the big table goes into more detail

1 Vagrants - destitute homeless wanderers

2 Nomads - wanderers with tight communal family and tribal affiliations
3 Survivalist - well armed often in a bunker, paranoid and pro segregation 
4 Tribal - settled communal villagers who just wat land and to be left alone
5 Gang - violent marauders looking for trouble and turf  
6 Labourers - workers often exploited
7 Criminals - professional crime gangs motivated by profit
8 Cultists - cults with pro mutant agendas
9 Mercenaries - fighters for hire, well armed
10 Agents - well paid and equipped perform missions for state or corps

d10 Numbers

Some descriptions imply numbers others don't, so feel free to use this when needed or assign what you like. Implied numbers or rolled on here or made up it's your choice.

1 Solo mutant d4 1=campsite 2=cave dweller 3=shack or humpy 4=ruined house
2 d3+1 companions
 d4 1=campsite 2=cave dweller 3=shack or humpy 4=ruined house
3 2d4 pack
 d4 1=campsite 2=cave dweller 3=shack or humpy 4=ruined house
4 2d6+2 clan
 d6 1=camp 2=cave 3=shack 4=ruined house 5=large ruin 6=fortified house
5 2d8+4 mob
 d6 1=camp 2=cave 3=shack 4=ruined house 5=large ruin 6=fortified house
6 2d10+10 gang chapter
 d4 1=camp 2=ruined house 3=large ruin 4=fortified complex
2d20+10 band d4 1=camp 2=road train 3=large ruin 4=fortified complex
8 6d12+20 gang
 d4 1=camp 2=road train 3=large ruin 4=fortified complex
9 1d100+20
 tribe 1=camp 2=road train 3=large ruin 4=fortified complex
10 2d100+50 nation
 1=camp 2=road train 3=large ruin 4=fortified complex

d10 Mutation Factor
Hurley's Mutation Scale indicates amounts of mutation which can be rolled or chosen or a 
group might have a mixed society. More advanced mutants are more insane and more preoccupied with food, sex and survival. Often incapable of speech and totally alienated.

1 minor cosmetic birth defect (extra finger, crazy hair, weird growth, skin colour)
2 several cosmetic changes and 1in4 chance of major health problem
3 major cosmetic changes or appearance of human hybrid

4 new organ or body part resembling non human creature
5 Several new organs or body parts and 1in4 chance of major health problem
6 Janus like additional face or brain or hidden siamese twin or extra head
7 Mass extra limbs on body d4 1=tentacles 2=crab claws 3=tail 4=arms 5=legs 6=antenna
 Chimera of hybrid species body parts, 1in4 mute and has no human parts
Sphynx like chimera but with a human face, can talk and some odd parts human
10 A shoggoth like amorphous gelatinous blob with mouths and eyes and tentacles

d10 Mutant Tech

Only use this when needed, most mutants use discarded tech but some modern and well equipped enough to surprise you. If you need a mutant road gang roll a d8+2 instead.

1 Stone age tribal with crude scraps of tech turned into tools
2 Living with vintage pre 20th C tech and crafts
3 Mixed pre modern tech with some salvaged from scrap heaps recycled tech
4 Improvised tech from scrap heaps often inferior
 Functional tech but recycled and second hand
6 Second hand and discarded tech well serviced beyond normal life
7 Modern tech but battered and well used, often customised
8 Functional but slightly dated tech well looked after
9 Modern tech in good and fairly new condition
10 Latest corp tech with some advanced items

d100 Wasteland Mutants
01 Vagrants looking for food and supplies, fearful and hateful
02 Vagrant plague carrier in poor health, alone and desperate
03 Vagrant necroplague carrier turning into undead
04 Vagrant war veteran looking for food can be pushed too far, 1in4 cyborgs
05 Vagrant jolly swag man looking for work or things to steal
06 Vagrant hideous creature with foul cravings, covers appearance in tattered rags
07 Vagrant child mutant with dangerous powers or toxic contamination
08 Vagrant lab experiment on the run, hungry and desperate
09 Vagrant former celebrity now a hideous cam shy freak who eats garbage
10 Vagrant office clerk now mutant looking to help people with books and taxation
11 Nomads wandering the waste looking for roadkill or anything organic to run biofuel plant
12 Nomad tribal hunters & gatherers of aboriginal decent, use fleet of salvaged vehicles 
13 Nomad hippies in body paint looking for seasonal drug cropping or sex work in bus fleet
14 Nomad clan of communist revolutionary protesters on mad crusade in bus fleet
15 Nomad clan of farmer folk seeking new lands free of blight in fleet of farm vehicles
16 Nomad clan of herders d4 1=cow 2=sheep 3=emu 4=triffids with off road vehicles
17 Nomad clan of Christians who offer food, entertainment and preaching in bus fleet 
18 Nomad clan gang of maniac raiders looking for victims
19 Nomad band of crusty hippie teens in broken fleet of crap, living to party and steal stuff
20 Nomad gang charge tolls to strangers in territory
21 Survivalist band paranoid, ready for war and sure humans are plotting to kill them
22 Survivalist mutant supremacists at war with humanity in pickup trucks with bunkers
23 Survivalist mutant truckers freighting fuel and food for cash 
24 Survivalist cult who thrive in holy toxic dumps they build shrines and camps in
25 Survivalist mutant kids hostile to adults, dwell in bunker, sometimes with a nannydrone
26 Survivalist homo superior activists with colourful uniforms, codenames and secret bases
27 Survivalist psychic albino cultists hide from the sun and normal humans
28 Survivalist militia act as a separate nation military state all members have a rank
29 Survivalist gun lovers afraid "guvnmt out to get our guns", dwell in old armoury
30 Survivalist operating a covert space program: d4 1=mining 2=colony 3=pirate 4=drug lab 
31 Tribal ferals bored but keen on torture, cannibalism and tormenting normal people
32 Tribal carny folk who entertain and rob, willing to go dark carnival when locals relaxed
33 Tribal community of ex farmers looking for land or work, have scattered gang compounds
34 Tribal group of traditional land holders following game, wary of whitey but willing to work
35 Tribal group of bus dwellers whose suburbs were covered in sand, desperate for homes
36 Tribal travelling freak show who have given up on humanity, many are monsters
37 Tribal mutant cyborg war vets with bootlegged overclocked cyberwear, ready to rampage
38 Tribal clan of drug dealers with lab and hydroponic trucks with gangster guards
39 Tribal warlords of the wastelands, neo barbarians out to destroy civilization
40 Tribal cyborg test subjects led by a superior mutant, all angry and hate humans
41 Gang carving out turf and collecting toll, discount for mutants to attract more to area
42 Gang from the city fringe slums making a seasonal cross country trek 
43 Gang of the wasteland out to brutalize humans and recruit a mutie army by force
44 Gang on the warpath fighting another tribe and wary of all strangers
45 Gang recruiting for muties to toughen gang, willing to abuse humans to locate mutants 
46 Gang of warlords out to show presence and collect taxation in their new territory
47 Gang of mutant pride vigilantes trying to undo the harm caused by evil mutants
48 Gang criminals bushwhacking any targets that might have cash or parts or slaves
49 Gang out on suicidal rampage hoping to become famous for meaningless slaughter
50 Gang with exposed brains on killing spree to prove superior intellect
51 Labourers tilling fields, mixing compost and manure. Surly, miserable and stinking
52 Labourers digging ditches by roadway will go crazy if any speed past road work signs
53 Labourers repairing roadway, signaling to slow down 1in3 chance of ambush
54 Labourers marching to factory or possibly lining up or driving to sweatshop
55 Labourers with slave collars and being led by inbred redneck hillbillies
56 Labourers herding farm animals that might stampede herd if scared
57 Labourers with lobotomy scars being directed by redneck scientist with remote
58 Labourers of sex trade by roadside d4 1=no pimp 2=mutant pimp 3=human pimp 4=gang
59 Labourers fruit pickers following seasons in trucks and buses, often uneducated trash
60 Labourers miners who have covered area with mines, claymores and defences
61 Criminal enterprise charging protection. Like flashy cars, jewelry and fighting cops
62 Criminal sex slavers looking for slaves or out offering use of their prisoners
63 Criminal organleggers harvesting bodies with refrigerated trucks and ambulances  
64 Criminal hackers on the road with paranoia, satellite dish van and guard bikes
65 Criminal pirate mutant radio station with broadcast truck, band vans and guard bikes
66 Criminal cyborg enforces of a major criminal organisation but low caste wasteland goons
67 Criminal Japanese cyborg mutants out to prove self on worlds harshest roadways
68 Criminal gambling syndicate run mobile casino with mob enforcers for debt collecting
69 Criminal carjackers looking for any quality or vintage parts they can capture
70 Criminal grifters with persuasive and other powers they use to scam and fleece folk
71 Cult of the Atom, in irradiated vehicles, seek toxic waste to pollute areas
72 Cult of the Chimera worship mutant things who no longer have a human form
73 Cult of Cthulhu a aquatic hybrid mutant cult, follows waterways or sell water in deserts
74 Cult of Undeath, deliberately expose selves with small doses of zombie plague
75 Cult of Chaos worship demons and like bloodletting, mutilation and human sacrifice
76 Cult of Hastur call horrors to earth like undead and space demons and the King in Yellow
77 Cult of Nyarlathotep help the elder gods to return, often hide openly as a christian sect 
78 Cult Moloch the machine god, helping the machine god achieve consciousness
79 Cult of the Alien are plague infected cyborg mutants craving the torment of human kind
80 Cult of the wasteland serve entropy, nihilism and the destruction of civilization
81 Mercenary team of vets exposed to mutagen in army then kicked out
82 Mercenary team of elite military on the run from prison sentence now helping people
83 Mercenary bounty hunters looking for bounties and wanted fugitives
84 Mercenary mutant wasteland scum in tribal dress and hired by gangs to fight gangs
85 Mercenary group mostly work with militias to exterminate local gangs
86 Mercenary force on mission but cocky enough to expect everyone gets out their way
87 Mercenary increasing local tension and violence for third parties secret scheme
88 Mercenary force who defend local mutants for cost only
89 Mercenary force of local despot out looking for trouble 
90 Mercenary force of a corporation cleansing a area around company property
91 Agents of a corporation selected to assert corp interests in contaminated zones
92 Agents of Space centre looking for space junk fallen from space to reclaim
93 Agents of a corporation slumming it in wasteland disguised as locals spying
94 Agents of a corporation, well equipped in snazzy uniforms on a mission
95 Agents of the government identifying trouble makers and some wetwork
96 Agents of foreign country on a local mission of profit to foreign nation
97 Agents mutant control authority, trying to convince mutants to settle gov reservations
98 Agents with psionic powers working for a secret society 
99 Agents of mutant rights group looking for ant mutant groups or exploiters
100 Agents of evil genius out on a mission to aid the leaders grand designs 

Will follow with a mutant NPC table with specific individuals some day

Cults, Cartels and Corporations might be handy


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