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d100 Whats in that hole in no-man's land?

D10 hole entry
1 Partially collapsed entrance visible
2 Artillery shell crater left exposed entry
3 Visible under rubble heap and mud
4 Gaping pit into the earth
5 Old padlocked wooden door covered on mud
5 Semi exposed concrete plug or metal lid
6 Entry through cellar of blasted house foundation
7 Collapsed tunnel formed entryway
8 Shaft with a rope or crumbling ladder
9 Locked metal grill with shaft and steel ladder
10 A large air vent partially hidden by rocks

d10 Quick Weird Holes Under No Man’s Land 

1 Military tunnels
2 Subterranean waterway
3 Caverns and natural tunnels
4 Hazardous tunnel complexes
5 Agricultural and industrial
6 Religious structures
7 Mining and rail tunnels
8 Sappers tunnels
9 Strange maddening tunnels
10 Inhuman horror lairs

D100 Weird Holes Under No Man’s Land

1 Collapsed and abandoned trench, now partially buried
2 Trenches with complex of shelters and tunnels
3 Collapsed entrance into abandoned sappers tunnel
4 Concealed observers trench
5 Huge complex of underground barracks
6 Collapsed tunnel into abandoned bunker
7 Emergency military hospital abandoned
8 Artillery and bomb shelter abandoned
9 Ammo dump possibly from previous war
10 Storage with goods and vehicles
11 Old creek bed with entry into drain
12 Sinkhole collapsed into cave system
13 Cistern complex of underground water ways
14 Underground canal for transport
15 Underground stream connected to several well shafts
16 Entry into old sewer system still stinking
17 Collapsed and abandoned trench, now partially flooded
18 Drainage pipes crossing the area, some partially flooded in mud
19 Flooded old bunker system full of decay
20 Flooded industrial basement with factory machinery
21 Old creek bed with entry into cave
22 Huge crude animal burrow like a badgers but bigger
23 Stone age tunnels connected to natural caves
24 Prehistoric tomb cave with bones of man and beast
25 Prehistoric stone age art gallery
26 Tunnel like complex in masses of tree roots
27 Corpse choked tunnels full of war debris carried here by water
28 Slime covered tunnels dripping with mucous of uncertain origin
29 Mud covered tunnels of uncertain origin
30 Ancient grotto complex with spring
31 Tunnels made by criminal and smugglers, possibly flooded
32 Tunnels used by revolutionaries with printing press
33 Old vault used for storage with solid metal locked chambers
34 Stores of documents from state or business
35 Stores of leaking chemical weapons
36 Service tunnels and sealed basement of sanatorium with cells
37 Service tunnels and sealed basement of prison
38 Basement laboratories abandoned
38 Basement funeral home or morgue with stacks of coffins and crematorium
40 Tunnel complex full of graffiti and possibly insane deserters
41 Cold store tunnels with decayed fruit and vegetables, straw and ice
42 Wine cellar complex with huge storage tunnels
43 Cheese cellar storage tunnels
44 Underground smokehouse with thousands of abandoned carcases on hooks
45 Ice storage tunnels with plant room and remains of straw packed ice
46 Coal tunnels where coal delivered with light rail system to local basements
47 Steam plant basement with remnants of industrial boilers
48 Root cellars with stores of rotten potatoes and turnips
49 Mushroom filled tunnels former storage tunnels
50 Boiler room of industrial complex
51 Catacombs with buried Christians from middle ages
52 Basement complex beneath destroyed church complex
53 Tunnel through graveyard connecting crypts, filled with grave debris
54 Ancient grotto with remains of hermits home
55 Ancient grotto with remains of pagan temple
56 Complex of ancient tunnels more recently used by secretive cult as temple
57 Ancient vaults of religious documents, artworks and relics hidden long ago
58 Storage vaults of artworks, relics from around the world and stuffed animals
59 Subterranean masonic or secret society lodge with temple and library
60 Tunnel complex more recently used by several serial killers or cultists
61 Rail tunnels with service structures and workmen’s shelter
62 Underground train station
63 Pre modern mine tunnels, cramped and crumbling
64 Modern mine tunnel with rails and solid construction
65 Workshop and maintenance tunnels
66 Tunnels under construction with workers housing and rail tracks
67 Old coal seam with remains of old mining equipment
68 Major drain system with oil and gas lines
69 Garbage strewn old mine used as trash pits
70 Ancient mine system with zombie miners
71 Sappers tunnels with live demolition charges and mines ready to blow
72 Sappers tunnels with miners at work (pick a side)
73 Sappers tunnel with kill teams of soldiers battling
74 Sappers tunnels full of bad air and gas
75 Sappers tunnels abandoned choked in mud
76 Sappers tunnels riddled with corpses and abandoned
78 Sappers tunnels with crazed deserter dwellings
79 Sappers tunnels with remains of barracks and graffiti
80 Sappers tunnels abandoned part flooded sandy soil
81 Complex actively operated by cultists with sacrificial victims in prison
82 Deserters of several nations madly believing they can build a new civilization here
83 Sappers tunnel crawling with zombies
84 Madmen deserters turned cannibals and starting to develop ghoulish features
85 Tunnels with dwellings of feral children, possibly cannibals
86 Remains of Roman tunnels with zombie legionnaires
87 Tunnel tapped into plague era graves, rotting medieval zombies
88 Tunnel tapped into Napoleonic era graves with war ravaged zombies
89 Madmen cultists of both sides gathered to look for some secret in tunnels
90 Strange cave complex with anachronistic relics and zombies of various time periods
91 Ghoul tunnel complex connected to former graveyards
92 Dank dripping tunnels of fish men and temple complex
93 Ancient tunnels smelling of reptilians, hidden serpent men with dinosaurs cryo-vault
94 Muddy tunnel and anachronistic basement complex with squealing pig men
95 Ancient ghoul tunnels connected to prehistoric burial mounds, speak pre modern language
96 Degenerate morlocks, tunnels littered with bones and battlefield debris
97 Non human ruins with strange geometry, husks of ancient lost race
98 Ancient tunnel complex with slumbering god in statue form and degenerate worshipers
99 Hideous rat men and collections of stinking human remains
100 Weird mist shrouded tunnels with exits in other times and worlds

D10 Anachronism eras
1 Prehuman age of monsters or dinosaurs
2 Ice age tribes
3 Roman occupation
4 Charlemagne era
5 French revolution
6 Napoleonic war
7 Franco-Prussian war
8 WW2
9 Late 20thC
10 Post apocalypse future

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