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d100 Common Folk on Murder Road

d10 Common Folk on road or pit stops
1 Farmer - common folk who live off he land, drive farm utility vehicles, off road and trucks

2 Workers - labourers to and from work, drive cheap personal transport or work vehicle
3 Family - ordinary family on errands with sensible family car
4 Traders - dealers, grifters and salesmen with economy or offroad cars or vans
5 Pilgrims - religious travellers with sensible cars, mini buses and even horse and cart
6 Nomads - wild mobile clan folk with fleets of buses, trucks, bikes, buggies and cars
7 Entertainers - often busk for rides and food, cheap vehicles even bicycle
8 Drivers - delivery and transport workers mostly in cars , station wagons, vans or utility 
9 Refugees - fleeing a disaster or poverty in anything that moves or even foot
10 Militia - seem ordinary but armed militia trained gun lover who prefer off road ore utility trucks

Could be a single person or a group of such persons

d100 Common Folk on road
01 A group farmers moving animals
02 A group farmers moving grown produce
03 Farmers looking to repair a large farm vehicle or ag-mech
04 Part of a lynch mob looking for who got local girl pregnant
05 Wandering about looking people to share homespun wisdom with
06 Out hunting d4 1=mutants 2=dingos 3=zombies 4=geese
07 On the way to a major fair for produce and sideshow carnies
08 On the way to see a live hanging (possibly not legal)
09 Looking for missing livestock lost or stolen
10 Farm Inspector looking for slave labour, mutant or zombie sheep and other undesirables
11 Builders with tools and supplies working on a site
12 Mining company geologists just looking to frag your area or claim your land
13 Farm workers with hats, blue singlets and boots working on farm
14 Slaver taking his wares to a site 1in6 on year slave labour entry visa
15 Prostitutes having a breather and working the area
16 Swagmen, wandering homeless old itinerant old workers with no families
17 Non English speaking workers 1in6 illegal refugee rest multigenerational residents
18 Miners working a company site looking to blow cash and steam 
19 Meatworkers often mobile with tools, wear bloody stinking aprons and carry knives
20 Mechanics work in garage or mobile service with high fees
21 Kids out for adventure on d4 1=go carts 2=motorbikes 3=rollerblades 4=powerscooters
22 Teens out for kicks, fighting, car races, hunting monsters and other cheap thrills
23 Family out shopping for groceries
24 Family out to release unwanted pet d4 1=puppy 2=kitty 3=triffid 4=small shoggoth 
25 Group of ladies out doing groceries, getting hair done and flirting
26 Dads taking sons on manly trip d4 1=hunting 2=scouts 3=kill a hobo 4=secret cult
27 Moms taking daughters on trip for d4 1=shopping 2=hair 3=teashop 4=witchcraft
28 Grandparent out on field trip, 1in6 ex military veterans armed and paranoid
29 School field trip d4 1=tiny tots 2=screaming kids 3=frisky teens 4=mutant teens 
30 Dads out for drinking beer and shooting and driving fun
31 Con artist selling personalised bibles, fake shares, bigfoot blood, timeshare holidays
32 Desperate salesman selling brushes, pots, fur coats, vacuums, 
33 Ladies selling cosmetics, perfume, plastic dinnerware, fashion and hats
34 Drug dealer selling mostly d4 1=pot 2=speed 3=fractyl dust 4=mutagen
35 Travelling store selling favorite brands, meat, drygoods, ration packs
36 Travelling gunsmith repairing guns and making ammo, very well armed
37 Travelling grog and tobacco sales
38 Travelling medicine show d4 1=sham quack 2=new age therapist 3=unlicensed doc 4=legit chemist with modern product
39 Foodvan d6 1=soy burgers 2=hot dog 3=Soylent Green 4=icecream 5=roadkill 6=cannibalism
40 Flashy business man in luxury car and servant, cons rich and towns from cash
41 Family on way to church event in best clothes
42 Nuns on way to visit sacred church 1in6 are hardcore gun nun combat vets
43 True believers inspired to visit a miracle site, sing lots
44 Hippies on way to protest d4 1=military 2=cops 3=racists 4=detention centres
45 Cultists on way to join commune to prepare for end of the world, flirty recruiters
46 Cultists on holy murder trail, ritually murdering people to anoint sacred sites
47 Religious vigilante motor gang out performing good deeds and fighting cults
48 Aboriginals on way to religious gathering and family BBQ
49 Christian missionaries trying to save the damned of the cursed wasteland
50 Christian charismatic preacher d4 1=healing scam 2=sex mad 3=cash scam 4=actually mythos cultist
51 Nomad teens out for thrills and adult adventure
52 Nomad warriors hunting d4 1=criminal 2=enemy 3=bounty 4=contract kill
53 Nomad scouts looking for route for main tribal convoy
54 Nomad traders shopping and swapping goods
55 Nomad louts looking for trouble and excuse to call whole gang for fight
56 Nomad carnies offering entertainment, cons, games, snacks and prizes
57 Nomad gamblers looking to fleece area systematically with clan bodyguards
58 Nomad mercenaries looking for opportunities for work
59 Nomad feral hippy plague carriers looking for food, sex and dancing 
60 Nomad mutants, ugly and unwelcome, poorer and more resentful than most nomads 
61 Band looking for gigs and tours d6 1=punk 2=country 3=metal 4=rock 5=hip hop 6=polka
62 Busking carny folk living fragile life as on the road artists
63 Travelling clowns out to spread joy to the wasteland, not very receptive so far
64 Religious performers sucker in audience with fun then start preaching
65 Travelling movie show set up theatre or drive-ins for country towns 
66 Bitter stand up comics riddled with vice and always speak in foul language
67 Travelling hobo band with home made instruments of the wasteland surprisingly good
68 Traveling talent show seeks to recruit attractive youths for inner city pimps
69 Sports team trying to get locals to play for bet d4 1=Turkey Shoot 2=football 3=murderball 4=deathrace
70 Travelling theatre troop actually a cult into ritual murder
71 Postal workers on delivery routs some on foot others on huge outback routes
72 Delivery driver mostly in vans with goods
73 Truck drivers out to relax after long journey
74 Armoured car drivers transporting cash, well armed and wary
75 Refrigerated food delivery drivers
76 Medical courier moving organs and medical supplies
77 Sanctioned op company crew meeting for big operation
78 Black market courier d4 1=drugs 2=vice 3=bootleg videos 4=bootleg guns
79 Cross country courier or decoys delivering packages no questions asked
80 Bus and taxi drivers plus passengers
81 Starving family with no idea about survival on the run from immigration camp
82 Elderly people on run from crisis
83 Children without parents on the run from slavers
84 Desperate refugees from zombie plague infected area
85 Family farmers on run from d4 1=gangs 2=zombi attack 3=mutants 4=cultists
86 Teachers from school with students on run from gang
87 Awol military on run from military disaster in disguise as farmers
88 Cult fleeing lynch mob, tell how rest of town were satanists tormenting them  
89 Clones escaped from medical corp who are very keen to get back 
90 Workers escaped a site disaster and fleeing gangs
91 Deputy sheriff among armed farmers
92 Militia recruits in casual clothes
93 Militia vets in uniforms looking out for trouble makers
94 Militia off for beer after target practice
95 Militia incognito lookin fer weirdos, cultists, hobos or city folk to blame stuff on
96 Local cops in civies looking to relax but wary of outsidrs
97 Local mobsters running protection racket and collecting fees
98 Military taking break in between working on d4 1=mutie cull 2=feral animal cull 3=disaster relief 4=hunting zombies 5=building structure 6=reruiting
99 Militia transporting supplies some relaxing others on guard
100 Sanctioned ops d4 1=on mission but playing cool 2=scouts 3=suicidal mission 4=drunk

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