Sunday 10 May 2015

d100 Pit Stop Weirdos

So we have covered normal folk you meet on road and pitstops. Here are the freaks and weirdos. People you less often want to meet. A few more of these table coming then i will make a pdf for use in play. d100Mutants d100Cyborgs d100Cults and d100corporations in pipeline requests considered. Wanna start on my Weird War One setting soon.

d10 Pit Stop Weirdos
2 Law men
3 Hustler
4 Fugitive
5 Cult
6 Muties
7 Punks
8 Hippies
9 Carny Folk
10 Agents and ops

01 Old veteran with missing cyber limbs "Govment say I can't be trusted"
02 Drug addict offering to wash windows
03 Pilgrim or nun or salvation army collecting for poor fund
04 Cultist collecting for esoteric commune of weirdos nearby
05 Blind man with a tray, a dog and a musical instrument
06 Desperate for drugs offers to sell remaining organs discount
07 Desperate student working as a amateur pits stop prostitute
08 Old man with dogs trained to beg with him
09 Death racer legs blown off by mines lost everything
10 Crazy old drunk prospector mumbles about gold deposits in zombie country for booze
11 Old sheriff tired and negligent on trail of criminals, hopelessly outclassed
12 Sheriff with interceptor out on mad gang killing spree out of revenge
13 Redneck deputy with pet dawg looking for vice and blackmail opportunities
14 Undercover cop trying tp look like wilderness scum and not getting it quite right
15 Cyborg corporate cop on a search and destroy mission
16 City lawman retired and come to bring law to the wastes, biomodified with ultra tech tools
17 Off duty cop hunting crook who got away on technicality or by crossing border
18 Eager keen young copper, helpful polite, clean and naive
19 Customs officer in disguise looking for smuggled drugs, dino embryos, slaves or worse
20 Cyber-Narc out to kill dealers and destroy labs, torture addicts for information then kills 
21 Used arms dealer offering discount military grade weapons
22 Mad old scientist offers experimental technology stolen from lab
23 Car dealer has lot of second hand vehicles and parts not too far away
24 Back yard doctor will surgerize and healificate the needy for cash no questions asked
25 Counterfeit papers dealer with passports, licences, new IDs, hacked records, the works
26 Pro drug dealer deals in many substances including un-tested black lab drugs
27 Pimp offers lovers for average tastes 1in6 offering stranger tastes
28 Merc broker deals in finding jobs and recruitment
29 Black lab medic installs used cyberwear and vat grown synthetic organs
30 Fence for stolen goods will buy and sell goods on black market 
31 Cyborg on the run from lab will beg for help, goes psychotic if guns fired
32 Escaped serial killer and cannibal
33 Escaped prison death racer seeks new ID and face so can go pro
34 Escaped from corp biolab d4 1=replicant 2=psionic 3=mutant 4=organ donor clone
35 Escaped cult leader from death row out to start new cult for sex, murder and slavery
36 AWOL military cyborg being hunted as memory not erased for security reasons
37 Escaped whistle blower journalist embarrassed rich and powerful now on the run
38 Escaped drug dealer keen to set up lab and a gang more carefully this time
39 Foreign spy fled into outback desperate to escape continent, hunted by agents
40 Scientist fled company lab with secrets looking for a new deal, chased by assasins 
41 Pro mutants cultists spreading contaminants to humans
42 Death race fans hoping to steal souvenirs like hair, clothing and car parts from heroes
43 Cultists looking for interesting people to murder as initiation
44 Cultists looking for worthy human sacrifices for upcoming ritual
45 Flirty fisher cultists offering sex to recruit members into love sect
46 Cult assassins hunting for enemies to eliminate, corpses turn to mist when dead
47 Cultists looking for stolen goods to recover, will beg, offer cash then try theft or murder
48 Death cultists trying to spread zombie plague, might mess with graves to awaken dead
49 Green cultists spreading red weed and triffid seeds in human areas
50 Saucer cultists collecting sightings, explaining all your problems from UFO abduction
51 Mutant merc offering his services and strange power
52 Mutant looking for love, chronic stalkers who trails love object uncannily anywhere
53 Mutant dying from disgusting degenerative condition looking to gp out with a bang
54 Alien spy pretending to be a mutant or a mutant pretending to be alien
55 Mutant cannibal come among humans to sate cannibalistic cravings
56 Disease resistant mutant being hunted by corporations to dissect
57 Crazy mutant teens pranking humans and uncool types with powers
58 Mutant with rope burns on neck running from lynch mob needs help
59 Mutant bounty hunters looking for anti mutant criminals
60 Mutant prostitute offering her powers as exotic relief
61 Punk kids arguing with law makers and looking to make trouble
62 Punk hacker kids selling services for limited time only
63 Punk rock band on wasteland tour to build grass roots credibility
64 Punk kids run away from school and heading for open road if they can steal vehicles
65 Punk kids mutilating selves with tatoos, piercings, safety pins and implants
66 Punk hair stylists offer make overs for low price
67 Punk kids competing for prizes with knife fights or vehicle stunts
68 Punk mechanics looking for work, adults don't take their talent seriously
69 Punk gang taunting and heckling passers by, bullying for fun
70 Punk gang cooking up some drugs in a makeshift kitchen
71 Healers amazing treatments d4 1=psychic power 2=medicine 3=prayer 4=new age
72 Drugged hippies clutter up place stoned out of minds and drooling
73 Hippies playing terrible music and trying to start impromptu music festival
74 Hippie trader selling beads, granny glasses, wigs, scarves, and tie dye shirts
75 Hippies have crossed a triffid with marijuana proudly showing their baby to world
76 Hippies protesting a local injustice with signs and chants, locals unimpressed
77 Shaved hippies looking for help, commune under attack by rednecks who cut their hair
78 Hippies on bicycles trying to convince everyone benefits of pedal power
79 Hippie guru and followers playing music, light shows & offering masters for wisdom
80 Hippie sect claim powers from meditation and drugs, actually guru use mutagens
81 Mutant freak show with pay per view shows in tents
82 Travelling casino run by carny folk gang
83 Gamblers offering to play all comers will leave when sucked cash dry or mob forms
84 Tattooed acrobats working as prostitutes to finance their circus
85 Menagerie of mutant creatures with ringmaster and creature tamers
86 Gang of homicidal clowns if teased or insulted go into murder frenzy
87 Gang of cannibal clowns, some already part zombie
88 Travelling circus with variety of acts, struggling poor and vice ridden
89 Stunt cyclist telling all about tomorrows stunt show only $5 bucks a ticket
90 Carny folk seemingly out for good time actualy trying to recruit kids to join circus
91 Vatican Monk/Nun of the inquisition hunting supernatural and religious enemies
92 Sanctioned op on mission, killing some time before hitting the road
93 Corporate agent watching area for company interests, reports anything unusual
94 Government black op looking for gang, mutant or criminal trouble makers to kill
95 Martial artist with incredible ability hunting a cult as favour for dead friend
96 Hired hit man looking to kill target shortly, mostly mob and corp hits  
97 Professor and students out to solve local mystery and looking for escorts
98 Undercover vigilante d4 1=psionic 2=mutant 3=cyborg 4=turning undead
99 Alien investigator looking for answers or interesting stuff to blame on aliens
100 Secret society agent seeks d4 1=relic 2=enemy sect 3=escaped member 4=chosen one

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