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d100 Real Estate in Shadelport

So players in my games like real estate and anyone who gets to 9th level and has property can join the ranks of the ruling caste or at least the merchant class.

Table can be used as a price list, random building types, or whatever. Additional tables of flaws and perks help to create memorable buildings.

Most poor live off 1cp a day and has 1d100 savings

Working poor earn a d4cp a day and has 3d100cp savings  savings

A typical market stall holder makes a 1sp a day and has 1d100sp savings

A typical arcade shopkeeper makes a d4 silver a day and has 5d100sp savings

A typical officer priest or merchant gets 1ep a day
and has d100ep savings

A poor vassal or noble or equestrian or landowner usually on a stipend of 1gp a day and 3d6x10pg savings

A well off noble gets 1pp a day 3d4x100gp

1d10 Quick Real Estate in Shadelport
1 Slum dwelling
2 Poor housing
3 Rural housing
4 Common town housing
5 Business property
6 Religious property
7 Waterside property
8 Rich property
9 Noble housing
10 Military structure

Land might be separate cost and involve tax and obligations

-20% gp per bad feature (max of 1d3 most markets)
+20 gp per good feature (max of 1d3 but noble might have more)

d100 Real Estate in Shadelport
01 Humpy of garbage, illegally occupying unused land 15gp
02 Crawlspace in sewer 15gp
03 Roof crawlspace squatting rights 20gp
04 A nice hole in a ruined wall on public land 20gp
05 Hole under a bridge 20gp
06 Right to squat in filthy abandoned stables 20gp
07 Lean to built of trash in rear alley 20pg
08 Cave in hills outside town 20gp
09 Rights to squat in a stairwell in slum apartment block 25gp
10 Squalid hut made of garbage 30gp
11 Small wooden shack 40gp
12 Small wooden shack with chimney and fireplace 50gp
13 Slum apartment with no kitchen, rundown and overcrowded 50gp
14 Old servants room in poor family house 50gp
15 Spare small stable 50gp
16 Sub ground room under bridge or in sewer 50gp
17 Basement room under townhouse 75gp
18 Room in wall or bridge 75gp
19 Apartment with fireplace 100gp
20 Room in boarding house, no late entry 100gp
21 Farm shack 50gp
22 Family farmhouse 100gp
23 Stable 150gp
24 Large family farmhouse 2 story 200gp
25 Charming country cottage 250gp
26 Barn with loft 300gp
27 Grain Silo 300gp
28 Mill house 400gp
29 Windmill 400gp
30 Large country gentry house 500gp
31 Large old rundown house150gp
32 One floor of a town house sub ground or floor 200gp
33 Room above a shop 200gp
34 Servants room inside common part of bridge with small window 250gp
35 Servants room in better part of town 300gp
36 Common apartment room 350gp
37 Townhouse two story with attic, balcony and basement 400gp
38 Townhouse three story with attic, balcony and basement 500gp
39 Common poor house with attic and balcony 600gp
40 Gatehouse apartment 800gp
41 Market square pushcart 80gp
42 Small squalid shop 120gp
43 Corner room of house small shop 150gp
44 Common shop in shack 200gp
45 Merchant trade house 300gp
46 Merchant warehouse 450gp
47 Tavern bar 500gp
48 Workshop 500gp
49 Common Hotel or bathhouse 1000gp
50 Sweatshop factory 800gp
51 Streetside Shrine 50gp
52 Common church 250gp
53 Small temple 500gp
54 Crypt 1000gp
55 Luxury Tomb 10 000gp
56 Medium temple 5000gp
57 Mausoleum 10 000gp
58 Large Temple 50 000
59 Cathedral 250 000gp
60 Ziggurat 1000 000gp
61 Waterside shack 50gp
62 Small wharf for small rowboats 150gp
63 Boat shed able to store and work on small boats 200gp
64 Barge suitable for living 300gp (moorage fees 16x10gp per year depending on location)
65 Mid sized wharf for small sailing and fishing 350gp
66 Rotting hulk in harbour formerly for storage or prison 450gp
67 Large wharf for sea going vessel 450gp
68 Wharf side warehouse 500gp
69 Bridge fashionable arcade apartment with balcony 600gp
70 Lighthouse 10 000gp
71 Good arcade apartment with servants room 1000gp
72 Family house with courtyard 1500gp
73 Old stone house with attic and basement 1000gp
74 Gentleman's loft apartment 1500gp
75 Bridge top penthouse 2000gp
76 Faux chateau, posh but a bit gaudy and over the top 2000gp
77 Penthouse apartment floor 2000gp
78 Luxury apartment in sub divided hall 2000gp
79 Townhouse in gated court in rich area 2500gp
80 Villa in town or country 2500gp
81 Manor House 10 000gp
82 Bridge top palace 10 000gp
83 Fortified townhouse 10 000gp
84 Chateau in country or city 10 000gp
85 Fortified Manor 20 000gp
86 Tower block manor 20 000gp
87 Small palace 50 000gp
88 Palace Tower Block 100 000gp
89 Sprawling palace 250 000gp
90 Fortified Palace 500 000gp
91 Defensive earth and water works 2000gp
92 Defensive walls 10 000gp
93 Lookout tower 2000gp
94 Barracks 2500 gp
95 Wooden stockade fort 5000gp
96 Fortified tower 10 000gp
97 Keep 40 000
98 Small castle 100 000gp
99 Large castle 250 000gp
100 Fortress 100 000gp

d20 Flawed housing feature
1 Unsound damaged structure
2 Fire trap
3 Vermin infested
4 Former murder house
5 Squatting hobos
6 Squatting students
7 Secret cultist ritual site
8 Former witch house
9 Former plague house
10 Squatted by gang
11 Squatted by strange mad person
12 Squatted by street urchins
13 Squatted by non human clan
14 House vandalised and covered in graffiti
15 House covered in sewerage and footprints
16 Haunted by corporeal undead, possible past residents or drains
17 Haunted by non corporeal undead, possibley died or lived here
18 Monster lair with some kind of creature
19 Monster house has malignant psychic taint and strange powers
20 Horrible neighbors

d20 Beneficial housing feature
1 Well
2 Stables
3 Secret doors
4 Catacomb entry
5 Large sub levels
6 Attic, cellar and cupboards full of interesting junk
7 Excellent tenants or offer to rent
8 New condition or very well maintained and clean
9 Fully furnished
10 Charming decor (empire or old city style)
11 Very secure with good locks
12 Hidden treasure
13 Benevolent spirit
14 Wonderful neighbors
15 House had a famous tenant in past
16 Furnished with charming artworks or old books
17 Has a well furnished attic space
18 Remains of a workshop 1in6 magical
19 House has magical security
20 House has been blessed with protective charms

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