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d100 Childhood Tragedies for Urban folk

Will do a barbarian and savage table. Viking tragedy table? Any Suggestions for grimy gory character history??? Nonhuman tables?

Thinking of seasonal based domain events 12d12 or 12d20 - might bunch into seasons will be some yearly and other tables. D100 dungeon underworld vice. D100 Demons?

This d100 implies a large poverty filled nasty city state - defiantly not a LG city. In my game LE always trying to help good and offering to help good with a bloodthirsty wars, fear and grinding down the will of man. LG guys will on Exile Island will end up using LE help when evil chaos Invading - a symbiotic relationsgip emerges with CG and and CN pushed out of public debate. CN tend to become guerrilla bandits if a LE regime sets in robing from the rich and giving to the poor. Many live in mountain caves in the north just outside the city authority. The Barron is LE some say he is related to Asmodeus the Archduke of Hell. Others say "he is tough but fair" or "but he keeps as free and safe".

d10 Quick Childhood Tragedies for Urban folk

1 Death

2 Poverty
3 Home life
4 Work
5 Law
6 Crime
7 Haunting
8 Monsters
9 Church
10 Magic

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Urban folk
01 Family killed by plague
02 Family killed by gangland killings
03 Family killed by fire burning down home
04 Family murdered by d4 1=cult 2=serial killer 3=madman 4=each other
05 Family executed for d4 1=treason 2=nobles whim 3=framed for crime 4=gang activity
06 Family killed by collapsing family home
07 Family killed during riots over d4 1=food 2=jobs 3=public execution 4=religion
08 Family killed by starvation caused by famine spirits
09 Family killed by monsters d4 1=from sewers 2=undead 3=mutants 4=orcs
10 Family killed by monsters d4 1=lycanthropes 2=doppelgangers 3=stray dog pack 4=demons
11 Practised cannibalism to survive
12 Ran with a gang of street urchins
13 Beaten daily by d4 1=family 2=master 3=gangs 4=police
14 Sold by family to d4 1=slavers 2=gang 3=tradesman as apprentice 4=pimp
15 Forced to betray your friends who were mostly killed
16 Saved by church and abused by clergy
17 Constantly starved had to beg, steal and search garbage to eat
18 Raised by professional panhandlers from the beggars guild
19 Used by murder hobo adventurers as torch or pole bearer
20 Raised in terrible abusive orphanage
21 Homeless and lived on the streets and rubbish dumps, never sleeping same place twice
22 Lived in horrible gangland slum, constantly in peril
23 Lived in a gang house performing chores and petty crime
24 Lived in a terrible apartment complex rife with gangs and disease
25 Lived under a staircase in a apartment performing chores for scraps
26 Lived in a graveyard stealing offerings to the dead to live and sleeping with skeletons
27 Lived in the sewers with gangs of filthy urchins
28 Lived for years without sunlight in the crawlspaces in a bridge
29 Lived locked in attic or basement by d4 1=mad family 2=cult 3=gang 4=magician
30 Lived in a madhouse with terrible abuse till escape
31 Worked in a dangerous sweatshop for meagre food and board
32 Worked in mines digging fragile tunnels under and around city
33 Worked in a brothel performing chores and learning the trade
34 Worked as a slave performing back breaking labour
35 Worked as a rat catcher in sewers and alleys but got to eat and sell your catch
36 Worked as a gong farmer cleaning city sewers, cesspits and latrines
37 Worked as apprentice but beaten and abused by master
38 Worked as a house servant to well off masters who abused and whipped you
39 Worked as a street seller selling awful goods to earn your keep
40 Worked as a pit fighter for illegal fight clubs
41 Scarred by the lash from public flogging
42 Left to die in cesspit when caught plague in prison
43 Born and raised in prison then released when adult
44 Tortured in dungeon for years before escaping
45 Wanted by law and constantly in fear for d4 1=espionage 2=murder 3=sacrilege 4=treason
46 Stranded on island alone for petty crimes
47 Branded or tattooed as a criminal
48 Escaped potentially fatal exposure d4 1=chained to rock 2=in gibbet 3=crucified 4=in cage
49 Questioned, tortured and persecuted by secret police who considered you an informant
50 Worked as a guard until a mistake had you thrown in dungeon for several years
51 Forced to join a gang who became your family
52 Hunted by one of cities biggest mobs who never forget
53 Hunted by a order of assassins who blame you for cover being blown
54 Family were a gang affiliated with a dangerous mob
55 Raised to be a assassin by a secret society
56 Covered in gangland tattoos from your mobster days
57 Apprenticed to a thieves guild who never let you quit
58 Reformed drug addict and enslaved by dealers for years
59 Were in a gang that robbed and murdered daily
60 Was a terrible gambler in debt to a d12 gangs
61 Spirit used your body to kill dozens of people and you don't even know why
62 Haunted by phantoms cursing you for your d4 1=sins 2=blasphemy 3=ancestors 4=bad spirits
63 You were possessed for years by a d4 1=demon 2=ghost 3=spirit 4=long dead wizard
64 A evil spirit haunts and tempts you, only you can see him without magical sight beyond sight
65 A spirit in you led to family all killing each other
66 Haunted house owned by family, one by one they disappeared just tormented you
67 Undead tried to enter house at night as a childhood
68 Ancestral spirits tell you what a disappointment you are constantly criticising you
69 Used to rent yourself to vampires for cash
70 Employed as a grave robber till undead chased you all night in catacombs
71 Almost drowned in a huge rat swarm and still have nightmares
72 Had terrible berserker disease from being mauled by stray dog pack but clergy healed you
73 A doppelganger of you committed many terrible crimes your still discovering
74 One of your lovers was a supernatural being d4 1=spirit 2=demon 3=changeling 4=were rat
75 Infected by lycanthropy and use folk medicine to keep at bay, fever every full moon
76 Blood sucking stirge owls menaced you as a small child now you hate flapping sounds
77 You've seen several mimics attack and kill now you are ware of anything chest sized
78 Were-rat gang kidnapped and converted several of your siblings
79 Discovered you have mysterious bloodline of a non human race or monster
80 Badly tormented by non humans d6 1=Orcs 2=Goblins 3=Goat Men 4=Kobolds 5=Ogre 6=Troll
81 Member of a dangerous and illegal cult who never let members escape
82 Lived with a moralistic sect performing charity and self flagellation for years
83 A cult raised you from the dead and consider you their agent
84 A religion declared you a blasphemer and heretic and members all hate you
85 You were adopted by church orphanage into hands of a evil high priest
86 You witnessed a secret rite and now a major religion hunts you
87 Family cast you out for not respecting the family sect and mocking your ancestors
88 You bear the mark of the chosen one, you escaped being sacrificed by a cult, god claims you still
89 Corrupt church officials tormented you d4 1=witch hunter 2=exorcists 3=inquisition 4=templars
90 Religious mob chased you to d4 1=torture 2=hunt you 3=burn you 4=tear you apart with hands
91 A magician used you as a guinea-pig for cursed items and flawed potions for years
92 Were born a hideous mutant living in slums till cured in exchange for dodgy favour
93 You were charmed by a sorcerer for years who used you as a plaything
94 A sorcerer says he grew you fully grown in a vat and you were his slave for years
95 You used to be a cannibal a doppelganger but you got stuck
96 Found a cursed item on corpse in trash heap, has taint of evil but handy and you cant drop it
97 You met a magical being who guided your alignment d4 1=planar 2=elemental 3=fey 4=spirit
98 Being offered you powers if you become champion of the entity in this world
99 Implanted with demon seed embryonic child monster d4 1=1d12 years old 2=d4 years ago 3=d4 days ago 4=soon
100 You have hidden minor cosmetic mutation you must hide or be shunned outcast

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