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d100 Childhood Tragedies for Villager folk

So I thought some background tables could be handy. Will do one for nobles, urban poor and another for why you were sent to exile island. Possibly need one for non human races too.

I have about 300+ 1/72 armies coming in including celtic leaders with male and female druids, women chariots, and other goodies. I got the Arcane Legions starter box with 120 minis that are claimed to be 25mm but if you dont include base fit in better with 20mm or 1/72 (most are abour 22-24 mm). The box set includs some figures that will pass as historical but have gigantic twin sword wielding Romans and undead Egyptians. The line includes centaurs which might be nice, roman bear cavalry and egyptian lion rining women. I clipped off all the pegs that fit minis into unit boards and will throw most of the box set away. I like concept of mythic war gaming but I think the Osprey mythic fantasy rules might be better. Have some gamers interested in this project.

d10 Quick villager tragedy table
1 Family deaths
2 Terrible home life
3 Law and order
4 Ancestral dilemma
5 Adopted
6 Personal suffering
7 Haunted
8 Monsters
9 The gods hate us
10 Magical Happening

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Villager folk
01 Family deaths from natural disaster
02 Family deaths from plague
03 Family deaths from famine
04 Family deaths from wild animals
05 Family deaths from farm accident
06 Family deaths from bandits or raiders
07 Family deaths from legal authorities
08 Family deaths from cannibalistic starving villagers
09 Family deaths from crazed murderer (possibly a kinsman)
10 Family deaths from open warfare
11 Terrible home life from incompetent careless parents
12 Terrible home life from family cult
13 Terrible home life from abusive drunken dad
14 Terrible home life from cruel step mother
15 Terrible home life from bullying siblings
16 Terrible home life from zealous puritanical church
17 Terrible home life from criminal family
18 Terrible home life from family sweatshop
19 Terrible home life from parents busy carousing
20 Terrible home life from family of gamblers
21 Family persecuted by tax collectors
22 Family in massive debt to moneylenders
23 Family mostly imprisoned or enslaved
24 Family persecuted by abusive aristocrats
25 Family struggling under cruel landlords
26 Family in debt to crime family protection racket
27 Family sold children to gangs, pimps and sweatshops
28 Family incompetent with money in terrible poverty
29 Family servants to cruel masters
30 Family scattered by warfare and disaster
31 Family are inbred, many secretly mad and deformed
32 Father not real parent of you or siblings, mum was a tramp
33 Family all blame you for mum dying giving birth to you
34 Mother was ravished by d4 1=bandits 2=nobles 3=priest 4=cultists
35 Mother seduced by d4 1=noble 2=bandit 3=spirit 4=clergy
36 Family last of ethnic minority, almost last of their kind
37 Family practiced outmoded customs and religion making them outcasts
38 Family kin with wild forest and cave folk making them outcasts
39 Family infamous for some misdeed of the past
40 Family follow unpopular sect or heresy they have to hide from most people
41 Found and raised by pirates or bandits or gang
42 Adopted in secret due to birthmark, hunted by d4 1=cult 2=tyrant 3=witch 4=monsters
43 Family executed and you were spared d4 1=cannibals 2=cultists 3=poisoners 4=traitors
44 Family adopted you and reluctant to tell about your real family
45 Family adopted you as an abandoned infant to replace own child who died
46 Found and raised by monks or clergy in a holy place
47 Bought as infant to be a servant or apprentice by master or mistress
48 Feral child lived wild with animals till reformed by d4 1=priest 2=hunter 3=farmer 4=non-humans
49 Raised by a monster d4 1=ate your family 2=rescued you 3=found you 4=real parent but cursed
50 Abandoned and raised by non humans d4 1=elves 2=dwarves 3=halflings 4=gnomes
51 Caught and tormented for months by d4 1=bandits 2=humanoids 3=cult 4=lawmen
52 Chased by a mob accused of d4 1=cannibalism 2=poisoning 3=witchcraft 4=murder
53 Almost killed by terrible accident, saved and healed but traumatised
54 Discovered community infiltrated with shape changers and fled
55 Witnessed cultist performing ritual and now hunted by them, had to flee home
56 Killed someone defending a loved one d4 1=landlord 2=noble 3=tax collector 4=sheriff
57 Almost killed by unknown murderer but survived and recovered
58 Suffered a debilitating ailment until healed by holy person
59 Outcast for rejecting d4 1=local custom 2=religious sacrifice 3=new faith 4=new leader
60 Ran away to avoid arranged marriage, both families want you punished
61 Haunted by angry ancestral spirits
62 Village haunted by child eating ghost
63 Local water supply haunted by drowning spirit
64 Family home haunted by many ghosts
65 Angry farm spirits tormented family
66 Elves cursed farm animals and crops
67 Trolls menaced local bridges and roads by night
68 Local graveyard was crawling with dead by night
69 Loved ones turned into undead by necromancer
70 Kin murdered and ghosts plead for vengeance and justice
71 Monsters enslaved your family and carried them away
72 Monsters killed and ate your family
73 Monsters reduced your family to idiot simpletons
74 Monsters turned family into lycanthropes
75 Monsters turned family into undead
76 Monsters carried your kin into a hole in the ground
77 Monsters destroyed family home with fire killing your family
78 Monsters killed family with poison or disease
79 Monsters turned your family into evil servants
80 Monsters turned your family into stone
81 Gods struck family mad and the poor idiots mostly starved
82 Gods turned family into animals or plants
83 Gods lured family into a gateway in the side of a hill
84 Gods had family hurled into flaming pit by devils or demons
85 Gods of old lured family into the sea to serve them
86 Gods struck a kinsman mad and they killed family then themselves
87 Gods destroyed family for blasphemy
88 Gods carried away kin to serve them in heavens
89 Gods servitor murdered whole family
90 Gods enemies killed your family for being so pious
91 A witch cursed family who mostly came to terrible ends
92 A wizard turned family into orcs to serve him in a dungeon
93 A sorcerer turned family into drug addict cultists, dont remember you
94 Family were gradually replaced by shape shifters who fled when discovered
95 Family brought home a cursed item resulting in deaths and disappearance of kin
96 Family died in magical explosion from unknown source
97 Wizard turned family member into monster who killed rest of kin
98 Evil cultists summoned otherworldly creature that murdered family
99 Kin charmed by magic and rest killed or vanished trying to save them
100 Kin lost in dungeon and rest killed or vanished trying to save them

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  1. I like it, very yoinlable for my current game where everyone Is starting as poor commoners with such ambitions as "buy good shoes" or "get good weapons".


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