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d100 Childhood Tragedies for Noble folk

Will do more of these in the "why you grew to be a messed up adventurer" series. Had request to do a domain event table. Probably need to do a guild or gang or school or temple version too. So got my d100 backbrain rolling out stuff again yay!

d10 Quick Childhood Tragedies for Noble folk
1 Family deaths
2 Madness
3 Legal Threat
4 Ancestral deeds
5 Hostage or ransom
6 Personal torment
7 Haunted
8 Monsters
9 The gods hate us
10 Magical Happening

d100 Childhood Tragedies for Noble folk
01 Family beheaded by mob
02 Family tortured to death by enemies
03 Family poisoned by unknown enemies
04 Family killed by invading military force
05 Family burned alive in family estate
06 Family kept in dungeon slowly died one by one forgotten
07 Family assassinated one by one sent by unknown enemies
08 Family murdered by enemy usurper who stole everything
09 Family murdered by kinsman attempting to control clan
10 Family killed each other in bloody kin war
11 Clan head struck by madness and ruined families position
12 Family famous for madness
13 Clan head struck by paranoia and killed many kinsman and scattered the rest
14 Family gaining reputation as torturers and murderers
15 Mad clan increasingly crazily and punishes any who question them
16 Family leaders have launched a crusade and persecute a group of victims
17 Family religious fanatics and have joined a sect of fanatic inquisitors
18 Family has many practitioners of forbidden magic
19 Clan openly worship evil planar beings
20 Family have own asylum where they imprison any kinsmen who dont leader
21 Clan outlawed and scattered
22 Family branded heretics and driven away by church
23 Family outcast by king for treason and fled to distant hiding place
24 Family sent to rule over isolated worthless territory and forgotten
25 Forced into marriage with unpleasant mate and fled before wedding
26 Family outlawed and property seized by kings men
27 Family financially ruined by bad debts and estate lost
28 Born a bastard and always treated second rate by family
29 Born out of wedlock but kept around estate to be kept close
30 Siblings framed you with scandal to get you out of the way
31 Ancestor revealed to be necromancer and crypt empty
32 Ancestor was a secret murderer and victim corpses found on estate to this day
33 Ancestor mated with inhuman beings some otherworldly
34 Ancestor famous black magician who sacrificed peasants
35 Ancestor famous for cruel torture in hidden dungeon
36 Ancestor led a cult for years terrifying commoners
37 Ancestor became a monster d4 1=lycanthrope 2=vampire 3=lich 4=mummy
38 Ancestor vanished with important treasure of the kingdom
39 Ancestors plundered foreign lands and brought back terrible artifact
40 Ancestors involved in the fall of the old kingdom and rewarded by the new
41 Sent to live with foreign enemies as hostage
42 Captured by bandits for ransom for several years
43 Kidnapped by cult and used as hostage
44 Sent to kings court to ensure families cooperation
45 Raised by clan enemies as part of peace settlement
46 Kept in rulers dungeon to ensure clan obedience
47 Locked in tower by wizard to keep clan silent
48 Taken by wicked knight to extract gold from family
49 Lived with pirates for years till ransom paid by clan
50 Taken by humanoids to ensure your clan leave them be
51 Family tortured you for entertainment
52 Family tried to blame crimes on you to absolve selves
53 Sent to study in boarding school without family contact
54 Sent to study under cruel master to learn your trade
55 Survived the plague but almost died
56 Wounded in hunting accident and took over a year to recover
57 Had a illicit love affair and sweet heart killed by your family
58 Accidentally killed a sibling while having adventure
59 Had a child out of wedlock in secret while young
60 Accidentally buried alive while recovering from plague
61 Stalked by evil spectre of wicked ancestor who tried to make you like them
62 Possessed by a ghost for several years then discarded when no longer needed
63 Phantoms tormented you as a child
64 Disappointed ancestors tormented your dreams
65 Ancestor walked from crypt to haunt you but was finally stopped by priest
66 A vampire ancestor used to feed from you as a youth
67 A tormented ancestor spirit begged you to redeem their tragic mistake
68 Ancestor looked just like you and you have heard their whispers in your dreams
69 A lich ancestor sent clan a letter on your birth announcing your betrothal to them
70 Phantom lover visited till you discovered they were d4 1=an ancestor 2=vampire 3=demon 4=witch
71 Your family sent you as child sacrifice to a monster but a hero rescued you
72 You were kidnapped by a hag for many years
73 A hoard of humanoids kept you to serve their king who humiliated you
74 You were taken to elfland and when you returned your clan was long forgotten
75 Giants captured you and you were a plaything of their children for years
76 A devil knight held you in a tower and slew many clan heroes who tried to save you
77 Ogres or trolls captured you and almost ate you till a hero rescued you
78 You lived as a lycanthrope for years till a holy person healed you
79 Goatmen took you as a sacrifice but you escaped to find nobody believed you
80 Fishfolk kidnapped you and your memories are blurry and you have nightmares
81 A blasphemous cult held you as a mate for their god but you managed to escape
82 A angry god sent monsters to destroy your family holdings
83 A cult tried to take your family over but instead there was a bloodbath
84 A god was offended and estate fell into poverty and ruin
85 Gods offended by clan and turned family into monsters
86 Family connected to history of evil relic granted by evil god
87 Clan head tried to change religion and massive uprising left family estate an empty ruin
88 Goddess was offended and no new children born in family since
89 Clan has waged war with demonic cult for generations
90 Family lands forced to sacrifice of gold and children to a demon every decade
91 Family estate with family gathering vanished leaving bare earth in place
92 Family over run with monsters d4 1=lycanthropes 2=vampires 3=faerie folk 4=doppelgangers
93 Family estate and clan cursed and sealed from world with monster guardians
94 Cult coven has infiltrated clan and turned to blasphemy
95 Clan offended a high witch who now has clan leader under thrall
96 Druids offended by clan developments and most of family turned into wild animals
97 Family robbed and ruined by gremlin plague in clan estaste
98 Clan member meddled with magic and unleashed apocalypse on family estate
99 A wizard destroyed family and home in fiery explosion
100 Family head made demonic pact damning whole clan

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