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D100 From the waters deep

Monsters found in the deep sea could be in undersea caverns as well. You might catch something from deeps on your anchor or magical fishing rod or net. Some creatures surface and hide in the cavernous underland waters and migrate to other realms such as the deep sea or the surface occasionally. Some deep sea air breathing monsters may get access to air in deep sea caves and never surface under the sun. Fish men hybrid creatures such as dolphins, marine dinosaurs, dragons, sea serpents are granted the ability to breathe water as true amphibians so they never need come up from the depths. Albino specimen are common in the great depths as well as creatures having bioluminescence, antenna or tentacles. Evil gods and demons and fey folk and more lurk in the depths interbreeding with local spirit folk like elves, abhumans and changeling’s as well.

Anyway the point is evils underwater death darkness chaos monster encounters. Has been on my to do  list for a while.

Use these tables for when:
Deep sea fishing
Deep underwater exploration in the dark depths
Strange things at sea at night, often attracted to lights
Exploring deep underground water ways
Deep in a well or sinkhole or aquatic caves
In a backwoods lake or stream
In pool near a time portal
In a alien saucer hight pressure tank
Pool in the frog cult temple
In pit under newt kings bed

d10 Quick deep horrors
1 Hybrid horrors
2 Giant sea monsters
3 Tako folk from good or evil kingdom
4 Slimy spineless horrors
5 Exoskeleton horrors
6 Cephalopoda and tentacles
7 Undersea abhumans
8 Fishmen up to no good
9 Other humanoids of the deep
10 Weird stuff

d12 Deep Water Species Changes

1 Albino
2 Blind with white eyes, but rely on other enhanced sense
3 Thermal vision, can see body heat
4 Bioluminescent, some have luminous lamp from forehead or use to communicate or scare
5 Facial tentacles are superior touch and can act as a hand for motor skills
6 Poison bite or sting extra attack or combine with existing one d4 1=paralasys 2=sleep 3=dead 4=disease
7 Additional sense d4 1=sonar 2=huge eyes with nightvision 3=pressure sense 4=direction sense
8 Biolelectic powers, can see other living fields and can cast a stun spark every turn, save or stun
9 Chaos Sorcery powers
10 Chaos mutation
11 Glasslike transparent flesh and bones
12 Extra d4 tentacles can make unarmed grappling attacks at long range

100 Deep water water chaos horrors
01 Undead chaos mermaid part deep sea fish casts spells
02 Sea ogre with net and trident tries to kidnap for slavery or snack
03 Sirens using magic to be amphibious
04 Sea-lion actually half fish and lion hunt in packs and can flop about on land
05 Chaos crabman torso on giant crab body like a centaur
06 Blood kelp sea plant plant that swims, entangles and eats prey. 1in6 intelligent and use illusions
11 Cruel plesiosaur 1in6 intelligent with spells
12 Angry tylosaur 1in6 intelligent with spells
13 Crafty ichthiosaur 1in6 intelligent with spells
14 Giant turtle or tortoise some are hostile with hostile humanoids living in shell
15 Huge manta ray one in six surrounded by court of evil chaos worshipping intelligent spawn
16 White whale bristling in rust harpoons hates humanoids, will return as ghost if killed
17 Sea serpent hostile to humans and can crawl on land to nest or eat sheep or children
18 Giant fish hostile to humans who make tiny snacks and may survive in wreck filled stomach for years
19 Island fish beast resembles a land mass from a rock to a island with possibly vegetation growing
20 Degenerate magical sea titan with elemental servants, demands sacrifice, worship and food
22 Tako chaos sorcerers riding a giant d6 1=eel 2=lobster 3=crab 4=trilobite 5=man-o-war 6=baracuda
23 Tako knights riding d6 1=seahorse 2=cheeky dolphin 3=nautilus 4=ammonite 5=flying fish 6=seal
24 Tako hunters of good or evil kingdom with hunting beasts d4 1=shark 2=eel 3=huge squid 4=serpent
25 Tako wizard with another sea horror companion
26 A vampire tako from the dark seeks victims to drain of life
27 A band of young tako tribal hunters good or evil
28 A tako swimming with human spell caster lover, with magical means of breathing
29 A tako servant of a nymph or hag with band of her guards looking for enemies
30 Tako adventurer band from good or evil kingdom
31 A horrible flesh eating polyp rooted rock, lures prey with illusionary mate, food or someone in trouble
32 Huge spine covered star fish with savage beak that grabs victims
33 Horrid huge worm that hides under debris or burrows into floor, ambushes with snatching jaws
34 Horrible red worms that live in calcium tubes may ooze out en mass if flesh nearby
35 Huge beautiful luminous jellyfish with long tendrils groping for food
36 Gigantic aquatic slug can flatten self over large area when swimming or grappling
37 Huge worm nests in burrow and can swim or crawl out of water, or burst through ground
38 Huge tentacled anemone can grow move out of water often in groups to seize creatures
39 Man-o-war with trailing tentacles dragging out a huge distance 1in6 have magic to lure in victims
40 Gelatinous horror crawls on land or swim in sea, paralyzes and engulfs prey
41 Giant nautilus with hostile undersea humanoids or monsters live inside and protect home
42 Kraken overlord of the deep with spells and minions of a servitor race
43 Giant Wiley squid tries to snatch a snack by stealth at first 1in6 intelligent with spells
44 Giant ammonite looking to steal some snacks
45 Young kraken looking for slaves to steal to his undersea cave
46 Giant octopus angered by humans turns crimson and goes beserk
47 Octopus pulling chariot clam shell with catfishman sorcerer and his sharkman bodyguard
48 Flying giant squid seeks prey he can drag back to lair to eat (skysquid)
49 Mutant octopus with thorn tentacles and swollen brain and magic powers
51 Aquatic centipede like thing chases, poisons and snatches corpse to lair
52 Aquatic Scorpion aggressive preditor
53 Lobster tries to snatch victim and flee to lair
54 Crab crawling carefully with precise yet brutal flesh shredding claws
55 Trilobite savagely attack often in groups flopping about biting wildly
56 Aquatic Spider lurking in ambush or staling creepily tracking a victim
57 Dragonfly larvae with possible adults near or adaptation for permanent aquatic form
58 Giant sea urchin rolls on poisonous spines and can impale them into victims
59 Giant hermit crab possibly with family of creatures in shell who defend home
60 Horseshoe crab with might armoured shell
61 Sharkmen berserker mercenaries out killing for their master
62 Crab men with nets who live to eat tasty meatpeople for the surface world
64 Aquatic tribe of lizard men like sea iguana, savage hunters of deep or land
65 Lobster men wearing hand necklaces excitedly close on party
66 Squidmen performing foul rites to summon aquatic or amphibious demons
67 Jellyfish men attack mindlessly flinging stinging tendrils at humans
68 Serpent men amphibious science/magic team on a dread mission of evil
69 Newtmen angered by humans will become enrages and form a growing mob that peruses party
70 Eelmen stalking prey and making sleazy comments to enemies
71 Fishmen with captives being taken to temple in the depths
72 Fishmen tribe carrying holy leader on submersible palanquin with gold statuettes
73 Catfish man sorcerer with gang of minions d4 1=eelmen 2=fishmen 3=sharkmen 4=crabmen
74 Fish men commandos with spell caster riding mechanical bronze fish automaton
75 Young fish men gang playing with severed human head, winner gets to eat it
76 Sharkman ogre with fish men gang looking for loot and food, enjoys terrorising prisoners
78 Fishfolk witch coven call upon d4 1=manta ray 2=seademon 3=sharks 4-sea serpent
79 Fishmen druids call sea creatures and create sargassums of weed with magic
80 Fishmen with dolphin hybrids
81 Sea dark elves horrid chaos cultists try to cruelly torment and kill with magic
82 Chaos sea horse men riding flying sea horses
83 Sea goblins riding d4 1=goblin sharks 2=chaos tako 3=manta ray 5=
84 Sea unicorn half fish half unicorn protected the under sea kelp forest
85 Giant jellyfish with sea goblins living inside
86 Mermaid royalty with shark chariot guards
87 Chaos merman berserker tribe looking for a fight
88 Selkie seducers lure to place of human sacrifice
89 Kelpie beautiful amphibian horses actually dark changeling sorcerers, children of great sea hag
90 Demonic sea changelings with d4 1=pet giant animals 2=lamprey men assassins 3=barracuda men
91 Sea dragon from sea king court in human form in shimering robes
92 Sea spirit folk changeling connected to 1=seaweed forests 2=fish court 3=darkness 4=sea dragons
93 Kleptocrabs follow sneakily to steal equiptment, if spotted will scatter, grab stuff and flee
94 Hostile bird men warlock adventurers d6 1=puffinmen 2=dodomen 3=gullmen 4=ibismen 5=penguinmen 6=albatrosmen
95 Sea lycanthrope turns from men into amphibian monster d4 1=wolf/shark 2=seal (selkie) 3=shark 4-
96 Philosopher jellyfish man with tiny limbs on bloated body, gives wise advice advice while eating victims
97 Swarm of killer krill eat everything in path for 8 hours a day and lay millions of eggs (tasty)
98 Sea hag in hut who might provide knowledge in return for something shameful of horrible or both
99 Slimy swarm of electric eels with collective consciousness formed from their bioelectric swarm aura
100 Undead crewed ghost treasure ship with phantom marines and a spectral captain attack the living

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