Saturday 13 December 2014

Dungeon Decor Revision - bricks and floors and walls

These are just some quick ways to make Redbrick dungeons have variations when your players start thinking they are best avoided. Mixing with some other dungeon zones a good way to vary like a bit of the gothic or goblin mine. Obviously I can upscale humanoids from kobolds to something more deadly in scale with adventurers. I mixed dwarf decor with undead to table generate a lost dwarf city once. Some of the core Redbrick mechanics I will put on a single sheet for convenience. Making record forms to document random dungeons on before hand. It's fair to say i have not had a party clean out a dungeon properly since I started playing again probably 5 years back so sandbox tools with modular variations seem the only way to go. Even buying a dungeon seems a problem. Party does tend to miss half the treasure too mind you. Nobody wins in a dungeon sigh.

d20 Bricks and surface variants table
This table is if everyone is suspicious of red brick by reputation or just to have changes in different areas.

1 Grey evenly cut large stone slabs
2 Yellow sandstone with fossil ammonites and shells
3 Black basalt huge slabs fit perfectly
4 Irregular perfectly packed and fitted rocks
5 Plastered walls, possibly fresco murals
6 Muddy walls supported by logs and planks
7 Green round slime covered rocks
8 Walls of soft loamy soil, packed full of worms and bugs
9 Ancient glazed or plastered mud brick with relief art
10 Covered in graffiti, rubble, and crap
11 Dripping wet, semi flooded in parts
12 Dried mud surfaces, wooden door frames, all angles smoothed
13 Mass of living roots
14 White marble slabs
15 Riveted metal walls shiny, rusty, copper or black soot covered
16 Wooden panelled neat carpentry over rubble and rock
17 Smaller orange, grey, red, brown or green bricks, some glazed
18 Plaster wall embedded with coloured ceramic cones forming patterns
19 Tiny tiles, mosaic or plain coloured like rail station or hospital or swimming pool
20 Concrete with stencilled signage

d20 Floors and corridor additions table
This is to ad some extra detail to the walls and surfaces table. Could vary per level or area. Dungeon slime creatures and scarabs are commonly employed to clean up many dungeons.

01 A few inches deep in clear water
02 Dirty filthy water with bugs
03 Water and raw sewerage
04 Covered in garbage,
05 Remains of bones and stinking fragments of monster food
06 Dried and dedicated bones and human or monster remains
07 Crawling with bugs or rats
08 Covered straw mixed with vomit, sewerage and garbage that the locals change seasonally or yearly
09 Scoured clean by hard working slaves, monsters or some gelatinous horror
10 Blood spattered everywhere, some corpses in varied states
11 Chunks of monster dung and puddles of urine
12 Worms writhing and crawling about
13 Mud spattered all over floors with footprints everywhere
14 Dust and dirt all over floors
15 Moss and lichen with patches of fungus
16 Floor worn smooth from aeons of footsteps
17 Floor worn smooth from water, puddles, slippery spots and even streams cutting into floor
18 Chunks or rubble and stones scattered over floor
19 Cobwebs everywhere up to ceiling
20 Cracks everywhere with animal or gremlin burrows


  1. It's just a coincidence I am posting a table that looks oddly like this in the next couple days, I swear.

    1. all good - the odnd bloggersphere all surfing same zietgiest - happens alot - actually revised fron several years ago


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