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Robot Spell list and Character Class

Thats right cobbers, a robot spell list.
Will do Mutant one later.....

Suggestions welcome for next three levels spells 567 - still being tested.

Possibly use list or option of being a cyborg, android etc or use list for these as classes 
Inspired by Anomalous Subsurface Environment
Wanted for Psychon, SF DnD and apocalypse setting even long stairsI guess a magic golem version would be fine too...
Robot Combat:
A robot does 1d4 damage with unarmed combat and is considered proficient in brawling
A robot gains +1 AC per level by adding armour to the basic body
At 5th, 10th, 15th and 20th get an extra attack

A Robot Cannot:
Jump just fall
swim just sink to bottom
breathe but does not need air
be harmed by most poisons

A robot drained of energy levels ejects hardware modules and its apps are corrupted
A sentient robot brain can be charmed and effected by mental spells

Robots need 8 hours down time per 24 hours to recharge tech spell apps, debug and repair
Robot can avoid shutdown without power source 1+COn bonus without
Robots require powers source pick or roll one
1 solar - require 8 hours sunlight
2 fuel - any flammable liquid 1/2 gallon per level per day but v one food processor will provide all needs if eats organics
3 battery – requires 1 hour to recharge from a power plant
4 broadcast – rely on ancient broadcast power net for 8 hours a day, reception may be poor at times

A robot gets
HD: 1d8
Prime Stat: Con
WP: 2 (+1/2nd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/2nd Lv)
Non-WP mod: -3
Languages: 2d4 (+1/2nd Lv) S=spoken and W=written
(machine coded beeps for speech (often by radio) and punchcards or tapes for read)

Spells: As per robot list progress as cleric
NWP: Any may select modern skills
Shield: none
Armour: none
Weapon: Any weapon may select modern firearms
Fight as: Priest
Save as: Priest

Robot spells are hardware modules and tech. A robot is always working on upgrades and starts with at least 4 zero and one first level tech spells. Once you have a module you have that part. You get a new item every level you have been working on and can steal parts from other robots and keep them handy for future upgrades. With 8 hours per level and a NWP repair or robotics skill can swap a module. Many actually make ammunition and require the robot eat metal and organics and minerals to renew ammo. Most attack spells and abilities need hit rolls. Most explosive and energy weapons save vs or take 1/2.

Good Robots have anti killing protocol and will try to help dying living beings
LG dont like killing ever but beserk protocols can overide this but they feel bad after and keep wanting to call authorities
CG dont mind if others kill but avoid it themselves
NG dont mind if others kill in self defense or necessity like food
Nuetral Robots kill with a reason like defence of human
Evil robots kill without a worry
LE kill enemies or threats and may threaten civilian hostages but always know why
NE kill without concern if bothered by living or want something
CE kill and experiment with murder randomly for curiosity

under my additional alignment schemata....
balanced and middle types will contemplate current necessity

Robots tend to be viewed as monsters or property and get 1/2 followers for CHA

Robot – lv 0 tech                                                                                                                                                           
Media Box
Plays music & video
Auto Repair
Heal 1hp/lv per day
Credit Transactor
Read cards and access data
Kitchen Appliances
basic cooking tools
Radio Coms
1 mile per lv
Stun Gun
10/lv under 4HD 1r x1/2lv/day
Weather Sensor
Predict and read weather
Sewing Machine
basic fabric repair tools
30y/lv 30 degree cone light
very loud, heard a mile away
Take and display pictures
prints data on tape or cards
Targeting laser
+1 to hit missile & rangefinder
Telescopic Vision
100y per lv close up
20/lv retractable rope
Black Box
back up data and personality
Harden Shell
+1 AC
Ranged Microphone
overhear 20 per lv
restrain prisoner
Jumping Jacks
can jump as a human
Low Light Vision
see B&W in dark
Cyber Nose
has a sense of smell
Retractable Probe
10 foot retractable pole
1 foot/lv
Radar Scanner
Sense radar and radio emissions
Parabolic Hearing
only surprised on 1in6
Fire Extinguisher
put out spot fires 1/lv
Medical Kit
always has a first aid kit
built in repair tools
Taste Sensor
has a sense of taste
Match Filament
start fires, burn holes in things
Cleaners Kit
vacuum, polisher, sanitizer
Drill Bit
1d6 damage, destroy locks
Touch Receptors
has a sense of touch
Eye Laser
10/lv 1d3 dam x1/2lv
keeps stuff cool
Machine Link
Floatation  Device
can float and not sink
Rad Scanner
detect radiation 10/lv
Aerosol Gun
pressurised spray gun
Robot – lv 1 tech                                                                                                                                                          
Food Processor
turns waste into food & fuel
+6 move DEX to turn or crash
Condensation Still
produce water 1person/lv a day
Electronic Scanner
diagnoses tech conditions
Landing Jets
Fall harmlessly x1/lv day
Vocal Mimic
imitate others you have hears
Piton Gun
1d4, 10/lv x1/lv day,
X-ray imager
xray item x1/lv day
Thrust Pack
fly up to 12, move 2, 1/lv/day
Outboard Motor
swim full speed if deployed, loud
+1 CHA more interactive face
heal 1hp x1/lv a day
Holo Projector
Project video images
1d8 circular saw cut steel sheet
Enhanced Intellect
Carbon Analyser
date dead stuff
Battery Pack
Operate on 4 hours downtime
Strength Booster
1d3 1/lv x1/lv 30 degree cone
Spectral Scanner
ranged chemical analysis
Microbrew distillery
produce alcoholic drinks
Enhance Strength
Grapple Line
25/lv retractable line + grapnel
Safe Locker
secure locked safe
Las gun
1d6, 30ft/lv, x1/lv day
Enhance Constitution
spin 20y/lv cable per day
Lie Detector
polygraph machine
Flare gun
1d4 x1/lv day light or incendiary
Enhance Dexterity
Smoke Generator
10 radius/lv
Detachable Head
separate head from body
Motion Detector
10/lv sense movement
Armour Plate
+2 AC
Chaff Generator
evades radar x1/lv day
3d4/lv 30/lv x1 shot
Thermal Vision
20/lv see heat signatures
Silent Locomotion
move quietly most surfaces
Medical Scanner
diagnoses medical conditions
Explosive Sensor
10/lv smells guns and bombs
Robot – lv 2 tech                                                                                                                                                           
Shield Drone
+4 AC vs kinetic missiles
Sonar Emitter
3d Sonic Vision, 10/lv
Energy Sheilding
+2AC vs rad, lasers, lightning
1d3/lv 100/lv x1 shot autohit
Float 10 across or 30 up/R
Threat Analyser
see AC and powers sources
Energy Pike
1d10 energy weapon 1r/lv day
1d6 3y/lv retractable tentacle
Electronic key
Open Locks x1/lv day
Read a mind, 1/lv day
Slug Pistol
2d4 10/lv x2/lv day (add ammo)
Collapsible Shield
folding large shield
Arc Gun
2d8 dam, 1 shot every 4lv, save
Survey Drone
MV 24, r/lv day
Attack Drone
MV 12 1d4 x1lv day shuriken
Fire Resistant
-1 dam per die fire & heat dam
Auto Repair
heal 1d8+1/lv on self
Holo Screen
+2AC Illusionary cover 1r/Lv day
Incendiary Drone
2d6 10 radius 100/lv x1 day
Shock Resistant
-1 dam per die electrical dam
Heat Ray
1HP/lv 1xLv day
Jump Jets
Jump 10/lv x1/lv day
Static Field
cling to surfaces x1/lv day
Anti-personnel mines
2d6 3y rad, zero range, x1/4lv 
Berserk Protocol
+2 hit&dam trance 1/lv
+2 save electronic mind control
Logic Gates
+2 save magic and psionics
Net Gun
10/lv, save or held 1/lv x1 day
Mineral Scanner
scan 1/lv under soil & ID
Spark Shooters
2d6 cone, 10/lv x1 day, save
Clothing Replicator
fed fibre makes suit/lv day
Cycle Mode
x2 speed, can be ridden, 1t/lv
Pain Ray
cone, save or -2 hit, 1r/lv, x1 day
Seizure Eyes
1d3 stun 10/lv cone, x1 day
Ammo Replicator
makes 1d6/lv bullets day
Submersible Mode
full MV underwater, 1t/lv
Spy Drone
cyberbug 50/lv x1 day
Folding Ladder
10/lv round to deploy or bridge
Frost Ray
1dam/lv 1xLv day
Glider Mode
glider wings, 1t/lv
Robot – lv 3 tech                                                                                                                                                            
Freezing Ray
1d3/Lv save or slow 1t 30Y 1/lv
Life Support
1T/lv, one air mask/2lv
Medi-drone injector 
heal 1d4 x1/lv per day
Ablative Shield
one extra HP/lv
Air Hammer
Blow over 10/lv 1/lv, save or fall 
Locomotive Engine
+50% run speed
Grapple Gun
50/lv flying fox/per lv
heal 1d6 x1/2lv day
Flight Pack
Fly MV12 1/lv day
Auto Surgeon
Tools for healing NWP
Extra Arm
One extra fold out arm
recharge external tech
Recharge Accessory
Recharge 1st or 2nd spell or tool
Damage Control
Repair 2d8+1/lv on self once
Shock Stick
1d6+save or 1r stun
heal 1d6 x1/2lv day
Laser Carbine
2d6+2 100m/lv 1 x1/lv day
Humanoid Form
resemble human fake flesh
Fusion Blade
3d6 fire blade one 1r/lv
Holo Drone
man size illusion 1d6r/lv +sound
Pulse Carbine
10/lv  burst 1d10xd6/3lv    
Cutting Torch
cut 1inch/lv per round 1/lv day
Tear Gas Grenades
100 choke 3m rad frag 1shot/2lv
Chameleon Field
change appearance 1t/lv
d4/lv 1y radius/lv 100/lv x1
Digging Drill
MV3 dirt 1/2 in stone, 1/lv
Plasma Ejector
1d6/lv 30m/lv one target 1/day
Las Drone
mv18 2d6 shot, 1 rnd/lv
Sonic Disruptor
10 1d6+Save or 1r stun, 1/lv
Shock Hull
1d3 per touch, 1t/lv/day
Power Plant
Self powered energy source
no 8 hour shutdown needed
Tear Gas Generator
Fly 24, various forms, wings
Power Lamp
30m/lv cone 1pt vs dead 1hr/lv
EMP Shield
+4 save vs  anti tech fields
Metal Fabricator
make 1d6lb of metal goods /day
Robot – lv 4 tech                                                                                                                                                           
4d6 cone 10 square, 1/2lv day
Adopt a new form per lv
Stasis Pod
store body  inside in stasis
Scout Drone
24/r 1T/lv sky spy drone
Displacement Device
Teleport 30Y/Lv, once per day
Cloaking Screen
illusionary appearance 1t/lv
Drone Hanger
18 2d6 dam make 1/rnd/lv
Radar Unit
sense metallic things 500/lv
Inertia Screen
1/2 kinetic dam, 1r/lv day
Military Laser
50/lv 5d6 x1/2lv
AI Uplink
question orbital of base AI
Web Gun
100 save vs entangle x1/lv day
Psychotronic Ray
30 cone drive temporarily mad
Ice Machine
make foot cube of ice 100/lv
Shield Swarm
1d4 hp/lv 1rnd/lv x1/3lv
Solvent Dispenser
Acid eats 1lb metal or d4/lv
Siege Raft
Expanding foam 10 cube/r lv
Power Claw
2d6 melee damage
Remote Bomb
6d6 4 radius timer or will x1day
Defence Flechettes
3d4 to all in 3 rad x1lv day
Thermal Screen
Immune to Fire 1/lv
Frag Grenades
100 5d6 3m rad frag 1shot/2lv
duplicate small things 1lb/lv day
Caltrop Dispencer
1d4 in a 10 square/rnd x1T Lv
Radiation Screen
Immune to Fire 1/lv
Incendiary Grenades
100 3d6 3m rad +fire 1shot/2lv
Machine Gun
50/lv burst 10x2d6 bullets/lv
Sonic Screamer
3m rad/lv Save or cant think
Corrosive Shielding
½ damage from acid or rust
Chem Sensor
analyse chem samples ID purpose
Rocket Pod
50/lv fires 4x3d6 2m rad x1 day
Dirigible Mode
12 1hr/lv fly 1 person/lv crew

Spell ideasMachine Virus 5
recharge lower level ability 5 and 7
disease nanoids for good or evil 5
poison nanoids for good or evil5
more healing self and humans 5
let you alter lower level spells over 8hr recovery (transmog your modules) 5 and 7
teleport (possibly just asks AI) 6
Orbital Reflector - covers 1km in light 5
Orbital killsat (satellite weapons) 6
Orbital tac nuke 7
Orbital Mapping (satellite spy sends maps with scans) 5
Force field 6
TK Tractor/presser beams 5
A burst fire belt fed grenades launcher 6
A Minigun 6
A pulsed plasma gun 5
A laser cannon 6
A Death ray 7
A Disintegration Beam 7
Repair Nanites 5 (regeneration)
Control Nanites 5 charm person or machines
DNA Scanner determine species, paternity, etc 5
Radiation Emitter 6
Mutation Ray 6
Atomic Storm 6
Jet Mode 5
Car Mode 5
Replicate 5 create a lv zero robot baby
Rocket Mode 6
Starfighter Mode 7
Particle Beam 5
Space Vortex 6
Time Vortex 7
Dimensional Vortex 7
Reality Warp 7 grants wishes kinda
Magnetic Screen 5 sheild vs metal
Magnetic Beam 5 TK for metal
Regeneration vat 6
Cloning Vat 7


  1. Gonna need:
    Resist Spurious Logic
    Dispel Spurious Logic
    Field vs Spurious Logic

    To keep Captain Kirk from talking circles around robots positronic banks and confusing tthe poor robots.

  2. Dr who pulls this one - a robomancer might have spell for this or psion with suggestion

    i considered robots must buy kill protocol


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