Tuesday 25 March 2014

d100 Dread Family Secrets

This could be used for the clan that built a haunted house or castle, or even for any wealthy characters. Good for NPCs and red herrings too. Higher the status the more horrible secrets. Adventure hooks aplenty. Could tempt with roll on table for new characters or offer them a starting magic item or higher status for a roll. Some could be secret shames, others public possibly untrue rumours. Most families in Shadelport have dodgy pasts. That's why many clans moved here from empire. Some try to blackmail clans but with most being at least a bit evil that is a dangerous act.

1 roll for wealthy gentry or townsfolk clan
1d3 rolls for landed nobility
1d3+2 rolls for lesser royal family

d100  Dread Family Secrets
01 Parents are siblings, family history of incest, your own sibling loves you
02 Lycantropy runs in family
03 Necromancer ancestor after descendants bodies to be reborn
04 Fish people in distant ancestry
05 Family member is a famous wanted brigand in secret
06 A demon worshiping cultist in family
07 Secret society in family
08 A serial killer in the family
09 Generations of inter sibling violence
10 Ancestral ghost nags descendants to perform horrible acts
11 Ancestral ghost nags descendants to avenge some forgotten crime
12 Ancestral ghost nags descendants for libations of wine
13 Ancestral ghost nags descendants to marry into better bloodline
14 Ancestral ghost nags descendants to sacrifice gold to family burial plot
15 Ancestral ghost nags descendants to follow their favorite cult
16 Famous vampire is ancestor
17 Dread lich is ancestor
18 Ancient Mummy is ancestor
19 Ancestor served a god who meddles in family affairs
20 Cannibalism practiced by some members till recently
21 Ancestors stole a relic or artifact which they keep hidden
22 Ancestral blood feud with other clan over land
23 Ancestral blood feud with other clan over over runaway missing lovers
24 Ancestral blood feud with other clan over missing treasure
25 Ancestral blood feud with other clan over over battlefield betrayal
26 Ancestral blood feud with other clan over murder
27 Ancestor a famous coward
28 Ancestor a famous murderer
29 Rumored to have fairy folk in ancestry
30 Rumored to have humanoids in family
31 Family keeps many mad members of clan locked in family home
32 Family keeps many mutant members of clan locked in family home
33 Family home has many hidden corpses and rumours of phantoms in estate
34 Ancestor made pact with forces of evil to maintain the clan
35 Family really broke on edge of complete ruin
36 Family famous misers
37 Ancestor served forces of darkness as right  hand man
38 Famous ancestor late with message triggered disaster
39 Famous traitor ancestor joined other side in war at crucial moment
40 Ancestor famous sexual pervert people tell stories of to scare children
41 Ancestor ruled a dungeon terrorising locals for a generation
42 Ancestor was cursed by gods for blasphemy, curse still carried by clan head
43 Ancestor murdered children to attain control of clan
44 Ancestor was a famous poisoner
45 Ancestor disappeared in cave with important documents of kingdom
46 Ancestor famous amateur torturer, victims bodies still found in family home
47 Cats hate family and go crazy when near
48 Dogs hate family and go crazy when near
49 Horses hate family and go crazy when near
50 Birds hate family and go crazy when near
51 Family exterminated another family to get land
52 Family usurped title and lad in base act of treachery with original clan
53 Ancestor a notorious grave robber
54 Ancestor a necromancer was was killed for crimes after public trial
55 Ancestors were well known as witches
56 Ancestor witch was hunted and killed by mob, swore vengeance on whole village
57 Ancestor a famous thief of long lost goods owners still want
58 Ancestor lived in now haunted tower or house that locals have sealed up and shunned
59 Ancestor famous slanderer whose malicious lies about other clans still believed today
60 Family home built on a pagan burial ground or temple site
61 Many believe under family home are catacombs with horrible secrets
62 Ancestor linked to unpopular religion, strange pilgrims always visiting
63 Ancestor a famous slaver who killed hundreds cruelly
64 Ancestor a famous drug fiend who ruined other clans with vice
65 Ancestor a famous rake and seducer, hated by many other clans
66 Ancestor a famous popular harlot who was murdered by persons unknown
67 Ancestor rumored to have had other worldly evil lover
68 Clan famed for being thieving lying money grabbers
69 Family stalked by unknown murderers for generations
70 Family mentioned in evil prophecy so changed name in past
71 Family full of rakes and harlots, full of bastard children
72 Everyone thinks family has hidden treasure stash of gold
73 A doomed immortal of clan assumes identity of descendants for legal reasons
74 Family has taint of orc or goblinoid blood, famous brutes
75 Ancestor famously went into forest for secret rites with nonhumans
76 A famous clumsy idiot of clan caused a huge disaster people still not over
77 Ancestor famed necrophiliac burned at the stake
78 A famous cruel hell rake ancestor partied with cults, brigands and drug fiends
79 A famous spouse murderer had 3d4+3 partners before killed by enemies
80 A famous ancestor slandered the crown who, king killed most of the clan
81 A famous ancestor collected forbidden books and ancestors then disappeared
82 A famous cruel sea captain was marooned by crew somewhere
83 A famous knight kidnapped and killed local maidens, rumored to serve devils
84 A ancestor was rumored to have been to hell and back somehow
85 Family have a horrible evil motto most think disgraceful today
86 Famous ancestor last seen riding into hole in hill with demons, a stone slab in place today
87 Ancestor had royal affair and was horribly murdered by rivals and enemies
88 Ancestor started a cult which was stamped out by state after their death
89 At a certain night ghosts appear at clan home to condemn all for villainy
90 Ancestor rumored to have illicit sex with animals, family maintain just enemy slander
91 Ancestor built a strange folly which locals avoid and fear
92 Ancestor known as decadent fiend, last seen at party where demons dragged them away
93 Ancestor collected funds for church then drunk and gambled and whored funds away
94 Started a doomed crusade that resulted in thousands dead and bitter international resentment
95 Famous inquisitor or witch hunter killed hundreds before executed by own followers
96 Briefly an ancestor held top position in kingdom before being murdered by rivals
97 Ancestor rumored to have been evil wizard, torn apart by invisible demons in market square
98 Ancestor rumored to have been demon cultist or offspring, killed by animals in village
99 Ancestor famous magician, crackpots harass clan for magic hidden secrets
100 Ancestors true parent a demon, devil, beast lord or elemental lord


  1. A humble tribute: http://celestialempire.blogspot.com/2014/03/d100-dread-family-secrets.html

  2. i found earlier draft with some extra ones....
    if i do a second one i can borrow back
    cheers i enjoy seeing things like this
    just rewrite entries dont fit in your setting a sound way to use my stuff


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