Friday 7 March 2014

Salty Seamen of Shadel Port

Lots of creativity from sleeping properly early then got two new shifts at new place. Been very creative and digging out my zines and 30 odd self published books i want to make pdf's of. Other good art ideas and doodling with adults in non wanker gallerey with ppl who ive known for years. Some ppl remember my political work from interstate (SA- Adelaide) over 10 years ago. All this is nice getting gigs as artist again.

Did have lots of good ideas in my notebook this week
seem to be wring stuff for my sunken city zone...
deep sea
undead mummy chaos mermaids and horrors from the depths
d100 pirate captains of shadelport
d100 weird sailors, weird captains, weird ships
d100 crypts
drawing bank of metropolis bank notes
drawing octopus princess map of local surface village
koala wagons for gamma oz setting (psychon/gammaworld)
Deco punk tech
the twelve rays of Psychon
d100 ghastly family secrets - could get done for each class
review my 6gun gorilla character in friends wild west game

ideas for game mid year and beyond
Decopunk horror sf game setting for perhaps 6 weeks
shadows in the stars game start in 22nd cetury and play 30,00 years of play
each era they get to try and nudge humanity in a direction of players influence
i have played different eras and rules - dnd version cos it is simple or BRP version because it does specific things well and gritty

Salty Seamen of Shadel Port
Most are male, some female or women in disguise which is a great dramatic moment reveal.
non human sailors possible later table. Some had more exiting or more horrible earlier careers which shaped them.

d12 How did you become a sailor?
1-3 shanghaied against will by ship or navy
4-5 that or prison a fugitive
6-7 that or be killed fugitive
8 orphaned and adopted by crew

9 exiled from homeland for crimes or dishonour
10 bought as slave or from prison
11 broke desperate for cash, possibly debt sold to ship
12 looking for long lost sibling or lover or revenge

d20 Quick Weird Seamen

The city still is the greatest pirate stronghold in world and site of a famous university with remnants of all the prehuman races present so Exile island seamen is weirder than the continents. Will do bigger one later. About 1 in 50 sailors could use this.

1 young giant

2 lycanthrope
3 sailor from seas of hell or the underworld in human form
4 a sea dwarf
5 part elf
6 a sea elf
7 saintly descent
8 tako octopus fairy folk
9 sea gnome
10 halfling
11 beastman
12 shapeshifter
13 orc

14 goblin
15 hobgoblin
16 kobold
17 bugbear
18 ogre
19 troll
20 Undead

d20 Quick Slightly Weird Seamen

Most sea men are just mooks but a few could roll here for extra sparkle. Probably one in six with additional features if you can roll on one again up to three times.

1 Tattooed
2 Drunk
3 Smokes
4 Pervert
5 Drug addict
6 Tells crazy sounding stories

7 Superstitious
8 Really a woman in disguise
9 Really under aged
10 Really older
11 Cursed
12 Sightly elvish
13 Sightly orcish
14 Slightly fish man
15 Cultist
16 Criminal
17 Spy
18 Has encountered strange sea phenomena
19 Has a tragic story
20 Talks about lost treasure

1d12 Seamen Supplies
1 Islander sailor with loincloth, beads, tatoos, barbed javelins, shortbow and spiked club
2 Arctic sailor with facial tatoos, bear tooth, thick furs, harpoon, spear and blubber cutting pole arm
3 Ancient Empire Sailor with loin cloth, sandals, trident, net 

4 Ancient Empire Marine with toga, short sword, two javelins, small shield
5 Old Empire Sailor with shirt, trousers, boots
, hatchet or machete, dagger
6 Old empire Marine with scale armour, sabre, round shield, helmet and spear
7 New Empire Sailor 
shirt, trousers, boots, club, dagger, sabre8 New Empire Marine with shirt, trousers, helm, breast plate, sabre, musket or halberd9 Pirate Sailor with shirt, trousers, boots, sabre, dagger, hatchet
10 Pirate Elite Deathwatch 
with shirt, trousers, boots, sabre, dagger, grenade or pistol 
11 Just press ganged with loincloth, shirt, club
12 Old deckhand with 
shirt, trousers, boots, sabre, dagger, cargo hook, chain

d100 Salty Seamen of Shadel Port
Use for some colourful sailors or use as crew on a ship all at once if needed or just in a dockside pub

01 Corky Barnacles a chubby white haired whaler who enjoys cooking and hacking blubber
02 Marny Downs a sealer from Bloodsand, mean especially to women, kills casually
03 Eric Sandbottom ,ex shipwrecked gone mad and feral but a survivor, doesn't talk often
04 Barnibald Rumtrigger a good explorer, jolly friendly swashbuckler always up for a caper
05 Sarius Jule a explorer for merchant cartels just out for a quick buck and a con job
06 Ralia Dunard a criminal explorer rakehell up for power and conquest by any means
07 Kerabus Chorizzo the chaos cult explorer seeks new forms of chaos to revitalize faith
08 Malhale Denad explorer for the empire but dishonoured, hopes to restore position
09 Talzar Menrab former agent of the balance currently glum and fatalistic and over struggle
10 Abe Stargaze able helmsman and has excellent instincts, friendly to new crew
11 Garzer Codfinger a fisherman who lost all in tsunami and gone to sea, humble, practical 
12 Seb Drooper ex impirial fleet sailor still holds high standards, bosses others around
13 Laden Karse ex merchant sailor, well dressed, tells stories of many foreign ports
14 Douglas Black smuggler of dodgy goods and shifty, always panhandling unsavoury goods
15 Klaus Kuntzman serial killer of prostitutes now gettib old found being a sailor perfect cover
16 Raman Drous old story teller whith a story about everything in the old days
17 Zabu a funny guy who likes jokes, funny songs and is usually popular, nobody crosses him
18 Makana Trag  a crazy incomprehensible story teller whose senile accounts could be right 
19 Dan of the Deep is plug ugly but can swim and dive better than anyone, like a fish!
20 Dick Drake a rum drunk sod hho manages to do everything roaring drunk
21 Stabbs Mc Shank a angry man prone to knifing new recruits and uppity women
22 Caleb Crowseye expert climber and spotter, cheeky has a pet monkey  
23 Zargran Felcher a creepy pervert up to strange sexual practices on ship or anywhere
24 Harrigan Mar covered in pornographic tatoos and loves to put on show for a drink
25 Pelban Gull a tatooed carny man from circus with many exotic skills and vices
26 Menik Jarz a tatoo artist who offers to mark anybody anytime for some grog
27 Pravit Pinsk a tatooed gangster from city gang, obligated by code to be lazy and exploiter
28 Marny Glum a paranoid bitter old fuck who grumbles about the worst all the time
29 Liraz Jarz a singer and bard taken to the sea to learn new songs with captive audience
30 Talia Razzu a woman in disguise as a man seems friendly but quiet likes to fight
31 Jimmy Hops a jolly old timer who is a secret transvestite on shore leave
32 Kazzer Tranz kind ships mate who tries best to keep crew a happy loyal team 
33 Mars Hezzar a reliable ships mate a bit impatient and shouty but not a bully
34 Munarbo a tough but fair ships mate who keeps floggings and keelhauling to a minimum
35 Varjan Syn a tyrant ships mate who uses his club with little provocation
36 Tarndak is the sadist ships mate, years of loneliness and death has made him mean 
37 Carman Vaz  a secret mutant seaman keeps his freak deformities hidden, very private
38 Rarz a hairy savage from strange land with poor language but great drinking skills
39 Vars Greeman a duelist and swashbucler who prefers to rob and humiliate than kill
40 Zarja Doon a wagonless nomad banished from tribe for murder, surly but loves knives
41 Kajuk a polar savage hunter fatalistic about life but longs to escape home to family
42 Ranan a barbarian from the continent who's tribe were exterminated by emperor
43 A sea barbarian dragonboat raider, fierce, prone to beserk fits but loyal and honorable
44 Nako a horse nomad who's tribe have gone soft by assimilating into conquered people
45 Wild savage of the druid king's tribes, snake worshiper of the forests, boastful but short 
46 Rildran Tor a continental farmer kidnapped and now a sailor, glum but still alive
47 Kodra ex slave freeman became sailor as desperate for cash, ship reminds him of home
48 Preda an ex slave escaped from empire when freed by pirates, loves freedom
49 Henny Barx a galley man got into sailing when pirates offered him better jpb or die
50 Kribbix Tharg a gladiator who earned freedom, got in debt and now in this crap hole
51 Malanzo Dorn a crazy treasure hunter and dreamer into get rich quick schemes
52 Hamardo Coraz a treasure hunting psycho who will murder his mother for a gold tooth
53 Hedly Draz a treasure hunting greedy bully always spying on others and robbing them
54 Codran Tarrm rope master who can do amazing tricks with ropes
55 Doc a grumpy old sawbones who hares everyone, enjoys amputation and his filthy tools
56 Cookie, a butterball who can make anything into gruel, likes to catch birds and rats
57 Hradgar a depraved letch sea barbarian, delights in ruining decent men in red light area
58 Jindra Dan an innocent new young cabin boy the delight of all the crew who protect him
59 Donny Skaz a bitter out to survive cabin boy who has been abused and is suspicious
60 Randal Cod a bullied battered abused cabin boy, on his way to becoming a savage bully
61 Rigby dan a scrim-shore artist who spends time on valuable artworks and smoking
62 Praad Gar afraid of ghosts and superstitious, anything bad sets him off on curse theories
63 Greer Turn returned from far east with unusual skills and outlook
64 Barag returned from far west with tatoos and jade lip plug and love of the blood goddess
65 Returned from empire drug adict and wanted criminal, cant return to family
66 Kraw an asian warrior from east with exotic fighting styles but secretive, longs to return
67 Umbuta a lion worshiper from great grazelands of the south a fearless fighter 
68 Matu a islander kidnapped and now enmeshed in new life, dreams of return
69 Kabudda a cannibal islander kidnapped but cannibal ancestor rituals not noticed yet
70 Noh a monk from east amused by funny sailor ways, very clean and patient
71 Amak pirate druggy from east, was agent of a cult but he left years ago but still hooked
72 Ma-leng strange man with turban from mysterious plateau in east, cultist and cannibal
73 Karak Tan a drug dealer who supplies grog, drugs and credit to ship mates, gang links
74 Zadan Trad a mysterious foriegner reputed to have strange powers and tatoos
75 Tyrell Miurg a magician in disguise considered old but really is ancient sea wizard 
76 Codor Mran sea druid searching for wisdom but keeps quiet, speaks out for nature
77 Prebiel Trarg rebel knight of empire on the run, hopes to return to seize estate
78 Kazder Jorne a empire agent spying on everything he sees for the emperors spies
79 Germag Blarnes barons secret police in disguise, ruthless sadistic killer if needed
80 Gnorri Targ a scarred war vet, pessimistic, tough and very experienced fighter
81 Pietr Pegleg a grumpy vet sailor who hates everyone and has a secret hidden in his leg
82 Old Patch a one eyed senior sailor with no time for nobody, a master with a sword
83 Hooky a grumpy old hand likes fighting, drinking and tormenting new shipmates
84 Phillipe a young n pretty new sailor fancied by many horrible old pervs, others protect him
85 Gax a wild man of the poison jungle a savage who takes offence easily 
86 Choppy the butcher loves his clever and stinking stained apron, he is always happy
87 Catous Thaander a sloppy screw up who leaves a mess everywhere, others get blamed
88 Cesarre Rodan a crazy clown forced into sailors life, horrible greasepaint over stubble
89 Meran Drox gun and black powder crazy, cannon expert carries lit fuses in beard
90 Xarg Hranx a savage beserker always first in fight, good with heavy jobs and drinking
91 Kerraga Drawg a mean assasin trying to escape empire bounty hunters, hates strangers
92 Margus Trarg a cut throat thug always willing to take dirty jobs and finish a fight
93 Tredran a street theif turned sailor to escape gang life and travel, runs crooked gambling
94  Starrian Vrill a handsome youth longs for home and girl, moody and mopes over love

95 Kegmax a gangbanger street brawler who likes to keep crew fighting fit with ambushes
96 Terrian Mox a mercenary trying to get away from company and enjoys the life at sea
97 Zebran Aman a lifelong pirate since a wee cabin boy, vicious killer but charming
98 Pilitus Friniferus impirial citizen gone bad with noble money on the run but runs gambling
99 Warban Thrug a supersticious afraid of witches and sea monsters old fool
100 Cernibrax a priest of the old sea gods in disguise, lays low keeps a secret

dont forget i did a shore leave table too

Every ship needs a lucky octopus. A Tako crewman knows things about sea and can speak to aquatic races and to even the lords of the deep. The empire has not discovered this yet and believe the slander from fishermen who feud with octopi over many reasons. Not all Tako seduce fishwives. Mostly. The Barron has welcomed them on condition they leave Bloodsand the sealing whaling town alone. Shadelport has banned eating of Tako since allegiance ratified but country fishermen love to bash and chop them.


  1. Looks cool, I collect this sort of stuff!

  2. Arr matey these be some fine tables but there seems to be some weird s-e-m-e-n on a d20 table.

  3. doh dyslexia and innuendo sometimes go wrong - fixed - article now wholesome


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