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d100 Monasteries & Nunneries

It's murder a monk month here at EMO! First vikings now this....

Lots of monasteries floor plans online - very handy

In my game with INT bonus=class changes possible I think monk would work well. A thief turned martial artist or a monk who turns to wizard or priest or psion or shaman. Not as good as a wizard robot but cool anyhow. Some of these sects may have other multi classed among them

Cymbal mountains are covered in monasteries from orders all over the world and man others are across the island. Some were started by cults to gain respectability others are monsters or have turned wicked. Some sects are warrior monks (as character class). Others are just cloistered peasants farming crafting and preying in segregated gender mass cult housing (zero level). Some are more like psions or shamen. And of course some are frauds pretending to be monks to hide in public.

d12 Size of Institution
A single grotto or cave or monk hut or in a tree or in a hole. one person
A collection of individual monks living grottos or caves or monk huts. 1d10 people
A House being used by monks with some comunal living. 2d10 people
A hall or lodge built for communal order 4d10 people one feature
A proper communal order independent for needs with courtyard, library, accommodation cells, chapel, workshops, gardens, farm and livestock possible 1d100+20 persons d3 features
A large cultural centre, fortified with production ability of a large village or small town, local peasants live on church land  1d1000+100 persons d4 features
A Huge centre with population of a big town with non order members living and working inside walls with satellite villages. 1d10 000 +1000 persons d6 features

d20 Features
1 Holy Relic, seasonal pilgrims come to visit
2 Well stocked with food and basic supplies for 10 years
3 Huge stockpile of treasure such as gold, possibly just holding like a bank
4 Huge stockpile of artwork everywhere and built into structure
5 Famous library with famous books visited by scholars, famous source of knowledge and skills

Blasphemous artifact or books are kept here to keep from hands of wrong people
7 Find some old friend or long lost kinsman among order
8 Famous artisans produce certain item with great renown such as swords or wine
9 Famous person has joined this order with important connections and influence

10 Order is infiltrated by someone or something in disguise
11 Have a famous guest with retinue and guards here consulting with holy leaders
12 Community festival where locals gather at the building for blessings, aid, oaths
13 Well fortified with battlements, gates, murder holes, and arms
14 Has very secure locked doors and special traps protecting certain areas
15 Has a holy phantom spirit that scares away intruders or evil doers
16 A member or several are horribly corrupt murderers
17 Have a secret sub sect with a special mission or purpose and secret meeting room
18 Secret passages all over buildings and escape tunnels and hiding places
19 Expansive catacombs 1in6 with a sealed up dungeon level
20 Have a monster 1d4 1=imprisoned in chains or bars 2=pit in basement possibly buried 3=sealed behind blessed sign 4=in a hiiden lair with enterance far away or hidden

1d10 Simplified random Order

1 LG Orders help people from suffering and wickedness
2 LN Orders 
follow pure LAW
3 LE Orders interested in power through causing suffering
4 CE Orders fake monks who hide evil
5 Elemental orders of primal cults
6 Shamanic orders deal with spirits
Male religious orders of main cults
8 Female religious orders of main cults
9 Martial arts and fighting orders - famous for being fighters
10 Psion orders either psionic or aspire to be through skill instead

d100 Monasteries & Nunneries 
01 Sisterhood of Holy Fire LG hunt and burn evil while upholding superhuman code of virtue most could never achieve, famous for chastising the wicked and leading mobs of pitchfork wielding mobs
02 The Sanctified Brotherhood LG are masked undead hunting wrestlers who hate necromancy and those who defile the dead. Wear masks and earn personalized ones at name level
03 The white wanderers LG healers travel the world healing and avoiding violence and harm to others, popular with everyone they even run free clinics in hospitals
04 Golden brotherhood LG fight for peace and near exterminated by evil every three generations, founded by enlightened immortal who re creates order if all killed
05 The Green Brothers LG are a outdoor loving sect who keep trade routes open and scout for enemies. At times they may become bandits helping poor from oppression
06 Order of the Crystal Chalice LG Protect holy relics, places and pilgrims, protect good peasants and heal good knights. Monasteries and nunneries show a chalice shaped beacon
07 Sisterhood of the Silver Mirror LG are a contemplative order who divine with magic mirrors made by founders thousands of years ago, they will act against foretold evil if  
08 Martyrs of Pure Faith LG perform charity, abstain from wicked living and popular festivals. Agitate state over cruelty in prisons and defend the poor. Banned in some kingdoms and tortured by despots which seems to gain them more support. Don't abide by standard priest teachings so some churches wary of them also  
09 Sisterhood of True Love LG work on diplomacy and match making but only practice carnal love with order members or one true love (or closest possible). Trusted as chaperons, escorts and dowry negotiators 
10 Sisterhood of the Grey Shroud LG protect the dead from evil and the living from sin. Dour and strict but ever alert against wickedness. Not much fun but help commoners in need and run strict orphanages
11 Architects of Order LN LE LG A secret society of architects and builders who often build roads, bridges and walls for common coder and trade. Teach engineering and are often advisers on great projects
12 Sacred Librarians LN LG LE Collect and gather documents to file, sort and write about. Document everything also offer tutors and schools and sponsor research and recovery of lost lore
13 Law's Arrows LN Serve gods of law and order and fight chaos. Quite martial they seek magic weapons and relics to win. Use Spears, darts, shuriken, bows, staves and javelins 
14 Brotherhood of Modronic reincarnationists LN believe by obeying certain rites they will be reincarnated as base modrons in the next life. They fight for cosmic law and ordr
15 Hammers of Law LN a order dedicated to protect poor from gangsters. Also come to fight nobles working with bandits and corruption. Often work in secret as authorities don't aprove 
16 Inquisitors LN hunt chaos and unlawful magicians who prey on public. May be over zealous at times but well intentioned. Do tend to use torture and killing alot
17 Searchers of the Deeps LN Seek lost relics and history buried under cities, under dungeons and other dark buried places. Trained to fight treasure hunters and denizens of the deep dungeons 
18 Plague Masters LN wear bizarre cloaks and beaked masks with goggles, they follow disease outbreaks or work in cities to treat sick, organise disposal of bodies and fumigate the contaminated. They help to quarantine the sick by identifying them for gate guards
19 Holy Flagellants LN march with whips and flails, torturing themselves to be rid of sin. Tend to behave more like a cult than most orders in the country where they attract youth with festivals of flagellation. Monasteries have dungeons, monk cells have chains, yard have rows of a frame whipping posts. Rather actively sexual by most orders standards
20 Black Reapers Order LN Concerned with punishment and act as hangmen, executioners, prison keepers and even torturers in absolute necessity. They prefer prisoner to be convicted fairly to do their duty and run some prisons for the state (some prisoners they will not except)
21 Brotherhood of the Iron Skulls LE sponsored by Barron and train his secret police in secret arts of assassination and espionage, also care for important political prisoners and hostages
22 Order of the Dragon LE Once feared terrible servitors of Dragon kings long ago, now subtle Machiavellian monks who catalog islands, known dragons and seek to share knowledge with them
23 Sisterhood of immaculate heavenly bondage LE operate a reform school with strict discipline, run orphanages, sweatshop workhouses for wayward girls, obsessed with beatings, punishment, order. Most and children in care wear chastity belts
24 Brotherhood of the Black Books LE Order of black magicians who accumulate forbidden books for research, teach magic in secret  and even have devils as teachers for secret classes
25 Vulture Lords LE guards of the dead or lords of death, like scythes, daggers, sickles, sabres, keep sacred pet vultures for funerary rituals and bury skeletons, sometimes get carried away and seek to kill as many as possible in bloody frenzy across world
26 Night Fang Brotherhood/Sisterhood LE are rival sects of killers devoted to killing those in way to age when brotherhood rules alone, dagger, garrote (scarf) and sling
27 Order of Ceradun LE care for mentally ill and disabled by running asylums. Many misguided treatments and madmen have used order for own evil purposes. Still do some public service but enjoy use of cruel beating and drowning therapy
28 Order of the Secret Brotherhood LE a cult with assassins, infiltrators and masterminds who operate as secret conquerors, subverting local leaders to their cause or replacing them. Also into crime and exotic torture of enemies
29 Black Lotus Brotherhood LE distribute lotus resin across the world in service to the black Lhama in a secret underground kingdom in the east. Cult are killers and very secretive
30 Snake Brothers LE receive secret instructions fom pre human masters of reptilians and seek to aid masters in return to the world. Bloodlines are very important to sect who recruit those carrying serpent bloodlines
31 Brotherhood of St Ragiman CE a sect of cannibals who kidnap and devour travellers but leave local villagers alone, have thousands of skeletons under monastary
32 Brotherhood of Fishbach CE a cult of deep one fish men hybrids usualy near sea or at least a river or water connected to sea, eat and rape strangers in their midst
33 Order of the Great Unamable CE Worship elder pre human god that dwells in their catacombs and demands blood sacrifices. If not sated by ritual the god will destroy the monastery and fly into space
34 Brotherhood of StOrlak CE a vampire cult led by a vampire abbot his half monster chosen and the rest who would do anything to share in the taint of immortality
35 Sisterhhood of StBathory CE a bloodthirsty cult of lesbian vampires who constantly admit and kidnap young girls into order to feed from. Also may admit travellers and men if hungry
36 Brotherhood of the Holy Sarcophagi CE are necromancers who inter local dead and run a mausoleum but run a zombie sweatshop in basement and study necromantic sciences
37 Order of Zaradam CE a mixed order of monks and nuns who hold secret orgies with demons, locals afraid but tight lipped, adopt lost children from orphanages over the island
38 Brotherhood of StDesada CE an order of sadists and sexual perverts spend days flogging and torturing kidnapped travellers and youths and getting drunk. Locals afraid for lives and children
39 Order of the Black Beast CE worship black hairy demons in monastaries built on sites of pre human monster cults. They pretend to be monks to avoid stigma of monster cultists who murder victims on elder monoliths
40 Order of Chaos CE former monks turned to chaos but will pretend to be another order to get close or spread corruption and ruin reputations of real orders, like swords, staffs, daggers, darts, nets, chains. Enjoy self mutilation, tattoos and sadism
41 Fire Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred flame and keep sacred flames pure and free of contamination. Also stare into flames during meditation and use fire metaphores for everything, hope to be reborn as fire elementals and teach fire is the prime element
42 Water Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred well or fountain or spring and keep waters pure and free of contamination. Also stare into water during meditation and use aquatic metaphors for everything, hope to be reborn as water elementals and teach water is the prime element
43 Earth Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred earth and keep sacred hillock or pit pure and free of contamination. Also stare into ground during meditation and use geological metaphors for everything, hope to be reborn as earth elementals and teach earth is the prime element
44 Air Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred air and keep sacred sky pure and free of contamination. Also stare into sky during meditation and use aerial metaphors for everything, hope to be reborn as fire elementals and teach fire is the prime element
45 Ice Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred ice and keep sacred blue flames pure and free of contamination. Expose selves to cold and icebaths. Use cold metaphors for everything, hope to be reborn as ice elementals and teach cold is the prime element
46 Lightning Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred lightning, each bolt is a being of great power but lives less than a second. Stare into lightning in prayer during storms and use electrical metaphor's for everything. Some have developed simple uses for elictricity like electroplating and simple light bulbs. Hope to be reborn as fire elementals and teach lightning is the original source element
47 Vapour Order LG LN LE Monks worship sacred mists and keep sacred vapours pure and free of contamination. Also stare into fumes during meditation and use foggy metaphores for everything, hope to be reborn as vapour elementals and teach mist is the prime element
48 Metal Order LG LN LE worship metal with diferent orders dressing and painting themselves as their choice metal for rituals. Act as prospectors, miners, refiners, teach metal is the source of all power and magic and the gods. Seek to become living metal relics when they die
49 Crystal Order LG LN LE  worship crystals with different orders dressing and painting themselves as their choice mineral for rituals. Act as prospectors, miners, jewellers, teach gems the source of all power and magic and the gods. Seek to become living jeweled relics when they die
50 Shadow Order LG LN LE  worship darkness with different orders dressing and painting themselves in black with hoods and capes when not in secret. Act as hit men, spies and agents, teach darkness is the source of all power and magic and the gods. Seek to become living shadows when they die
51 Left Path Masters LN CN act as opposite as possible, washing in dirt, cross dressing and many strange customs. Appear as weak or crazy but savage sneaky fighters. Wear exotic makeup split face into two colours. Enemies think them harmless. Commune with many contrary spirits and dreams
52 Death's Blood Sages LN Shamanic order that conduct funery rites in distant mountains, chop up corpses and feed to jackals and vultures then make art from corpses, fight undead and necromancers who defile living and dead and warp souls
53 Mountain Sages LN Order of shamanistic healers worship nature and conduct rituals for hill tribes marriages, deaths and births. Some wander the world to learn of other ways
54 Beast Sages CN follow the ancient beast lords from pre human times and hope their souls will be reborn as animals in the higher realms, some sects favour one beast, others have ancestral totems. They make sure hunters abide by game limits and treat animals with respect. Some are hunters or butchers. Deal with animal spirits
55 Night Spirit Masters LN LE NE CE follow spirits of death and darkness. Some use to appease and keep away from communities, others actively use them to do evil, mysterious and mostly act in secret. Original tribes see as a responsibility and necessity rather than a source of power
56 Golden Dragon Masters LN worship ancestors and help cultists know desires of their ancestors and prepare to be judged in the underworld
57 Earth Spirit masters LN worship land spirits of ground and woods and barns, help followers deal with such beings that are easily offended, create great earth works and burial mounds 
58 Spirit Masters LN are civilized spiritualists, modern shamans that perform exorcismsand speak to dead loved ones for a fee. Some are fakes and have no real abilities but true masters see spirits and may interact with them 
59 Serpent Mystics LN chanel the spirit serpents in human spine to perform wonders of physical feats and meditation. These holymen teach commoners basics of meditation to set them on path of enlightenment and seeing through illusions
60 Crimson brotherhood LE evoke ancient beast headed spirits from forgotten empire that rivaled the first emperor, seek to revive empire and old gods, but not the nice ones, stir up natives with false relics and artifacts, seek forgotten evil relics of power
61 Sages of Enki LN LG scholars who seek and destroy enemies of order, especially chaos wizards and priests with assassination, trickery and politics, machiavellian, wear fish robes and use staff and knife, many go on to become wizards
62 Sages of Marduk LN LG LE scholars who support rule of order, civilization, education and war if needed. Educators of kings and warrior lords and law makers who battle the dragon of chaos, will use spears, bows, swords and nets
63 Sages of Enlil LN scholars in ways of the earth, middle air and underworld, wise in matters of ruler-ship, law, demons, weather omens and agriculture. Will use mauls, hammers, axes, spears 
64 Sages of Nabu LN are scibes and scholars, many are slave eunuchs with false jeweled beards and makeup if high status but most were just clerks in government administration protected by law, often used to help state collect tax
65 Sages of Tammuz LG LN LE shepherds and farmers experts in agriculture but engage in ritual combat and have sexual rites and love poetry, like to establish friendship with nunnery of any goddess, swords, bucklers and flails popular weapons, often pretend to be poor peasants
66 Sages of Anu LN are devoted to lord f the upper sky and the starry night sky, are astrologers, divination and magic experts who hunt bad magicians, Staff, axe, bow and shuriken are main weapons. Distant and cool but earn well from their observatories
67 Sages of Nergal LE the lord of war and death and plague act as documents of deaths, impartial executioners, military advisers, and doctors specializing in disease and battle wounds, operate huge necropolises and war schools use any warrior weapon but not guns. While encourage seizing power and unleashing anarchy and evil they do it to enemies and protect their own from those things
68 Sages of Sin LG are scribes specializing in law, trade and diplomacy. Some interest in moral purity and advancing civilized arts and family life mostly use staff or sabre
69 Sages of Shamash LN lords of truth often employed as legal witnesses, advisers to leaders. Also keep extensive legal and court records. Use spear, sword and bow
70 Sages of Ningizzida LN are prophets, healers, teachers and orchard growers, keep pet snakes and grow long beards they die blu and weave gold into. They are also guardians using staff, sword, spear, javelin and dagger
71 Sages of Ishtar LG LN LE practice the scholarly arts and crafts attaining extensive documents of technology and research. Also use espionage to obtain information
72 Harlot of Ishtar LN is a prostitute order of skilled sex workers (some are eunuchs) who work redlight districts, from apartments where they wave at parsers by or in holy brothels. Standards vary but bigger the temple the better the service
73 Sage of Shulgi LN is a aspect of Ishtar the barmaid who offers worldly wisdom, sect brew in great Ishtar temples and work in bars raising capitol and collecting gossip, used club or dagger but some can kill with a piece of cloth
74 War-maiden of Ishtar LN are an amazon order who fight for justice and especially women. They recruit women mistreated by men mostly and sometimes they get carried away in personal vendettas. Use swords and spears and bows but any weapon ok
75 Virgins of Ishtar LG Are kept pure and specialize in healing and divination but some retire at 30 to another order as most sold to sect as children. Mostly non violent and avoid harm
76 Blood-maiden of Ishtar LE Savage, brutal killers. In battle they rally troops, covering naked bodies in blood.  Promise sexual favors to who kills the most and humiliate and torture cowards, highly feared by own side and enemies, will use any weapon and arson to kill. Whips and swords and rods are good to use on own men
77 Heart Maidens of Ishtar LG are a benevolent order who spread love, friendship and peace. Mingle in society and manipulate people to desirable situations with good intentions. Very friendly. They will fight in self defense with swords and bows and spears but oppose suicide and sacrifice of life as there is always some other way
78 Sages of Nanshe LG Operate free medical clinics, food and homes for poor, a popular sect of social welfare supported with state and donations from rich and poor
79 Sages of Erishkigal LN LE Are wise in ways of the great dungeon of the underworld ruled by Ishtars sister. Therich sects are funerary and divination sect advising family as to how much gold their ancestors need while poor ones who poison, abortions, back yard medicine, remove abandoned bodies and other taboo chores. Fight with scythe, sickle, chakra, garrotte, katar, bow, chain, dagger, good at sneaking to murder and poison. Scary to most by name many look fearsome even using dead body parts in costume or jewelery
80 Sages of Ninhursag the earth goddess, scholars and scribes of agricultural yields, family bloodlines, childbirth, fertility. Mostly non violent but club, mace, maul, sickle, staff popular
81 Dragon Fist Order LN Invisible wanderers, secret agents gathering information for their libraries, experts in unarmed attack and famed arrow catchers
82 Spider Claw Order LE Notorious kidnapping cult practicing blackmail and human sacrifice and specializing in dual weapon fighting, ropes and escapology
83 Moons Agents Order LN Secret vigilante cult of the moon god Vigilante travellers of the night often establish secret identities and defend weak from strong in secret, crescent shuriken, sabres, axes, bows, sickles or any weapon deemed moon like ok
84 Sword Sisters Order LN Queens of the sword cult, defenders of women children and elderly famed for groin strikes and castrating male captives if deemed bad
85 Drunken Frog Order LM Wanderer sect who feign being useless horrible drunks who secretly train and help the common folk resist bandits and corrupt officials, improvisational weapons and constantly falling over are hallmarks of style
86 Holy Sages Order LN Scholar scribes who serve temples and court sages, many . Cults vary depending in dress depending on choice god. Wear cult jewellery, masks, makeup and with a staff or rod

87 Night Jackals LN Order work as funeral guardians but some sects instead serve necromancer cults as assassins and thugs, prefer dual sickle fighting 
88 Order of the Onyx Cat LN Are female thieves of pretty things they horde do deprive ignorant impure cretins who do not deserve beauty. Famed for cat masks use many martial weapons like chain, staff, daggers, claws, whips
89 Scarlet Talon Order LE Assassin brotherhood famed for seizing gates, winning sieges, overcoming guards and only killing target. Experts martial artists with staff and chain
90 Brown Order of Humility LN swear vow of poverty and live with few possetions living by begging and helping poor. Monasteries are free clinics. Donations are passed on to poor or building projects. Critical of rich cults and clergy so disliked by many holy folk
91 Order of the unbroken circle LN LG LE wear circlets and focus on mental psion disciplines to gain knowledge or influence minds of others
92 Vril Masters LN harness inner might to spread order and perfect physical psion disciplines. Advocate strict moral and dietary regimen they like to inflict on others, use sabre or stick or staff most
93 Astral Knights LE an order of psions who hunt species or abusers using similar powers on humans or beings from other planes. Some have been time traveling and vising other dimensions and are returning looking wizened and husk like. Fight with silver blades
94 Beastlords LN evoke beast powers and speak to animals. Animal companions are popular with sect who cite founders of each sect as the progenitor and king of each species
95 Mysterions CE torment and test those who get their attention. Infiltrate and sabotage certain rulers and agitate stable government while replacing key personnel, plans can seem crazy
96 Dominators LE actually a mutant race so they believe, dedicated to subjugating all ordinary people. Kill inspiring heroes and leaders who limit them but don't let them have death of martyr or pyrrhic victory,  preach religion to commoners but cynical manipulators
97 Mind Lords LN LG LE Brotherhood of pure thought, believe in superiority of mind and mentalists, seek converts and students but those without brains or mental powers are expendable
98  Scions of the Emperor LN LG a sect who support the civilization and culture of the Empire. They are split over the civil war but put literacy, knowledge and art first
99 Acolytes of the Apocalypse CN CE CG are chaos worshiping monks and nuns with mentalist powers. Focus on disturbing social order and nihilistic disorder for sake of absolute freedom. Some are good and kill less people
100 Acolytes of the Apocrypha LN LG are Law worshiping monks and nuns with mentalist powers. Focus on lawmaking and Justice for the good of all. Some wicked ones dictate over society rather than serve


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