Wednesday, 5 February 2014

River City Heroes

Have over a dozen players with characters in club but i will cap how many sessions I run a week. Mostly doing gang battles till people get hang but did run the giant robot set loose from the first yellow box set intro adventure which was fun. Will run as fill in game at club and try to get more actual villains in now.

Got to run my DnD in space game too which went well with no violence.

Here is a list of local heroes to find echoes of. 

Past Heroes of River City

Since 50s Golden Age
Golden Amazon - Super athletic wonder, strong, fast and brilliant fighter, recalled to her home
Australian Spirit - strong, fly, armoured and fires solar bolts, patriotic, betrayed other heroes to state
Night Man 1 - martial artist millionaire vigilante, known serial killer, assumed dead

Since 60s
Skymarshal - Famous hero now known for speaking out about new heroes degeneracy
Black Mantis - Vigilante martial artist eventually turned agent and retired
Forerunner - super fast and time traveller, wanted for drug trafficking and espionage
Officer Dan - robot cop, destroyed but a few spare bodies have turned up

Since 70s
S.T.E.E.L. - battlesuit wearing millionaire pretended to be a robot, now really is a robot
Princess Luna - sorceress mostly now in study and exploring other universes
Ultraman - really an android super cop to replace officer dan, mostly used if meta level threat
Joltman - strong, energy form and could teleport through cables, not seen for years

Since 80s
Eureka 1- Patriotic fanatic lost face over attempted murdering of students and activists
Night Man 2 - Has grown increasingly bitter and crazy and not as good as his dad
Unicorn - Superfast, ray from her horn could burn or heal, mostly does foreign aid today
The Andromedan - Alien with tractor repulsor beams, left earth in 2000
Arachnid - monster fighter with horrible spider appearance unseen for decades AWOL

Since 90s
Electron - Shrink and lightning blast, cheeky iritating fool, really a brilliant scientist AWOL
Jade Tiger - Martial artist with force field and could heal, Chinese decent, possibly in China now
Grey Dragon - Martial artist who was famed for killing a hated villain, now pretty much forgotten

Post 2000
Terra (now Rage) - Gang leader like a king on his street, strong, controlled earth with extra arms
Wally Surface - Ape detective originally worked for government, now heads global agency
Mercury - Insane metal form telekinetic and telepath claimed was a god, AWOL believed dead
Fury - Former police enhanced martial artist with speed, zealous vigillante now a spook for agency
Scarlet - Ghostly form and drain life (blood) through skin, turned vigellante AWOL

Post 2010
Dr Photon - cyborg with light powers - gone a bit odd, former foe of Dr Occulon, AWOL
Fireclown - Circus hero summoned imaginary beings from his pocket universe, AWOL
Starseed - Gnome spreading natural medicine and forests and hash groves, WANTED
Hairy Bird - Bycicle riding super hippy actually a privileged rich girl, Current Identity Unknown
Chomps the Wonder Dog - heroic super dog lived on street helping folks

Night Man 3 - New kid on block former asian gangster recruited by Night Man 1 to replace 2 soon
Eureka 2 - Daughter of original new on block untested and unproven
Adjudicator - dangerous vigilante wanted for mass murder
Steel Angel - metal armour with wings, daughter of STEEL and Iron Maiden, new on the block

Several heroes ruined when gangs found secret ID

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