Friday 11 October 2013

d100 Forbidden Castles

These are some gloomy haunted, grim and spooky castles to come across on travels. Why not pop in and ask for accommodation for the night. Have added links on bottom to rest of gothic series.

Forbidden Castles
1 Demon brothers keep sweatshop of maidens 

2 Black knight collects dead and dying knights in gibbets on walls
3 Witches lure strangers in youthful form for sex then eat them
4 Demon with pet werewolves likes to hunt visitors
5 Ogre has eaten residents and brought in orc followers
6 Three trolls rounded up local villagers and gorging themselves
7 Demon worshipping knight runs band of wicked robbers
8 Degenerate elder vampire enthralled residents
9 Vampire lord invites guests for dinner
10 Mummy from crypts at night spreads disease to residents
11 Shadows at night kill guests and servants leaving owners lonely
12 Revenant in crypt preventing owners from staying in at night
13 Crazed necromancer working on secret project
14 Evil dwarf torturing owners family in dungeon
15 Gremlins swarm in castle, driven owners mad
16 Poltergeist attacking children or guests in castle
17 Bugbears know secret doors and passages, love scaring castle kids
18 Evil child's wishes granted by dukes of hell, has pet t-rex
19 Shapechanging dragon among residents who are disappearing one by one
20 At night skeletons in crypt having party and music keeps residents awake
21 Ghouls raiding family crypt eating lords ancestor
22 Fat giant camped in courtyard, residents trapped inside starving
23 Residents hosts to evil intelligent demon snakes that hide inside boddies
24 Evil hunchback in gatehouse pours hot lead on any who come in or out
25 Mad monks enjoying annual torture festival
26 Evil priests, corrupt nobles and wizards stay here for perverted lock in party
27 Chanting cultist trying to summon dead god
28 Orc women have captured castle, killed women and forcing men to be husbands
29 Zombies going about business as if still alive due to curse
30 Cursed residents devolving into mutants but unaware
31 At night screaming wights keep all awake with howls, growing in numbers slowly 
32 Were rat has infiltrated staff and murdering rivals to get to the top
33 Gargoyles eating residents but they have no idea what is going on
34 Goblins singing beneath the dungeon level keep all awake
35 Residents cursed, constantly gorging and drinking selves to death
36 Strange evil custom in this place, residents entrap newcomers in curse
37 Witches raising evil young knight, cover him in enchantments to practice fighting
38 Invisible evil spiders control the lord and his family making them perform evil deeds
39 Ghost at night withers the occupants aging them with dread touch
40 Evil dead witch possesses a child and is murdering residents
41 Half ogre brute seized castle and torments the residents he enslaves
42 Castle built on ancient burial site, phantoms of savages haunt castle
43 Evil wizard uses as a base, while absent golums and other world beasts guard
44 Killer ape men have seized castle and driven off residents to start a kingdom
45 Swarming with stirge-owls, residents hide indoors
46 Water in well and font inhabited by killer minor water elementals
47 Partialy burned, salamanders here to eat flammables from plane of fire
48 Air elemental keeps pushing residents off walls, out windows, etc
49 Walls collapsing, earth elemental drops masonry and collapses walls on visitors
50 Evil black unicorn and goblin followers have taken this ruined castle as a base
51 Mistress of castle bathes in blood locals dont know why local maids vanish 
52 Beastmen taken over in parody of feudal system
53 Castle built from headstones of older faith, moaning phantoms haunt corridors at night
54 Covered in bones, skeletal horde preparing army
55 Black basalt castle of serpent men with reptile men guards
56 Crude megalithic hill fort occupied by cavemen
57 Ice castle of the winter wizard with frost salamanders and ice golems
58 Swampy slime covered castle of the frog lords
59 A witch with her goatmen dwell in a ruined castle holding blasphemous rites
60 Silver castle of the mechanical men who obey strange jeweled talking altar
61 Devil swine with slaves acting as guards, servants and concubines
62 Castle glass fades in and out of faerie land seeks new servants to replace old ones
63 Living castle of trees where elves watch the human world
64 living castle of fungus where dark elves and goblins plot wickedness
65 Volcanic castle surrounded by lava moat where fire newts build an army
66 Castle made of living swarming bugs ruled by wizard made from worms
67 Castle covered in blood and offal home of screaming cannibal cult
68 Basalt castle of lizard king with dinosaurs and croc filled moat
69 Cloud castle of skyfolk has settled here, humans gather to rob and enslave them
70 Candy castle built by witches to tempt children, familiars tell kids where to find it
71 Ratmen castle spreading disease and plague
72 Great black castle reeks of slaughter, ghoul queen holds court over her vassals
73 A naive wizard dwells here being seduced to evil by devils, witches and gold
74 Lamprey men fort with captured villagers feeding on poor victims slowly like cattle
75 Otherworldy wizened psionics from future based here to watch for enemies
76 Squid men in castle worship elder gods in horrible rituals with kidnapped locals
77 Castle conquered by telepathic pterodactyls whose orc minions kidnap sacrifices

78 Castle visitors aflicted by curse to reinact an ancient tragedy adopting roles from past
79 Selfish lizard breeding free range baby monsters in courtyard as hobby
80 Goblins overtake castle ruins for market or festival or carnival
81 Castle has been converted to a mad house by sinister medical scholar
82 Castle secret headquarters of cabal, criminal guild or sinister cult
83 Evil sect of bards meet here to discuss slander and propeganda to ruin kingdom
84 Evil knight traps party in hazard filled catacomb and tries to marry any females.
85 Children have occupied castle and fight to death for independence
86 Castle residence in fear from grisly murderer, hybrid non human among them
87 Castle residence in fear from bizarre serial killer madman among them
88 Sadist lord welcomes visitors and tests torture methods on them
89 Residents in fear of masked killer with traps and secret tunnels
90 Talking animals operate castle as a collective farm wary of humans
91 Degenerate mindless ancient vampire lord stalks ancients ruins
92 Mad wizard and hunchback servant making flesh golems
93 Ancient ruin with treasure guarded by demons
94 Gargoyles covering ruin keep mortals from castles secret chamber
95 Living castle strikes intruders with rubble, doors, animated armour till heart killed
96 An evil necromancer keeps his heart here guarded by otherworldly monsters
97 Castle cursed, out of sync with normal world, mad sorcerer clan dwell within
98 Crumbling castle actually ruined outpost of pre-humans serving elder gods
99 Ruins overlap with other plane/time, some areas seem intact and ocupied
100 Ghost castle, all seems ok (a bit old fashioned) fades as party leave

To Do List Update
d100 Grave Urns and funerary vases - smash=loot?
d100 saint relics - bits and items of great holy folk
d100 Dungeon Decor Table - dress up dull dungeon
d1000 curses
d100 Tragedy table

d100 hauntings I did reasons for haunting table - overlaps with tragedy one
d100 religious items - religious dressings, probably lootable

d100 Corpses and coffins
d100 magic skulls
d100 Commoner's pockets

headstones and crypyts
d100 what happened to my corpse
d100 what happened to my sould100 monster babies

100 Wealthy pockets
d100 Random Strange Crypt Table

d100 Random Corpse and Coffins Tables
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 in the graveyard at night
d100 Weird old Houses
d100 Forbidden Castles - you are here now!
d100 Doomed Immortals
d100 Necromancers
d100 Towers 1 and 2
d100 Crossroads
d100 Islands

Castle Geomorphs
Manor Geomorphs
Crypt and tomb and catacomb Geomorphs
Mausoleum and cathedral Geomorphs
Cathedral geomorphs
d100 Strange Graveyards
- Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 Strange lone grave
d100 Necromancer Relics
d100 wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 strange trees
d100 megalith sites

d100 undead boss monsters
d100 things on the lonely moors at night
d100 spooky artworks
d100 catacomb decor
d100 alluring strange headstones
Gothic Dungeon Key A-Z
d100 lonely old house

d100 why are you here
Apoclypse 1 & 2

d100 magical tears
original gothic zone for long stair dnd

Ive been asked to write a romance novel which hopefully isnt too time consuming


  1. You do good work. I LOVE your castles here.

  2. Remember to use your random charts in the romance novel.

  3. Hey could you tell me where you found that spooky artwork? I want to put that on my wall!

    1. hmm so much medieval painting and book illustrations online uncredited let me see...

      nope but i found lots of other ones


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