Sunday, 20 October 2013

d100 Strange Encounters in the Graveyard

Gothtober continues!

Strange Encounters in the Graveyard
1 Followed by hooded phantom who fades if approached
2 Followed by a phantom  weeping maiden who fades if approached
3 Followed by a phantom  creepy child with doll who fades if approached
4 Followed by a phantom hound who fades if approached
5 Followed by a phantom hunchback who fades if approached
6 Noisy ghost breaker with whip claims to be taming invisible spirits
7 Students sneaking around trying to steal corpse (artists, sages or necromancers)
8 Professional grave robbers trying to loot a crypt or grave
9 Young priest looking for undead he can test himself with
10 Theif looking for executed corpses a witch will pay him well for
11 Sounds of
chains rattling and moaning
12 Sounds of Scream of terror
13 Sounds of Sobbing and weeping
14 Sounds of Creaking sounds of coffin lids moving
15 Sounds of Laughter
16 Dog sitting on grave of master
17 Rat follows party with cunning gleam in eye
18 Owl follows party looking for edible critters they scare from hiding
19 Huge croaking toads in a circle, stop when party see them till move on
20 Cat follows party for a pat or snack 
21 Dancing goblins singing and drinking
22 Kobolds stealing headstones for building with teeny wheel barrows
23 Drunk teen hobgoblins smashing headstones in revenge for humans killing kin
24 Bugbear came to dig up worms for fishing but loves a good scare while here
25 Orcs digging up corpses for evil wizard to animate
26 Carrion crawler looking for tasty grave to burrow into
27 Swarm of rats looking desperately for food
28 Giant rats pour from burrows in graves
29 Bear sized rat tired of eating the dead
30 Wolves looking for snacks
31 Witches having a forbidden ritual
32 Cultists chanting over a grave
33 Evil acolytes looking for interesting corpses to raise back in hidden temple
34 Student necromancers practicing new cantrips
35 Senior necromancer with zombies and cart stealing dozens of bodies
36 Gang of thieves searching for hidden stash
37 Gang of thieves brought victim here to intimidate and blackmail
38 Gang of thieves fighting with another gang
39 Gang of thieves preparing to kill gang squealer in cruel ritual
40 Gang of thieves looking for east tombs, crypts or sarcophagi
Gang of thieves fighting undead
42 Phantom dog follows and barks at party attracting more trouble
43 Phantom dog attacks and chases party till they leave graveyard
44 One eyed demon dire dog attacks
45 Hellhound howls, stalks then attacks
46 Werewolf attacks
47 Undead wolves attack as pack
48 Glowing mutant horror hound attacks
49 Skeletons with wagon collecting other skeletons to dance of the dead
50 Skeletons cleaning and maintaining graveyard attack if disturbed
51 Skeleton guardsmen try to chase intruders from graveyard
52 Zombies moving graveyard boundary stones to expand
53 Zombies eating a screaming bound prisoner
54 Ghouls gangs meeting to divide up turf
55 Ghouls playing catch with human skull
56 Ghoul approaches party to see if they want to become ghouls
57 Foul stench of a ghast wafts over area
58 Ghast beating member of ghoul gang while others watch in fear
59 Ghouls in monk robes silently marching in line, could mistake for living
60 Ghoul fallen into muddy open grave cant climb out
61 Adorable child ghoul threatens party
62 Wights dueling, have done so yearly for many years
63 Wight highwayman demands party give him loot for his barrow mound
64 Wight nailed down with silver spikes wailing
65 Shadows silently dancing
66 Shadow hound silently stalks attacks at worst moment
67 Shadow family with shadow children having midnight picknick
68 Wraith trapped in small fenced area of own clans graves howls for victims to approach
69 Lich recruiting for servants, unconcerned by living unless bothered
70 Noble mummy sitting on stone throne surrounded by zombie courtiers
71 Wight hound hunting for victims to make slaves for master
72 Boring phantom wants to talk about horses, muscles and women
73 Artist or poet phantom wants to seduce living hottie
74 Evil goatmen dancing and playing roughly with bones, headstones and statues
75 Warlock with goatmen hanging a servant who failed gang
76 Screaming wight in gibbet hung from tree
77 Corpses laying on path spring to life and attack

78 Severed head on pole tries to talk to party, very bored
79 Severed hands of thieves scuttle about picking pockets
80 Severed undead leg hopping about on own
81 Poltergeist flinging rocks at skeletons
82 Ghouls gambling over who gets best bits of paralyzed prisoner
83 Various undead, leaders dressed in finery meeting about graveyard conditions
84 Skeleton children pelt rocks at party and flee if attacked back
85 Zombie child playing with pet zombie puppy
86 Storm breaks out with lightening then rain
87 Fog rolls over the graveyard making visibility poor
88 Icy wind chills and numbs everybody
89 Sudden flash of lightning, dozens of spirits visable for a moment
90 Imps dancing with familiar spirits
91 Graveyard albino serpent with sting burrowing into coffins feasting on dead
92 Student on a dare to spend night, struck mad by visions, hair white
93 Outer planar being battling another opposite alignment being
94 Outer planar being battling undead
95 Charmed person thinks is with lover, really a rotting undead corpse
96 Hero or leader with necromancer questioning the dead
97 Undead knight wooing undead lady
98 Undead bard entertaining group of mixed undead
99 Lesser death playing chess with knight so he may live longer to complete quest
100 Undead feast with many mixed undead celebrating underworld holy day


  1. You could have an entire grave-robbing campaign using your random grave tables. Pretty cool. Any plans for a Psychosian weird graves table?

    1. Well you could do party of graverobbers who end up reluctantly fighting undead - will put on my gonzo hat for psychonian graves soon. The gothic zone work i intended to be a compilation of play aids for sandboxing - mostly in graveyards, mousoleums and old churches with haunted houses and castles thrown in. Sequel to my redbrick zone. All the zones under my long stairs section being converted to more typical dnd and expanded. Recently realized good for solo play too.

    2. I slapped the graves, gothic, and related stuff together in a doc file and it's over 130 pages long at with 10pt type.

    3. i will have lotsa geomorphs and extra content in final version, more soon

  2. very good list as always

  3. thank you - look fwd to more room entries


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