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d100 Strange Lone Graves

Second session of frost giant G2 module and it feels like a boring wargame resource planning exercise. I will have to intervene as one or two sessions more is unappealing. I might use my own glacial dungeon zone stuff and campaign setting.


d100 Strange Lone Graves 
When in wilderness or even occasionally in a urban graveyard, some graves stand out as weird and usually trouble. Many have treasure. Some are traps or contain very powerful undead. In many cases the intruders get a chance to escape from the most deadliest breeds who cant be bothered to chase low level weaklings. Some graves might be red herrings or even traps. Enemies might offer party a map and story to a deadly grave as a trick to kill heroes. Similar grave often found nearby.
1 Headstone and slab, secret passage to forgotten dungeon
2 Headstone and slab, secret passage to occupied underground base
3 Headstone and slab, secret passage for smugglers and criminals
4 Headstone and slab, secret passage to non human settlement
5 Headstone and slab, secret passage to cult complex
6 Carved statue headstone Is a shrine to forces of the heavens
7 Monolith marker is a shrine to forces of nature, guarded by beast
8 Mound is burial with a horde for the afterlife, skeleton guards inside
9 Small burial cave or grotto haunted by sinister spirit
Small burial cave or grotto home to a hag or a witch
11 Unmarked grave of suicide now a poltergeist
12 Unmarked grave of mad serial killer attracts vile crimes and assault
13 Unmarked grave of child sobs, phantom asks for help finding toy or pet
14 Unmarked grave of loyal pet, phantom dog or horse or cat
15 Unmarked grave of murdered traveller, phantom seeks home for remains
16 Unmarked grave of murdered maiden, spirit seeks vengeance or love
17 Unmarked mass grave of massacre from war or bandits
18 Bleak grave of murdered man, phantom demands help with vengeance
19 Dusky worn stone pillow with angry shadow within
20 Dark stone grave of cult leader, evil uses as a shrine 
21 A hidden stone sarcophagi home to a lonesome vampire
22 Broken crypt with smashed coffins and well fed ghouls
23 Grave is dug up and starving animals feasting
24 Grave is dug up and goblins eating human remains with gusto
25 Grave is dug up with necromancer and servants stealing corpse
26 Grave dug up by scholars or artists for anatomical dissection and study
27 Ancient warrior sarcophagi or barrow mound occupied by wight
28 Black ancient slab radiates evil with wraith inside
29 Smashed open sarcophagi with 1d4 zombies inside
30 Stone sarcophagi in broken small tomb with mummy inside
31 Megalithic barrow with a pack of ghouls
32 Humble grave with wooden marker and burrowed hole to carrion crawler nest
33 Moaning chained wight inside heave coffin just audible above ground
34 Huge fat ghoul munching on broken open humble coffin
35 Call for help from inside stone sarcophagus, trapped immortal awoke inside
36 Call for help from inside stone sarcophagus, trapped person recovered from coma
37 Grave of known zombie former explorer, inside holds maps to many strange places
38 Shade of drunk calls out for libations of wine to keep him quiet
39 Familiar sadly sitting on dead wizards grave
40 Spooky tree over druid grave menhir attacks any who interfere
41 Whisper in mind of travellers asking for help, evil undead wizard trapped in grave
42 Hell hound guards grave of evil wizard
43 Hell cat awaiting new master on grave mound of old master
44 Cracked sarcophagi releases stench if approached from ghast inside
45 Flying skull chases those who pass grave of mean merchant to cheap for graveyard
46 Bleeding boned skeletons under shallow earth guard grave of a witch
47 Grave of zombie jester killed by party, will follow and try to entertain new friends
48 Phantom lady falls in love with adventurer, follows and appears as mortal lover for a night
49 Glowing skeleton emanating sickly poison light arises from lead sarcophagi
50 Mutant zombie crawls from shallow grave underfoot of travellers
51 Hungry ghost craves food and chases party to wither supplies into dust
52 Ancient stone marked grave crawling in green glowing kyuss maggots from inside
53 Strange basalt worn sarcophagi with undead serpent man wizard deep in sleep
54 Warrior phantom begs travellers to take sword is actually cursed relic
55 Warrior phantom begs travellers to take intelligent race slaying sword is
56 Cackling undead witch lies in shallow buried wooden coffin
57 Ancient mound of buried giant, now hungry zombie, awakens if mound walked on
58 Burial mound with sacrificial guard skeletons to protect
59 Willow the wisp tries to lure intruders into nearby monster lair or swamp
60 Under a sad willow tree is a stone old sarcophagi, inside a man hating banshee awaits
61 Flaming skeleton guards spring up to defend headstone
of pyromancer-necromancer
62 Skeleton warrior sleeps awaiting great mission in future will slay any who touch grave
63 A cracked old crypt is lair of a crimson mist, a blood sucking vaporous undead
64 Grave contains living brain in jar than mentally controls nearby zombies
65 Skinless zombies surround grave guarding evil wizard remains
66 An ancient grave mound guarded by blood drinking monolith
67 Undead wizard hates living, hoards magic items under old cracked headstone
68 Plague zombies guard evil priests grave
69 Devil or demon attack any who approach ancient monolith over evil hero grave
70 Cursed undead leaves coins into crypt entrance to tempt robbers
71 Succubus sleeps with dead lover in sarcophagus attacks any who threaten her darling
72 Incubus stands watch over grave of dead sorceress awaiting allies to raise her
73 Stone sarcophagi with paladin engraved, inside is a death knight in deep sleep
74 Strange stone slab over grave of wizard, guarded by elemental
75 Black stone menhir grave of ice-necromancer guarded by skeletons with cold powers
76 Headless horseman menaces any who find graves of his decapitated victims graves
77 Swarm of bugs, rats or birds guard ancient grave of a druid

78 Undead children in sarcophagi attack bad adults who hurt them
79 Undead revenant if freed seeks enemies who killed him or descendants
80 Strange grave marker, inside a metal and glass coffin is a sleeping woman
81 Cannibals opening grave and feasting on interior hope to become immortal ghouls
82 A necromancer and a customer summoning a spirit of the dead for information
83 Villager attempting false resurrection ritual creates cannibalistic mindless zombie
84 Necromancer attempting to reanimate dead lover
85 Grave surrounded by ravens swarm and attack defilers of druid or priest remains
86 Amateur adventurers trying to open ancient sarcophagi release undead horror
87 A ghoul snacking on a paralysed child on top of his grave
88 A angry draugr guards a ancient burial mound to protect his treasure and dead wives
89 Ancient monolith grave guarded by mighty serpent
90 Ancient grave with coin slot for sacrifice to keep draugr inside
91 Stone statue animates and attacks any who touch old grave
92 Gargoyle statue actually alive standing on headstone
93 Obelisk zaps intruders with magic missile
94 Obelisk zaps intruders with curse
95 Obelisk zaps intruders with flame strike
96 Obelisk zaps intruders with burning hands
97 Beastmen dancing and cavorting around grave of ancient wizard master
98 Inside a crypt is a dwarvern looter angry at humans for disrespecting ancestral graves
99 Inside is a gateway to a minor kingdom of elfland, ancestorors of locals
100 Inside strange grave is a gateway to some horrible dimension or underworld

benjamin eisenhofer started translations into german of some of my stuff here:

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