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Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 3

Some spells give powers over dreams. Viewing dreams of a sleeper might give a personnel insight or view a problem torturing them. Also see if spirits or others are manipulating or entering them. Could see the elder horror the catatonic priest saw. Entering dreams with Dream Vision is dangerous and you can expect a possible obstacles equal to dreamers lv if hostile. A dreamer of greater power process greater dream monsters and obstacles. A dreamer lv is like a dungeon lv for danger. With dream vision you can try to drive the intruder out if they have less HD or Lv than you with a save. Otherwise you can fight the intruders dream self. When finally the dreamer uses dream master they can create a dreamworld of their own and use it to attack another. A dreamer repeatably messing with someone dreams requires sanity saves. Typically a week of torment requires a save. A bunch of powerful mentalists could send a whole party to adventure in a dreamland.

Mentalist Items
Mentalists are less likely to use scrolls, instead making gems or talismans with power or spell spirit imbedded in the item. Mentalist items are pretty similar normal magic items and focus users hidden mental power. Shaman use symbols more for magic than writing. Many psions dont read, but others in big city schools do and produce discipline training books but not spell books. A mentalist Item could be used as a source of training for next discipline gain. Some like masks, headbands, helmets.

Masters of the mysterious powers of the mind

HD: d8
Prime Stat: Int
WP: 2 (+1/3nd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/2nd Lv) 

No-WP mod: -3
Languages: 2d4 (+1/3 lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Any
NWP: Warrior, Rogue
Shield: Buckler
Armour: Light
Weapon: Sabre, Shortsword, Dagger, Club, Sling, Short Bow, Dart, Whip, Net, Hatchet, Hand Axe, Lasso, Bolo, Dirk, Blowpipe, Chain, Rock, Staff,  Short Spear, Javelin, Dart, any crossbow, any gun, shuriken, hand flail
Fight as: Priest

Save as: Priest

Psionicists are a brotherhood who teach magic comes from inside the self, while wizards manipulate the universe and priests evoke divine power. They scoff at shaman theories of spirits everywhere and have a materialistic and psychological approach to the universe. Many strange philosophical sects exist and some become quite mainstream in some societies. Some may act like monks or priests or bards or rogues or assassins. Many sects wear robes, jewelery. Some wield staff or dagger or sabre. Some act more publicly as schools or philosophical brotherhoods. Some cultures they are more common or hidden in. Do tend to be secretive, elitist and promise some kind of power to members. Some accuse them of civilized shamaism wich they deny.
-8 hours meditation to have energy levels ready to spend on disciplines already known
-Spell progression as elf and bard (4 cantrips at first lv)
-1d3+Wis spell bonus disciplines known at first lv
-1+ Wis spell bonus in new disciplines every new level
-Can trade a non weapon proficiency slot for a discipline by study
-A Psion may become a tutor at 5th
and attract 1d3 zero Lv Psionicicts (1 cantrip each)
-At 6th you get a Psion, Warrior or Rogue follower, then again at 8th, 10th, 12th, etc-
Psion may start a school at 10th and attract 2d4 1st Lv Psionicicts
-A Psion may start a Collegeat -15th and attract 3d4 1st Lv Psionicicts
-A Psion may start a University at 20th and attract 4d4 1st Lv Psionicicts 

Psionicist Specialized Schools

Name - brief description
Cultural role WP - Weapon Proficiencies NWP - Non Weapon Proficiencies Devotions in order Languages

Jade Lodge - Mind Warrior BrotherhoodSecretive brotherhood of mentalist warriors
WP - Staff, Sabre
NWP - Jumping, Wallrunning, Acrobatics, Leaping

Devotions in order - Body, Matter
, Sense, Mind,
Languages: Common SW, Empire CW, Elder W

Psykionautics School - Mind altering thinkers 
 Materialist esoteric philosophers
WP - Club, Short Spear
NWP - Philosophy, Alignment Lore, Natural Lore, Psionic Law,
Devotions in order - Matter,
Senses, Mind, Body
Languages: Common SW, Ancient Written, Empire SW

The Brazen Noon - Mind Mages
 Mentalist magic users who hide among common people
WP - Staff, Shuriken
NWP - Sneak, Hide, Spot, Listen
Devotions in order - 
Mind, Senses, Body, Matter,
Languages: Common SW, Elder Written, Empire SW

Will do more types later

 Light Warriors
Psion of Law
Psion of Chaos
Brotherhood of the Brazen Noon
Some girly ones
Sage - sense
Healer - body
Hypnotist - mind
Mentalist – lv 6 

Matter disciplines or spells
Turns stuff to dust
Plane Shift
Travel to another plane
Rusting Touch
Disintegrate 1lb/lv, 1R/Lv
Stone to Flesh*
Cure petrify victims

Body disciplines or spells

Phaze Door
+4 AC, +2 weapon to hit
Psionic Invulnerability
Spells under 5th no effect
Raise Dead*
Raise dead -1 Con
Sleep of Ages
Sleep for aeon, guard holy place

Mind disciplines or spells
Arcane Mirage
Huge Illusions like a village
Programmed Illusion
Activates on preset conditions
Projected Image
Project image of self
Shadow Beings
50% HP copies of beings, 1R/Lv

Sense disciplines or spells
Moral opponents cannot enter
Legend Lore
Access from human knowledge
Planar Ally
Call a cult spirit or monster
Transplant Spirit
Swap beings souls

Mentalist – lv 7

Matter disciplines or spells
Animate Matter

Death Ray
Kills weak beings, cone FX
Prismatic Globe
sphere with multiple magic fx
Time Shift
Travel to another time

Body disciplines or spells

Create Life
grow a creature in a vat
Mass Healing*
4d8+1/Lv, 20Y/Lv radius
Shape Change
being or thing per round 1T/L

Mind disciplines or spells
Alter Reality
make illusion real
Mass Charm
one being/ lv
Shadow Beings
75% HP copies of beings, 1R/Lv

Sense disciplines or spells
Astral Travel
Can spirit travel to other worlds
Open Gate*
Open planar gate
Trap Souls*
Save or soul trapped in object

that's the spell lists and classes done but will backfill more specialists for psionicists and shamen and get some input from my evilest players

next: new hexcrawl version of exile island map

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