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Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 1

This spell list is my psionics system. I nabbed spells from my Wizard and Priest and Druid lists. Including original oriental adventures. I never really like the idea of many completely different game systems in DnD so i made this mentalist list up. I have two main casters. Shamen - who can prepare themselves and pre-learn a variety of spells and interact with spirits and commune with other worlds. Psionicist - a mind mage with more hand to hand prowess, who have pool of energy levels to cast spells or disciplines they know. I will do the classes shortly.

I want something as simple as the old spell systems but usable for fantasy and other genres. Call them mind mages, psychers, psions, illusionists, fakirs, hypnotists, sages, mystics, mental magicians, tomorrow people, whatever. In the world they should just be another kind of spell caster.

Spells or disciplines are grouped into 4 main devotions. A school or college or teacher usually only imparts one devotion so students tend to wander. Starting mentalists can access spell bonus (Wis for a Shaman, Int for a Psionicist) +1 possible devotions. Thus 18 in your prime mentalist stat lets you access all 4 devotions from the start. Otherwise you can get an extra one each new level if you change trainers.

Matter - telekinesis, matter and energy school(Star)
Body - body control, healing and transformation school (Circle)
Mind - telepathy, charms and illusions school (spiral or wave)
Sense - awareness, alignment and other planar knowledge school (triangle)

Shamen (Summary)
Traditional tribal mentalists 1d4+1 HP per Lv
Start able to cast 4 cantrips 1 1st lv discipline + Spell bonus
Preselect disciplines before 8 hours meditation to have spells ready
Fight and save more like a wizard, limited weapons, good NWP
1d6+Wis spell bonus disciplines known at first lv
1d3+ Wis spell bonus in new disciplines every new level
Can learn disciplines from other shaman or even a spirit 24hrs per lv

Psionicist (Summary)
Civilised schools of mentalist powers1d8 HP per Lv
Start able to cast 4 cantrips + Spell bonus
8 hours meditation to have energy levels ready to spend on disciplines
Fight and save and weapons more like a priest but edged weapons
Gain some powers to see and interact with spirits and other planes at high levels
1d3+Wis spell bonus disciplines known at first lv
1+ Wis spell bonus in new disciplines every new level
Can trade a non weapon proficiency slot for a discipline

Elves, bards and some others may choose mentalist spells. Choose to be more like a shaman or psionacist for casting style and memorization. Touch spells can only effect yourself not others like specialists

Matter Lore, Body Lore, Mind Lore and Sense Lore are psionic non weapon proficiencies (NWP). Give +1 Lv to effects of disciplines of the appropriate devotion. Also taught by schools.

Balanced-Neutral have the most enemies for alignment struggles getting bonuses vs law, chaos, good and evil, under my alignment rules

Psionics for other classes
For a -5% xp cost a character of an other class could have their Wis bonus in mentalist spells. Only ever get one devotion. Disciplines learned and recovered like a Psionicist. Only get one new discipline known per level. Touch spells can only effect yourself not others like specialists. Basically a 18 Wisdom warrior decides he might go psionic so basically gets a new usable mentalist spell every level till 6. After that can just pick new disciplines known but no additional castings. Spell power levels would increase also.

Spell Name
FX description, range (ft=feet, Y=Yards, M=Miles), duration (R=Round, T=Turn, H=Hour), extra shots/lv, touch spell needs touch for powers to benefit

Mentalist – lv 0

Matter disciplines or cantrips
Animate Toy
hand size toy animates 1T
Conjure Cold
chill room or cool drinks 10ft/lv 1T
Exterminate Pest
Kill 1d6 hp of vermin in room 100ft
Gust of Wind
Blows small object or sail, candle out, papers, tightrope walker 100ft
create dagger made of ice 1T
Open or close door, draw, lid, press a switch 100ft
Phantom Pen
takes dictation if provide ink, paper, pen 1T
Snuff Light
torch, lantern, or candle 100ft
1d3 slap 100ft
Wizard Hand
teleport hand size thing from palm to palm

Body disciplines or cantrips
+1 1T Touch
+1 1T Touch
+1 1T Touch
First Aid
Heal 1hp touch
+1 1T Touch
+1 for first hit 1T
+1 next save within 1T touch
+1 1T Touch
+1 HP 1T touch
+1 1T Touch

Mind disciplines or cantrips
under 4HD person or animal 10ft/lv, 1R/lv
Calm Person
Relaxes hysterical person or animal (gives a morale check)
+2 next morale check 1R/lv
Evil Eye
-1 on a next save once 1R/lv
distracting sounds 30ft/lv 1R/lv
Palm Size Illusion
1 rounds + 1/lv
30ft/lv 1R, under 4HD target, gets a save
30ft/lv 1R, under 4HD target, gets a save
Carries 1word+3words/lv message within sight
Winners Grin
+1 Reaction roll, 1R/lv

Sense disciplines or cantrips
Detect Chaos
100ft 1T
Detect Direction
100ft 1T
Detect Evil
100ft 1T
Detect Good
100ft 1T
Detect Hostility
100ft 1T
Detect Law
100ft 1T
Detect Life
100ft 1T
Detect Mind
100ft 1T
Detect Sentient
100ft 1T
Detect Spirits
100ft 1T

Mentalist – lv 1

Matter disciplines or spells
Unseen Servant
Invisible slave 1T
Feather Fall
Fall harmlessly one fall
Animate Rope
1r/lv moves 12 save or bound
Mental Bolt
1d3/lv, mental damage 30ft/lv
Kinetic Bolt
1d8+1 xtra missile/4lv, 50ft/lv
Mind Sword
temp magic weapon 1d8 damage 2R/lv
Produce Flame
1d8 flame +1/lv, hand or shoot 30ft/lv
Return Thrown
Weapon or missile returns to hand instantly 1R/lv touch
Bless Weapon*
+1 magic hit and damage 1R/lv touch
Psion Sheild
+2AC 1T/lv touch

Body disciplines or spells
double weapon range 1R/lv touch
Call faith*
+3 on one roll touch
Cat Sight
Lowlight vision 200ft/lv, 1T/lv touch
Feign Death
3T/lv touch
Jump like frog
+10y/lv 1R/lv
Regenerate Wound*
1d6 and +1/lv rounds heals 1hp per round, touch
Run like Wind*
double speed 2R /lv
Silent Running
+4 sneak and hide, 1T/lv
Spider climb
cling to surface like a bug 1R/lv
Swim Like Fish
Swim normal move 2R /lv

Mind disciplines or spells
Charm Person
makes person friend 50ft/lv
Cure Paralysis*
Frees from hold or web 30T/lv, 1R/lv
+4 Charisma 1T/lv
illusionary face 1T/Lv touch
Prismatic Orb
variable effects per lv 100ft/lv, 1d4 dam lv 1, 1d6 lv2, 1d8
Ray of Weakness
30degree cone fx save or lose 1d4 Str, 1t/lv,
Remove Fear*
Cancel fear 30T/lv, 1R/lv
up to 8HD foes affected 2HD above get save 30ft/lv, 1T
make someone attack you 50ft/lv
make sound 30ft/lv 1R/lv

Sense disciplines or spells
Ask god if future actions good yes or no
Comprehend Language
Understand spoken words 1T/lv Touch
Detect Alignment*
1t/lv 100ft/lv
Detect Emotion
1t/lv 100ft/lv
Detect Passage
1t/lv 100ft/lv
Faerie Fire
foes in 30ft glow +2 to hit, 1T/lv
Hide Alignment
1t/lv touch
recognize magic item
Know History
know history of thing or person
learn about local spirits in area 1T/lv

Mentalist – lv 2 disciplines

Matter disciplines or spells
2d8 dam shock, 1 shot every 5lv, 30ft/lv,
Giants Blow
max damage one melee hit, one more each 5th/lv, 1T
Heat Metal*
1dam/R/lv on metal armour, extra target every 4th/lv, 100ft/lv
Open a Lock
Float 10 across or 30 up/R, 1T/lv
Mental Fortress
+2 mental saves, 1T/lv, touch
Missiles Sheild
Resist non magic missiles 1T/Lv, touch
Pain Ray
cone, 10ft/lv, save or -2 hit, 1R/lv
Psionic Choke
save or 1/lv choking attack
Spiritual Weapon
1R/Lv, animated Weapon

Body disciplines or spells
Ears of the Bat
See with sonar 30ft/lv, 1T/lv Touch
See in dark 100ft/lv, 1T/Lv Touch
Eyes of the Hawk
See like a hawk 1T/lv Touch
False Life
+d10hp+1hp/Lv , 1T/lv, touch
Monkeys Charm
+4 Cha 1T/Lv touch
Cats Grace
+4 Dex 1T/Lv touch
Snake’s Cunning
+4 Int 1T/Lv touch
Bull Strength
+4 Str 1T/Lv touch
Bears Endurance
+4 Con 1T/Lv touch
Owls Wisdom
+4 Wis 1T/Lv touch

Mind disciplines or spells
Alter Self
Illusionary transformation into other being 1T/Lv
+4 AC, +4 Hide,1T/Lv Touch
1d6 HD/Lv listen as you talk or perform 1H/lv
Read a mind if fail save, one round per mind, 100ft/lv, 1R/lv
Hold Person*
paralyze 75ft/lv, 1R/lv, 1 target -4 save, 2 ppl -2, up to 3-4 ppl
Lasts till make attack or cast spell Touch
Victim laughs insanely -2 on everything, hard to cast spells, 100ft/lv, 1T/Lv
Mirror Image
1d4 Illusionary copies, disappear if takes a hit for you, 1T/lv
Phantasmal Force
Illusion with Sound 100ft, 1R/Lv
Whispering Wind
Short message sent, 10 words per level, 1 mile/Lv

Sense disciplines or spells
Align Weapon
+2 vs alignment opposite, 1R/lv, touch
Bless Sleep
Alerts to dreams intrusions and ambush while asleep, one night, touch
Commune With Spirit
Talk to local spirits, 1R/lv
Death Recall
Replays corpses last moments, 1R/lv, touch
Detect Invisible
100ft/lv, 1T/lv, Touch
Detect Traps
100ft/lv, 1T/lv, Touch
Dream Sight
See inside a sleepers dreams 1T/lv, Touch
Earths News
Informs of great events in region, 1/lv
Locate Object
Seek specific thing 100ft/lv, 1T/lv, Touch
Reflecting Pool
Turn reflective surface into remote viewer, see well known place or person 1R

Mentalist – lv 3 disciplines

Matter disciplines or spells
Fly 24, various forms, wings, rockets, on cloud, 1T/Lv Touch
Force Bolt
1d6+1/lv damage missile, 100Y/lv
Freezing Ray
1d4/Lv and slow 1d6 if fail save (1/2 move -2 hit and AC)30Y/Lv
Ghost Armour
+6 AC, 1T/lv, Touch
Psionic Assault
1d6/lv damage mindbolt 100ft/lv
Psionic Claw
+1d6 magic on unarmed attacks, 1R/lv
Telikinetic Arm
can fight, carry, 10lb/lv, 100y/lv, 1R/Lv
Wall of Wind
10ft high 20ft wide 10ft wind downs flyers, stops missiles, save to pass
Water Walk
Walk surface 1T/Lv,1 Person/Lv, touch

Body disciplines or spells
Breathe Water
breathe in water 1T/Lv
Cure Deaf Dumb Blind*
cure one affliction touch
Cure Disease *
Cure one disease touch
Expand Mind
+3lv worth 1st or 2nd spells, 1H/lv
Double Attacks and move
Neutralize Poison*
Remove all poison in person
Regenerate Injury
3d6hp+1hp/lv healed one per round regeneration
Vampiric Touch
1d6hp/2Lv, drain touch add to own and heals, 1R/Lv, health buffer lasts 1T/lv
+1 magic be to hit, move through cracks, looks scary

Mind disciplines or spells
Illusionary appearance 1hr/Lv
Ego Whip*
30degree cone, 30f/lv, -2 hit, save, morale, 1R/Lv
cone fx, 1r/lv victims flees
Incite Fury*
+2Hit,+2Dam, 1R/Lv Touch, will keep attacking whole duration, +1use/4lv
Force into making oath touch
Spectral Force
all senses illusions, 1pt/lv damage per round, 100ft/lv, 1R/Lv
Make obey suggestion 3 words per lv
Communicate by thought 1t/Lv, 100y/lv
Speak to any being even those without language

Sense disciplines or spells
Remote viewing and hearing 10Y/Lv
Detect Enemy
30Y/Lv, 1T/Lv
Detect Lie
100y/lv, 1R/Lv
Detect Planar
30Y/Lv, 1T/Lv
Detect Treasure
30Y/Lv, 1T/Lv
Hide from Detection
1T/lv Touch
Master Craft
one build project +4 skill for up to 8H 
Memory Read
Read a person’s deep past 1r/lv, touch
Speak with Dead
One question per lv, need corpse or personal item

Shaman Class

Mentalist – lv 4 disciplines

Mentalist – lv 5 disciplines

after that:
Psionicist Class

Mentalist – lv 6 disciplines
Mentalist – lv 7 disciplines

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