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Close Up Hexcrawl and tables

Im pretty happy with this as background of my upcoming Dungeon Wars DnD game.

The Empire ruling the great continent is surrounded by foes and internal decent. The Boy Emperor has struggled to maintain control. For centuries exiles have fled to Exile island. For even longer a masked Baron has controlled the Pirate city and even had a sweet deal with Empire. Recently a new wave of refugees have arrived at one of the 3 known safe landings.

The biggest shake up is that the Barron seeks settlers and colonists to re settle the grasslands. AT the same time th Impirial Dungeon Corp have scout to the south seeking to settle their own villages and retake the Goblin Mountain Duchy. Both elf kingdoms and the barbarians and humanoid hordes will flood into the old cleared dungeons. The Barron and the Empire are sending out scouts to find lost treasures for use in continental wars.

Rumours of gods being present at a great battle in the south Empire have spurred the empire to try harder to find relics. As generations of gods have died on the island and some say remnants of the old cycle still can be found here.

The villages are strictly like the ones in old modules next to several dungeons each

Oakfed and Greenwood Fued. Oakfed had adventurers charm and ritually murder the barkeep and troubled the sherrif a few years back so the town are suspicious now. Actualy the barman was a Barrons secret agent with a prison cell and tortured party members inside. The adventurers bribed their way out but the town still wary. Greenwood love adventurers and will offer them abandoned housing for helping keep to peace and bringing glory to them.

Last post i provided some links for tables for most of the map except Mountains and Farmlands so here goes. Also - a why have you come to the island table.

Why have you come to the island pick or rolld20
1 - Your family have been outlawed by the Emperor
2 - Your order sect or family have sent you away for safety
3 - You are an escaped slave
4 - You are a wanted criminal
5 - You are kin of the old regime an best get fleeing
6 - You are an agent of a pirate clan
7 - You are an Agent of the Barron
8 - You are an Agent of the Imperial Guard
9 - You are an agent of the Emperor
10 - You are a member of the Imperial Dungeoneer Corp
11 - Your are a member of a forbidden cult
12 - You belong to organized crime
13 - Your school or sect has been outlawed and exterminated
14 - You escaped an extermination order on your city
15 - You are a shipwrecked exotic foreigner
16 - You come from the hidden Kingdoms or lands to the north
17 - You are a time traveler and former slave of the prehumans
18 - You are an escaped elven or humanoid slave
19 - You come from the city of Skullport
20 - You were press-ganged and jumped ship here

Farmland Travel table d50
These include the farms around the city (Skull port) and the town (Bloodbeach). As well as villages and the grassy plains between the woods.
1 - Wagon loads of rendered animal fat from Bloodsand to Skullport
2 - Wagon load of criminal scum sent as workers to Bloodsand
3 - Cultists feign peacefulness to get close and murder
4 - Cultists demand sacrifice or gold from party
5 - Villages with produce for Skullport
6 - Villages with hand made goods for Skullport
7 - Villages with wood for Skullport
8 - Miners with metal of coal for Skullport
9 - Empty wagons return home from Skullport
10 - Elves stalk party
11 - Wolves hungrily track and chase
12 - Werewolf if by night, wanderer by day
13 - Magical being in disguise visiting humans from curiosity
14 - Lynch mob looking for victim for some crime
15 - Witch hunter searching roads for evil
16 - Cultists looking for missing new recruits
17 - Kids on the run from cult
18 - Cultists looking for new member from anyone who listens
19 - Cultists mutilating animals
20 - Cultist sacrificing villager or animal
21 - Tinker with backpack of wares
22 - Food stall offer treats
23 - Roadside shrine and priests attending
24 - Professional bandit scum looking for victims
25 - Escaped work gang looking to rob and kill
26 - Killer cannibal clan from caves hunting game
27 - Barbarians traveling, attack anyone they think they can beat
28 - Workgang on way to Bloodbeach, kill any softies they pass
29 - Scum from Bloodbeach expand defintion of animals to include you
30 - Evil halfling letches and pickpockets
31 - Puritanical halfling farmers taking goods to market
32 - Adventurer party on way to dungeon happy to swap maps
33 - Orcs from the swamp looking for human prey
34 - Goblin gang out looking for trouble and mischief
35 - Kobolds out hunting for "giants"
36 - Warg riding goblins stalk party
37 - Bat riding goblins swoop by
38 - Skullport Militia out patrolling roads
39 - Imperial Knight looking for good deeds and duels and jousts
30 - Barron's secret police black riders on horseback on a mission
40 - Bandits from Freecamp liberating wealth for the poor by robbing the rich
41 - Impirial Agents investigating area
42 - Witch pretends escaped from bandits to get close
43 - Lost village idiot will follow anyone with a free follower slot
44 - Farm kids off to city with bright eyes for future dreams
45 - Wagons of manure
46 - Mercenaries clearing roads of criminals
47 - Wizard school class smiting bandits for credit 12xlv1 + 3-5lv tutor
48 - Nomad horseman bowmaster tries hit and run
49 - Vikings willing to trade or fight
50- Local youth try charging illegal petty toll

Mountain Travel tables
Depending of the darkness of the brown on the map feel free to provide 1-4 obstacles for a party and additional time delaying obstacles if they have not established a route before. A lead climber or mountaineer can make a roll for whole party - usually if he fails everyone must make a roll. A successful persons may help a failed person. Some say the mountains are in fact a prison or remains of a giant menagerie.

Mountain obstacles table d20
1 - Crumbling stone bridge
2 - Old rope bridge
3 - Trail thins and full of choke and ambush points
4 - Rolling rubble chases party
5 - Avalanche! - ice or rubble
6 - Mudslide
7 - Heavy snow
8 - Volcanic or geothermal activity
9 - Rapid flowing river
10 - Huge tree crossing
11 - Old fort covers pass
12 - Tower and wall blocks the pass
13 - Giant gaping chasm - go back
14 - Ice bridge over chasm
15 - Dungeon entrance to avoid worse obstacle
16 - Trail collapses and slides down mountain
17 - Sinkhole to underground caverns
18 - Magical gargantuan being helps some cross
19 - Magical being asks riddle or question to use its bridge
20- Horrible creature guards bridge

Mountain Encounter Table d50
1 - Giant Eagles may snatch familiar, dog or pony or hobbit
2 - Griffon warily checks party, goes crazy if if sees a horse
3 - Wild dogs ambush from both directions
4 - Wolves stalk and attack at moment of weakness
5 - Ogre throws rocks from great height
6 - Goblin archers terrorize from above
7 - Goblin soldiers demand toll
8 - Kobold scouts and hunters follow party and attack
9 - Kobold assasins with poison darts
10 - Goblin bat riders
11 - Werewolf in human guise or a wolf by night
12 - Hill giant half heartedly throws some rocks at vermin lil people
13 - Barbarian warriors attack suspiciously civilized types
14 - Nomads attack any civilized explorers for slaves
15 - Outcast wizard looking for means to get revenge
16 - Outcast family of cave dwellers chase away party
17 - Cavemen tribe hunt party for food and slaves
18 - Giant white flesh eating ape
19 - Pteradactyls swoop party
20- Roc swoops party
21 - Dragon seen flying
22 - Wyvern attacks from sky
23 - Imperial Dungeoneer corp scouts looking for holes
24 - Savage shaman curses an harasses party
25 - Hilltop fire signal post from ancient times
26 - Hilltop burial with ancient undead
27 - Hermit hiding from world with animal friends
28 - Furious bear resents intruders in path
29 - Crazy old lion looking for easy dinner desperately ambushes
30 - Giant goats resent intruders
31 - Magical nanny goat offers healing milk, secretly makes your pets sentient
32 - Chaos orcs battling Law orcs in huge battle
33 - A great shaman or wizard or priest with orc factory in production
34 - Frost Giant seen from distance making snow
35 - Cloud overhead has a castle on top (cloud giants)
36 - Sleepy drunk Ettin asleep on trail
37 - Mountain Giant looks at party curiously as a new species
38 - Troll demands meat or gold to pass
39 - Stone giant plays bowls with party as they pass his menhir skittles
40- Barrons men in balloon sail by
40 - Barrons agents on mission
41 - Knights looking for adventure, duels and jousts
42 - Elf adventurers looking for prey
43 - Evil Dwarves crazed with gread and murder
44 - Friendly dwarves offer trade goods
45 - Deep gnome instillation with steam, geothermal or windmill power
46 - Flying witch sees explorers and tries to bother in secret
47 - Gnome traders with repeating crossbows and silver quarrels
48 - Druid of holy treks, various sects act acordingly
49 - Goat heard on impossible cliff face or trail
50 - Goat herder with flock - from a hidden community

cool city world stuff here too

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