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Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 2

For the record the RQ shaman is the best version ever - i played many shaman for years and kept up with supposed more powerful types fine. Summoning controlling spirits helped you gain power points which gave you more spells and enchanting power. Not really translatable to dnd as was. Id toyed with shaman or psion but making this spell list finalized it. If you have a shaman they may meet minor local spirits most beings never see. A golin shaman might make a deal and got an allied spirit to help or alert them. A wandering shaman can be in peril, at home he knows the local spirits and has relations with them.

Spell components for mentalist spells
Mentalists use some kind of material focus which is not consumed like a priests holy symbol. Shaman use talismans as material components, usually trinkets made with beads, animal parts. They are easily replaceable on a days nature ramble in familiar territory.  Psionicists use crystals and jewels instead with a value of 1gp 1st, 2gp 2nd, 4gp 3rd, 16gp 4th, 60gp 5th, 360gp 6th, 3600gp 7th. Any type of mentalist may use tattoos or body paint or even symbolic clothing as a foci components.

Mentalist spells are as visible as others. Mentalist spells are visible to any aware being with a mind of some kind. A true automaton may not perceive them. Often involve neon beams, rays and auric emanations.

Often accompanied by verbal components including poetry, boasts, shouts, growls, naming the style, recount the ancestors, stating what you are doing loudly or some such gimmick.

Gesture usually is common including frowns, mimicking animals, martial arts katas, or something dramatic.

That's why these NWP are available:

Abjure Material component

Abjure Gestural component
Abjure Visual component
Abjure Verbal component

Traditional tribal wonder worker

HD: 1d4+1
Prime Stat: Wis
WP: 1 (+1/3nd Lv)
NWP: 4 (+1/ Lv) 

No-WP mod: -4
Languages: 3d4 (+1/2 lv) S=spoken and W=written

Spells: Mentalist as a Shaman
NWP: Any
Shield: Buckler
Armour: Light
Weapon: Dagger, Club, Sling, Short Bow, Dart, Whip, Net, Hatchet, Hand Axe, Lasso, Bolo, Dirk, Blowpipe, Chain, Rock, Staff,  Short Spear, Javelin, Dart
Fight as: Wizard

Save as: Priest

Shaman are the traditional healers, prophets and dealers with spirits for tribal cultures. Shamans can be any age and one may be a hunter til 50 before the shamans call. Many shaman apprentices have suffered some illness, loss or harm of some kind which alters their world view and opens their mind. A shaman teacher tests the apprentice and exposes them to the spirit world. They act as teachers, healers and diviners. Some prefer abilities of a physical nature or even call on abilities to control the physical world and elements. Shaman learn spells by deciding what powers they require then enter a trance to capture and ready spirits to be called when needed. Shaman keep tribe and sacred land safe. They deal with everyday spirits beneath the notice of others. They deal with the ancestral roots of things and study the lineage of all back to the dawn time. Shaman do everything by rote learning, memorisation and personal teaching. Shaman are common among humanoids who prefer demons, bad spirits and spectacular displays of Matter manipulation. Civilized mentalists have alternate theories as to how shamen magic works, often being dismissive of shamen as crazy charletans.
-Preselect disciplines before 8 hours trance to have spells ready, spell progression as Priest
- Get +2 any nature related lore skills, survival, history or spirit lore,
- Get +4 Memorize, Poetry, Sing, Chant
-1d6+Wis spell bonus disciplines known at first lv
-1d3+Wis spell bonus in new disciplines every new level
-Can learn disciplines from other teachers or even a spirit 24hrs per lv
-5th level get one apprentice, warrior guard  or animal follower or spirit totem friend, again at 7th, 9th every level from 10th
-At 5th you care for your family and local area
-At 10th you care for your tribe or clan proper and local region
-At 15th you are defender of your nation or people and all their lands
-At 20th you are defender of the plane and all humans

Shaman Spirit PowersA shaman gains a special spirit ally 2HD, +2 to hit, invisible non material. It lives inside the shaman. It can cast touch spells on persons. Move=Wis. Acts as a spy or even heal you if unconscious. Can learn wizard familiar NWP. Often resembles animal on Shames body. Can hide inside your spirit if being bullied. Detects as magic and as a spirit or invisible and alignment.
1st  See auras of disembodied spirits, ghosts, astral bodies
2nd See aura of anything with a soul or mind
3rd See undead or any animated with life force, also if affected by spell, spirits and health
4th Astral travel 1R/lv per day, move = Wis, body vulnerable
5th Astral travel 1T/lv per day
6th Fetch familiar spirit, invisible scout, mindlink
7th Fetch familiar astral travel for you or guard your body when astral
8th Fetch familiar can cast your spells, even heal you
9th Fetch familiar can become visible and talk
10th Astral travel 1H/lv per day, Can astral travel to other planes like underworld
15th Reincarnate if killed and soul intact
20th Can plane shift body to spirits location

Shaman Specialized Traditions

Every tribe and climate type have unique styles and skills taught since the dawn times. Many based on tribal ancestors.

Name - brief description
Cultural role WP - Weapon Proficiencies NWP - Non Weapon Proficiencies Devotions in order Languages

White Wolf - Hunters of the great wolf
Frozen plains herders and raiders
WP - Short Spear NWP - Ride Horse, Animal Lore, Survival, Healing, First Aid, Animal Trainer (wolf) Devotions in order - Body, Sense, Mind, Matter
Languages: Common S, Northern S, Elder S, Horde S, Old Way S, Wolf S, Hare S, Wild Man S

Red Bear - Lords of the Great Woods
Forest tribes resilient against invaders  

WP - Hand Axe 
NWP - Animal Lore, Survival, Healing, Herbalist, First Aid, Wild Man S, Animal Trainer (bear) Devotions in order - Body, Matter, Sense, Mind,
Languages: Common S, Northern S, Elder S, Horde S, Old Way S, Bear S, Eagle S

Great Serpent - Fangs of the Serpent
Harsh survivors of ancient civilization  

WP - Dagger  
NWP - Animal Lore, Survival, Healing, First Aid, Animal Trainer (snake), Tatooist
Devotions in order - Body, Matter
, Mind, Sense
Languages: Common S, Ancient S, Elder S, Horde S, Wild Man S, Old Way S, Snake S, Draconic S

Mother Cat - Lords of Night
Hidden hunters who fight by night 

WP - Dagger 
NWP - Animal Lore, Survival, Sneak, Hide, Nightsight, Animal Trainer (any one cat type), Devotions in order - Body, Sense, Mind, Matter
Languages: Common S, Empire S, Elder S, Horde S, Wild Man S, Old Way S, Wildcat S, Lion (or other) S

I'll add a few more later - Storm Ram, King Bull, Monkey King, Nanny Binx, Trickster, Ghost Man, Ancestor, Dead Man, some for monsters might be nice - Hyena, Spider, Bat, Octopus, Owlbear, Primal Chaos, Bad Man


Owl Bear - Cave Horrors
Savage cave dwelling cannibal killers  

WP - Dagger  
NWP - Animal Lore, Survival, Monster Lore, Hide, Sneak, Nightsight  
Devotions in order - Body, Matter, Mind, Sense
Languages: Common S, Elder S, Horde S, Wild Man S, Old Way S, Owlbear S, Owl S, Bear S

Mentalist – lv 4

Matter disciplines or spells
Air Walk
Walk in the air 1T/Lv Touch
Cone Of Cold
30 degree cone 1d4+1/Lv,100ft/lv
Move 10ft Cube/round, 2R/lv 100ft/lv
Dimension Door
Teleport 30Y/lv
Fire Wall
3d6dam+1/Lv fire barrier, 10ft high, 1ft wide,
10ft wide per level, 1R/Lv, 100ft/lv
Ice Wall
Ice barrier 10ft high, 3 foot thick,
10ft wide per lv, lasts till melts, 100ft/lv
Melt Metal
One Inch cube/Lv, cast on armour 1d4/lv, 100ft/lv
Shape Ectoplasm
Create one pound of matter/lv, 1t/lv or one/tenth mass for permanant

Body disciplines or spells
Animal Form
Turn to animal Lv = HD, 1T/Lv
Free Action
Resist paralysis, web, slow 1T/Lv 100ft/lv
Healing Circle
Heal 2d8hp+1/lv, 1Y/Lv Rd
Ignore acid
1T/Lv Touch 
Ignore cold
Immune 1T/Lv Touch 
Ignore fire
Immune 1T/Lv Touch

Deafen 1T/lv, harms brittle or crystaline things, 5ft radius, heard from miles
Stone Skin
1/2 kinetic dam, 1R/lv Touch

Mind disciplines or spells
Charm Monster
-4 if used on person, effects any living creature 100ft/lv

Madness ray, 30degree Cone fx 100Y/Lv, 1R/Lv d3 1=stand still 2=attack friend 3=3 flee
Hallucinatory Terrain
Large illusionary wilderness 100Y square/lv, 1H/lv, 100Y/lv
Implant Memory
Alter persons memories 1T/Lv, Touch
Improved Invisibility
Can cast and fight while invisible, 1T/lv Touch
Phantom Killer
Illusionary killer, Save vs Illusion or die, 100y/lv
feels bad, may change alignment after 24 hours
Speak any language including animals and monsters

Sense disciplines or spells
Make a deal with spirit being takes at least 1T to cast
Circle of Privacy
Avoid scrying or spies 1Y/Lv, 1T/H
Banish other world beings to home dimension
Ask one y/n per Lv, 1T/L 100Y/lv
Dream Vision
Enter dreamland and help or attack dreamer 1H/lv 1M/lv
Save to repels spirit from host Touch
Planar Trap
Creature cant plane shift 1H/Lv 100ft/lv
Wizard Eye
Remote invisible spy eye 100Y/lv, 1T/lv

Mentalist – lv 5

Matter disciplines or spells
Animate Matter
Make objects move 10lb of stuff/Lv, 100Y/lv, 1T/lv
Mind Storm
1d6 dam/lv, 10ft/lv radius
Rot Wood
Destroy 1cubic F/Lv, 100Y/lv
Move objects as fly 12 100lb/Lv, 1R/lv
Teleport worlds wide touch, +1passenger/3lv
Telikinetic Crush
1d3/lv, 1r/lv of crushing 100ft/lv
Wall of Force
Invulnerable wall 10ft square per lv, 1T/lv, 100Y/lv

Body disciplines or spells

Polymorph Self
Turn self into creature 1T/lv
Death Ward*
Cannot die 1Hr/Lv Touch
1hp/round, 1t/lv Touch
Metal Skin
+8 AC 1R/T Touch
Transfer Effect
cast any self spell duration effect from one person to another Touch
Warp Body
1d4 mutations, 1t/lv Touch
Resist Elements
+3 saves, half damage 1t/hr Touch

Mind disciplines or spells
Communicate and read minds sight 1M/lv for well known, 1T/lv
Shadow Creatures
30% HP copies of beings, 1R/Lv 100Y/lv
Force victim to go on quest
Symbol of Pain
90degree cone, -4 to act, morale 100ft/lv, 1R/lv
Incite Mass Fury
+2Hit,+2Dam, 30F radius,1R/Lv Will fight till duration expires
Awaken Animal
Makes animal permanently sentient Touch
Cloak of Fear
10ft/lv radius fear effect, 1R/lv

Sense disciplines or spells
Dream Mastery
Create a dreamland of your control, use with other dream spells
Contact Other Plane
Ask advice from other beings 1T to cast one question/lv
Magic Jar
May possess a being or thing and move to new targets, ends when returns to own coma body
Speak with personal otherworldy power 1R/lv
Curse of Otherworld
Torment spirits, -1hit AC Save rolls if possessed, can have multiple, 1spirit/lv, 100y/lv 
True Sight
See vs illusions and invisibility 1T/lv
Anti-Spirit Shell
1Y/lv radius, 1T/lv, Spirit Proof Barrier


Psionicist Class

Mentalist – lv 6 disciplines
Mentalist – lv 7 disciplines

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