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Long Stair Dungeon Style Zones part 5

Giovanni Battista (also Giambattista) Piranesi ( 4 October 1720 – 9 November 1778) was an Italian artist famous for his etchings of Rome and of fictitious and atmospheric "prisons (Carcerid'Invenzione). Inspiration of all great Gothic writers, poets and romantic painters in 1800s. Gormenghast and CS Lewis (silver chair) inspired this zone as well. A hint of Rabelais. I think i broke my schedule of postings but sometimes moods win over promises

Fortress Zones

A Piranesi like zone of gigantic castle ruins built presumably by giants. Lit by huge wells of light from above, some areas even contain living forests divided up by shambling castle walls. Many ceilings are 40-100 foot high. Chains hanging from walls and murder holes abound. Deeper levels are huge bleak prisons, dungeons equipped for torture and imprisonment. Trolls, ogres and degenerate giants like Cyclops and formari lurk here, sometimes visiting the surface by the day cycle.  Humans and elves and others have been operating communities with farms and government. Dragons and other larger beast have been seen. Goblinoids and others are seen here but are slaves and food instead of apex predators. Some huge hordes have been found here but opposition is fierce. Ogres and giants, especially Cyclops are the biggest enemies here who kill with clubs, rocks or just grab and eat personnel. Dangerous monsters but room for heavy firepower also.

Fortress Zones Hazard 1-3 d20
1 Deadfall
2 Murder holes
3 Boiling oil from above
4 Incendiary
5 Spike pit
6 Animal Lair
7 Local Human Tower
8 Missile weapon emplacement
9 Siege Artillery Weapon
10 Fortified gateway requires gatehouse staff to open
11 Raiseable bridge over great pit
12 Broken or fragile stairway
13 Ladder up wall or down a pit
14 Crossbow traps
15 Gang hideout area
16 Local Human town
17 Demi human town
18 Humanoid hunting grounds
19 Ogre hunting grounds
20 Giant hunting grounds

Fortress Zones Mysteries 1-3 d20
1 Civilized huge books from ancient giants
2 chimney vent to subterranean giant complex
3 Ogre shaman hide pictogram sheets and statues
4 Giant corpse hung by neck from castle wall
5 Monster corpse smoking and impaled
6 Ogre magi book in locked chest
7 Giant recipe book with recipes for little folk
8 Human skeletons of varied ages filling a pit
9 Huge pile of skulls, human or other, heaped in pyramids
10 Shrunken head lucky ogre charms
11 Grim door to dungeon below
12 Gibbets with flailing zombies suspended from walls
13 Locked barred pit into depths
14 Smoke – something cooking in ruins
15 Explorers diary with theories of builders
16 Map depicting castle ruins
17 Madman lost in ruins talks crazy stories
18 Inscriptions and engravings
19 Huge Weapon and giant remains
20 Magical fountain or pool bubbling away

Fortress Zones Encounter lv 1-3 d50
1 Ogres playing fatal violent contests with prisoners
2 Vampire bats 1d6 rounds 1pt dam per round
3 Hungry bear out looking for foo
4 Tiger out looking for food
5 Dire Wolf looking for food, may call pack 30%
6 Lone Ogre blocking passage charging toll
7 Ogre cooking something or someone in pot
8 Ogre guarding his cave
9 Cyclopskin guarding mountain goats
10 Hill giants bowling with boulders for fun
11 Drunk hill giants bored and looking for fun
12 Hill giant hunter and pet dire wolf or bear
13 Cyclops herding sheep
14 Troll guarding passage and charging toll
15 Cyclops in armour crafting item in forge
16 Dwarves crafting weapons and armour
17 Dwarf tunnel scouts checking giant movements
18 Dwarf giant or troll killers out on a hunt
19 Drunk slumbering ogre against a tree
20 Ogre mage looking for magical goodies to impress his wife
21 Orc squad in giants service on patrol
22 Goblin archers in giants service on patrol
23 Hobgoblin halberdiers or spearmen in  giants service busy on mission
24 Bugbear hunter looking for food for master
26 Bugbears guarding a giant virgin off to meet new promised husband
27 Bugbears hauling a chest of gold to pay giants henchmen
28 Bard lost here desires friends and way out of here
29 Gnoll hunters with a hunting hyena on a chain
30 Gnoll female warrior band demands a male sacrifice
31 Hobgoblins herding cows to giants dinner table
32 Revolting drunk old giant wants to follow party
33 Formarian mutant giant takes offense to pretty people
34 Redcaps menace travellers, want blood and gold
35 Young giantess impressed by party
36 Rat swarm 1d6 rounds 1pt per round
27 Giant rats eating giants crumbs
28 Colossal Rat (Dire wolf stats)
29 Displacer beasts looking for food
30 Blink Dogs mostly friendly scavengers
31 Owl bear nest with irate parents
32 Hook Horror with baby horrors
33 Fire giant and frost giant children having rock fight
34 Beserkers looking for heroic deaths
35 Frost giant herding walruses
36 Giant boot with family of goblins or dwarves or gnomes
37 Cave bear and ogre wrestling near cave
38 Recently planted chopped up troll parts, mini trolls pop up
39 Ettin having argument with self over something banal
40 Cloud giant descends from sky by feather fall, amused by party
41 Forest giant uprooting and stacking trees
42 Stone giant smashing rocks
42 Elves trying to return home, lost and scared
43 Giant weasels pursue party
44 Giant mushroom field with myconids and mould garden
45 Giants playing chess – need extra pieces, threaten player to play
46 Giant feast – insist humans join In
47 Titan asleep with trees growing on him, locals very quiet
48 Giant ants mining gold
49 Man in giant doll dress on the run
50 Titan stops party for stories
51 Old mountain giant very forgetful but might leak some cosmic secret
52 Giant goats unimpressed by party climbing on their ruins
53 Giant sheep with aggressive ram
54 Giant boars eating dead bodies
55 Giant bush hens and aggressive man sized cock
56 Giant geese nesting area very aggressive ganders
57 Ogre stuck in a pit
58 Giant broken weapons and corpse, giant flies and maggots
59 Gargantuan ox corpse with goblins living in chewed through tunnels
60 Stone monoliths from giant skittles game
61 Pile of giant throwing rocks stacked around pathway
62 Giant ticks or leeches in grass
63 Giant cricket attacks hungrily
64 Cloud giant scholar seeks knowledge of little people
65 Stone Giant throwing rocks at travellers for fun
66 Storm giant starts lightning storm
67 Cloud giant nobles pass desire something of yours for a toy
68 Blind Cyclops sniffs and feels about for party to eat
69 Cyclops fighting sabre tooth
70 Passage is carved monster mouth but it is really a giant
71 Giant hand chases party 5hd
72 Talking animal serving giant parleys
73 Giant owl/eagle swoops down for a snack
74 Talking animated tool like churn, broom, on run from giant
75 Ladder up to cloud giant layer
76 Crack down to dungeon level
77 Giant serpent looking for dinner
78 Young Dragon looking for dinner and magic
79 Giant Skunk or racoon or squirrel
80 Giant tree reaching up to cloud layer
82 Animated giant furniture attack
83 Ogre with kobolds impaled on spear cooking
84 Ogre, troll and giant grab humans to judge which race is mightiest
85 Ogre fishing for giant catfish with rod and club
86 Gnome explorers excavating giant magic weapon
87 Hobbits looking for forbidden foodstuff of the giants
88 Giant toads hop from moat
89 Crocodiles in moat attack any who get close
90 Frost giant spreading snow and cold over land
91 Fire giant making weapon to attempt to kill a god
92 Stone giant stacking stones about landscape to some scheme
93 Cloud giants peek down through hole in cloud to laugh
94 Hill giant sacking a small farm
95 Minotaur looking for food, his labyrinth and loot is near
96 Drunk sleeping hill giant in vomit covered finery guarded by orcs
97 Giant scholar writing in his journal quite amused to talk with little people
98 Were wolves track party, spread disease and run
99 Devil swine. Pretends to be a jolly merchant with “lost treasure just nearby”
100 Undead hill giant or huge flesh golem lumbers about outraged

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