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Sandals and Sorcery

I didn't get my Roman entry on time and I'm kinda being self indulgent while sick but here are some Roman throw up tables for various FRP.

Roman City 1d50
1- Rabid dog chases party
2 - Prostitutes offer special discount
3 - Begger claims he has useful information
4 - Famous poet or philosopher spotted on way to market
5 - Doctor on house calls, offers service to wounded
6 - Unemployed youth begs for a job
7 - Rich youth gang tease party
8 - Gang of thugs tries to follow and rob party
9 - Local gang tries to charge toll or protection
10 - Religious spectacle blocks street
11 - Soldiers make public announcement to
12 - Prisoners being led by soldiers
13 - Work gang on construction, recognize a slave
14 - Drunk off duty soldiers mock party
15 - Attractive group of maidens wave, their escorts frown
16 - Pick pocket urchins distract and rob
17 - Make way for important palanquin with noble
18 - Offered to participate in brawl by gamblers
19 - A lesser priest offers unwanted advice
20 - Cultists mark party and follow them
21 - love struck youth follows party anywhere
22 - Trader of false beards and bottoms shows his wares
23 - Prostitutes having a contest pay per view show
24 - Stinking drunks bump into party
25 - Pretty girls auction in street, poor backgrounds, cheap
26 - Youths graffiti walls with bad Latin grammar
27 - Professional graffiti writers working on political campaign
28 - Man painting over rude poem and dicks drawn on fence
29 - Local leaders argue with crowd captivated
30 - Fire vigiles (firemen & cops) try and put out fire
31 - Vigiles breaking up street brawl
32 - Prophet warns all of doom ahead
33 - Masked comedians public performance
34 - Puppet show for the kids and simple folk
35 - Bards have poetry contest brings a crowd
36 - Invited to city bath by friendly local
37 - Popular gladiator surrounded by fans
38 - Peddlers try to convince anyone they need new clothes
39 - Peddlers selling gladiator programs
40 - Colourful performer tries to attract crowd for play
41 - Peddlar with the latest wigs
42 - Escaped crazy monkey tears up street stalls, scares horses
43 - Thug bullying young flower seller for sex
44 - Door to door peddlar chased by angry husbands
45 - Teenage wedding celebrated in street
46 - Dancing bear performing with whip wielding carny
47 - Water bearer offers clean water
48 - Stinking toothless peddler waves stinking fish at you
49 - Street peddlers fight over party attention
50 - Street peddler offering supposed charms and potions

Roman Roads 1d50
1 - Out of control horse or bull
2 - Bandits try to trick party to leave roman road area to attack
3 - Friendly merchants wish to travel with you
4 - Escaped slaves beg for food, attack if ignored
5 - Lost Slave looking for master
6 - Chariot riding aristocrat doesn't break for pedestrians
7 - Soldiers on patrol passing by
8 - Soldiers searching for wanted criminal may search
9 - Unconscious messenger found by roadside
10 - Pilgrims visiting holy tourist attractions
11 - Wealthy noble traveling with entourage wants to dine with you
12 - Wolves attack, will try to chase party animals into forest
13 - Soothsayer offers to read his goats innards for a fee
14 - Traveling doctor with slaves and guards, might sell some treatments
15 - Traveling entertainers offer to entertain you for a few coins
16 - Slave gang working on road repairs
17 - Slave coffle off to market, offered a bargain
18 - Poison snake gets underfoot or hoof
19 - Plague carrier asks for help and money
20 - Bandits being crucified by soldiers
21 - Local farmers laboring in fields
22 - Con artist with games of chance and rigged skill games
23 - Barbarian travelers looking amazed at everything
24 - Farmers moving goods to market on wagons
25 - Peddler tries to sell wares to party
26 - Food vendor offers tasty samples if you look rich
27 - Procession of priests or priestesses with guards
28 - Bacchanalian revelers on way to festival invite party
29 - Small army of troops on their way somewhere
30 - Find exceptional Inn of great fame and quality
31 - Foreign or exotic cultists try and recruit party
32 - Foreign or exotic cultists try and murder party
33 - Nobles horse dies under him, would be grateful for any help
34 - Cages of exotic creatures on way to slaughter
35 - Manacled work gang seen escaping - off to commit horrible crime
36 - Traveling athletes off to games looking to party
37 - Youthful naive noble chased by assassins
38 - Eutruscan noble woman invites you to party while husband at war
39 - Travelers warn you next town is backward cat eating hicks
40 - Excavations begin on new town, survey and diggers at work
41 - Romanized African merchants on adventure
42 - Witch offers healing, cursing, omens or a cheap hot dinner
43 - Bird catchers in fields with nets trapping delicious tiny birds
44 - Farmers having a local festival, wine flows aplenty
45 - Poor man offers to sell his children
46 - Farmers have staged an animal fight, gamblers welcome
47 - Boy child abandoned by prostitute mother
48 - Girl child abandoned by commoners
49 - Farmer selling, puppies, kittens, bear or wolf cubs
50 - Bandits chasing someone in distance

Haunted Place 1d20

1 - Ghost offers advice if pour libations of wine into grave
2 - Ghoul searching for tasty corpses
3 - Skeleton Guardsmen in in spear phalanx
4 - Skeleton gladiators from ancient sacrifice
5 - Ghost offers treasure if avenged on living foe
6 - Shadow creeping among graves
7- Spectre makes big show but wont leave his grave area
8 - Mormo a darkness spirit caught menacing children with bites
9 - Wight amid the barrows hateful of life
10 - Phantom hound, spooks but is harmless
11 - Ghouls snacking on tasty old corpse
12 - Cult up to no good with ceremony
13 - Witch stealing body parts for spells
14 - Skeleton playing instrument and dancing
15 - Devil dog howls then pursues party to death
16 - Grave robber bandit clan, know local loot spots
17 - Surprise youth meeting with undead lover
18 - Zombies taking a moonlight walk
19 - Hellcat looking for master
20 - Hellhound from underworld looking for grave defilers
21 - Gateway to underworld in crypt, a divine guide offers advice
22 - Giant undead black snake bursts from grave
23 - Kabaloi collecting grave goods in tiny wheelbarrow
24 - Necromancer communing with the dead
25 - Astral Hound - howls frighteningly but body actually on astral plane
26 - Dire wolf with black pelt and red eyes ambushes hero
27 - Stirge-owls swarm like flying piranha
28 - Were-owl watches and strikes at ill moment
29 - Hag with magical powers wants to render bodies into potions
30 - Night hag or graveyard nymph offended by intruders
31 - Were-ravens cast spells and attack
32 - Giant rat colony identifies the party as a threat
33 - Witch priestess of Hecate summoning demon or ghost
34 - Bandits already spooked lost in area looking to get out
35 - Ghouls looking for abandoned babies in usual spot
36 - Undead shepherd looking for sheep with crook
37 - Kabaloi taunting captive bound and helpless
38 - Arimaspi hunter with wolf stalks party
39 - Arimaspi necromancer raising the dead
40 - Arimaspi  with 1d6 stirge-owl pets tries to snatch explorer
41 - Serial killer in hiding attacks as berserk from amazon
42 - Minor demon stalks party and follows home
43 - Poet with stylus seeking inspiration
44 - Bard or shepherd heard playing from edge of haunted area
45 - Evil bandits dividing loot with fresh prisoners awaiting fate
46 - Signs of blood sacrifice and ritual murder
47 - Angry Stirges-owls fighting boars eating their nests
48 - Devil Swine dining on fine food in crypt, awaiting mob deals
49 - Priest inspecting for signs of intruders
50 - Vigiles (police) looking for grave robbers to give beatings too

Magic Wilderness 1d30

1 - Harpy flings feces on party as they rest and eat
2 - Dryad seeks beautiful youths to replace old ones
3- Giant scorpions
4 - Giant snake tries to eat party member and sneak off
5 - Polymorphed human in animal form seeks help
6 - Hungry griffon flies by
7 - Lamia and slaves enslave or eat strangers
8 - Satyr wants booze and women
9 - Iron Stymphalian Bird - shoots feathers like arrows
10 - Wild Centaurs kidnap most attractive
11 -  Were-owl seeks murder
12 - Stirge-owls menace party by night
13 - Sphynx demands riddle solved or be eaten
14 - Minotaur looking for victims and food
15 - Ehidna lures men with beautiful upper body, hides snake body in cave
16 - Pack of 2-headed dogs (as wolves xtra attacks)
17 - Medusa amid garden of statues, recognize some new ones
18 - Cyclops giant, ogre or orcs (Arimaspi)  guarding sheep and possibly gold
19 - Chimera type Hybrid 1d3+1 animals mixed into horror
20 - A magnificent favorite bull of a god feeling testy
21 -  Frolicking Kabaloi hilarious to watch antics
22 - Siren - 3 winged bird women with charm powers
23 - Manticore grump looking for snacks
24 - Erinyes Devil strangling somebody for being a sinner
25 - Bronze automaton looking for intruders
26 - Amphisbaena - snake with head each end very cranky
27- Man eating horses pretend to be lost tame animals
28 - Gigantic evil boar lusts for blood
29 - Sacred Deer of Diana killers are cursed
30 - Dog Headed folk keen to trade
31 - Kabaloi use traps and tricks to harass party
32 - Arimaspi cyclops tribesmen on horses looking for slaves
33 - Amazons on horseback offer sex if you beat in a duel
34 - Divine chariot pulled by non-horses awaiting masters return
35 - Fire breathing boar thinks party looks yummy
36 - Hyperborean winged man helpless and exhausted
37 - Hyperborean wizard with air magic
38 - Hyperborean barbarian unimpressed at lack of monsters to kill
39 - Arimaspi with trapped griffon, if helped griffon loyal pet
40 - Huge lion regenerates if standing on earth
41 - Nymphs and Satyrs dancing in secret celebration
42 - Drunken fauns offer drinking games with excellent wine
43 - The god Dionysus, panthers, satyrs, kabaloi and dryads in ecstatic mob
44 - Enchantress lesser goddess charms and polymorphs rude men
45 - Goddess bathing in spring sets monsters to punish any who see her
46 - Arimaspi smith making magic lightning bolts for gods
47 - Aroused Kabaloi chasing farm girl through wild olive grove
48 - Kabaloi chased unhappy prospectors from mines, beg for help
49 - Arimaspi riding carnivorous horses hunting humans
50 - Water nymphs desire handsome man to dwell with them under a lake

Kabaloi are kobolds but more amusing and can act cute to avoid slaughter and have large funny genitalia. If you befriend them not kill them they are charming rascally companions.

Arimaspi are humanoid cyclops men who wage war on griffons (the hounds of Jupiter) for their gold. I use orc stats. Are reputed to be beyond Scythia. Amazons in same area. Above them dwell the hyperboreans - some are winged others have wind magic. Stirge-owls are what DnD stirges base on a type of savage owl capable of bloodily dismembering victims.

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